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  1. Fun-size
  2. Lineage
  3. A workaholic architect is bestowed with a powerful universal remote that has the ability to control time, e.g
  4. Dropper of the visual album 5-Down on HBO Now on 4/23
  5. Kid who is put in charge of the other kids when the parents are away, usually
  6. Type of evil youd choose if you had to
  7. Cookie thats Wonderfilled
  8. Toss in the first chips
  9. Chorus from all those in favor
  10. They have drums that are used to hear drums
  11. Card game called Eins in Germany
  12. State I call Lobster Heaven
  13. A guy who TLC would want no part of
  14. Someone who might start the show with Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages...
  15. Strive rapper ___ Ferg
  16. Prefix that means egg
  17. Hamlet character who (spoiler alert) kills the shit out of Hamlet
  18. Make someone hit themselves and say Stop hitting yourself over and over, say
  19. C u on da flipside!
  20. Grub from a truck, for example
  21. Like two people fighting over whether a number is divisible by two?
  22. You have to switch yours in order to pass the car in front of you, unless you drive a monster truck in which case live your truth
  23. D-bags
  24. Turn a forest into an array of stumps
  25. Chorus from all those in favor
  26. Theyre usually in a little box on the bottom of the menu
  27. Celtic singer who was nominated for an Oscar for the song she wrote for The Lord of the Rings
  28. Summon, as an emotional response
  29. Boat at many a summer camp
  30. Starts of somethings
  31. Thou hast insulted me, you wastrel!
  32. See 16-Across
  33. Letters to a Young Poet poet who wrote, The only journey is the one within. Oh, and also that band from the 80s
  34. Possible response to Would you like some more borscht?
  35. Callers of balls
  36. Bentley alternative, slangily
  37. Superlative that mirror used to describe how Snow White stacks up to them all
  38. Pigpen
  39. Made into a movie franchise from a book series or toy brand or Battleship
  40. It starts and ends on the horizon
  41. Flik, the main character in A Bugs Life
  42. Do an operation where you carry the one, say
  43. Crazy like an old British guy
  44. Big doofus
  45. Winner of a pageant owned by Donald Trump for 19 years
  46. ...___ tree falls in the woods...
  47. Provider of support for your girlfriend, maybe
  48. NFL division with the Bills and Jets
  49. Made a ton of, as cash
  50. Force that makes something move
  51. Dog whose last year this is to shit on the White House lawn
  52. Dating website created by the same people who made SparkNotes
  53. Smackdown org
  54. Drives quickly (over)
  55. Like every character in Girls, basically
  56. Youre you, and thats why it was such a great outcome.
  57. Sisyphean
  58. Continues down a bad path
  59. Kemper who plays Kimmy
  60. Golly, I dunno!!!
  61. Ship that inspired the Pequod in Moby-Dick
  62. Co-founder of Upright Citizens Brigade with Besser, Walsh, and Roberts
  63. Huge planes
  64. Cant help maself!!!
  65. ___ Elise Goldsberry (portrayer of Angelica Schuyler in Hamilton)
  66. Bygone BP gas brand
  67. Chose a box on a ballot, perhaps
  68. Rapper whose breakout track was on Live at the Barbecue
  69. Harmless shots
  70. With a perfect pillow to soak up sauce
  71. Burl in a tree
  72. Passage thats from the heart?
  73. Half of a fly
  74. Underwear that makes you seem older?
  75. Bring back as a movie, e.g
  76. Org. with an Office of Air and Radiation
  77. Try to get the attention of someone youve been following
  78. Gentle breeze
  79. Ad abbr. that sounds like what the guards in The Wizard of Oz chant
  80. Nickname for a jacked Scandanavian dude
  81. Something your poetry teacher might assign you to write about a particularly inspirational poetry teacher youve had *hint* *hint*
  82. Time when the whole plane might cheer: Abbr
  83. Food group?
  84. Action movies?
  85. Many participants in the Circle of Life
  86. Smelling worse
  87. Fall Out Boy song that begins, Im gonna make you bend and break
  88. Like my idea for an app thats just a picture of a potato
  89. 2013 music video subtitled A Motion Theory Adventure Filmed in Junglescope
  90. Skips (over)
  91. Decay in some planks
  92. Licked, say
  93. Not quite enough distance on that one yet for me to laugh about it.
  94. Shot with dramatic shadows, perhaps
  95. Contents of a smoking bowl
  96. Invite as a date for
  97. Considering the fact that youre you, it was a decent outcome.
  98. Class where you might learn about class, informally?
  99. Rulers in a gerontocracy
  100. Have another

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