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BuzzFeed Crossword Answers - 26-April-2016
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BuzzFeed Crossword Answers - 15-April-2016
  1. Water under the (draw)bridge
  2. Locked Out of Heaven singer Bruno
  3. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, say
  4. Reading for the masses?
  5. Candy thats perfect for proposing to your preschool crush with
  6. Vampire Weekend dreamboat Koenig
  7. Hips Dont Lie singer (be honest, its secretly your jam)
  8. Good purchase for a repeat visitor
  9. HBO biopic starring Angelina Jolie
  10. Potential site of the much-protested Lower Manhattan Expressway of the 1960s
  11. Besser who founded the UCB Theatre
  12. Turned (in)
  13. Get high?
  14. Place to see The Nude Maja
  15. Airplane, blimp, or glowing cloud, probably
  16. Fun fake fight with friends
  17. Trendy berry
  18. Perfect 10, lookswise
  19. 8-Down part made of candy
  20. Five-person a cappella group named after a musical scale
  21. Talked about Justin Bieber or Anne Hathaway, probably
  22. One-named legend in football (or soccer, if youre AMERICAN *bald eagle shrieks from above and cries tears of majesty as it lands on my shoulder*)
  23. ____ Jackman Proves He Was Always Sexy in Dreamy Poolside #TBT Pic (People headline for an article I never even looked at, why do you ask?)
  24. Energy drink that totally works I just had three of them and I feel soenergizedhAHAHAha Icouldrunamilerightnow
  25. Soak (up)
  26. Whoa, get in line!
  27. Middle-earth settlements
  28. Daft Punks label
  29. Shocking pop-ups?
  30. ____ Zor-El (Supergirls real name)
  31. Right away, fellow Shakespearean character!
  32. Like music without a key
  33. Condescending way to refer to a dude
  34. Scientist who did the thing with the peas you learned about in biology
  35. When repeated, a 2014 hit for Jessie J, Ariana Grande, and Nicki Minaj
  36. Master of None star and creator
  37. Isnt picky?
  38. Reassuring touch
  39. Clich?©d disaster movie cry
  40. Void, as the existential void of nothingness that will inevitably consume our meaningless lives
  41. Just a ___!
  42. He was like, Good gracious, @$$ bodacious
  43. Rages
  44. Blows the mind of
  45. Tyler who played Mother Nature in the Santa Clause series
  46. Go out for a bit?
  47. Hamburger helper?
  48. Polite reply to ones boss, maybe
  49. Anxious feeling
  50. Game played on a hexagonal board, informally
  51. Try and get a cherry tomato with a fork
  52. Person who has to try and get off getting off?
  53. Actress who plays Crazy Eyes on Orange Is the New Black
  54. Flamboyant
  55. They often begin with champagne, for short
  56. Order at a seaside Mexican place
  57. 1000 Gs
  58. Fam members who are typically bickering
  59. Start surfing
  60. Noisy horror weapons
  61. ___: Cyber (crime show thats like a crime show but ON THE INTERNET WHOAAA)
  62. Disney character whose emotional coldness drove her sister away until she learned to let go of her anxiety ugggh so me
  63. Side in eightball
  64. The Queen of Psychedelic Soul whose Porsche was just auctioned for over a million
  65. Mark left by Zorro
  66. Cut off all escape routes
  67. She played Gabriella in High School Musical
  68. wow very meme such shiba inu
  69. Picking up what youre laying down here
  70. Jail or toilet
  71. Road curve
  72. Comeback that works flawlessly in every situation, if youre a middle school boy
  73. 2000 winner of Best Musical Show Album (Egyptian or non-Egyptian)
  74. Mann whose Wise Up the entire cast of Magnolia rocks out to halfway through the movie
  75. Team whose stadium is a block from the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center
  76. Exhaust
  77. Wow, that was a really good ___! (comment at the end of an era)
  78. Lighten
  79. Solution used by people who are really basic?
  80. Do something
  81. Me, Marlon Brando, Marlon Brando and I band
  82. ___ Tea Latte (Starbucks order)
  83. Kiss residue, perhaps
  84. Say Do you know who I am? after being called out for cutting in line, e.g
  85. Dishonestly smooth operator
  86. Keep from bleeding
  87. I never prayed to God / I prayed to ___: Jay Z
  88. Word on a big red stamp that I imagine the president owns
  89. Robot played by Alicia Vikander in Ex Machina
  90. Caracas cry
  91. Complete a Venmo request
  92. Its sweet in the South
  93. Brutus you bitch!!!!
  94. Where you might put your balls before hitting your balls as hard as you can
  95. Prefix with -plasm
  96. Breasticles
  97. Infomercial hosts exclamation after being surprised by the camera
  98. What some undercover cops pretend to be (unless their names are actually...never mind)
  99. Bellyache
  100. Pilots asset, perhaps?

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