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15-April-2016 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Zone 301 Clues & Answers

  1. Person who decides where to put his or her feet?
  2. Bristle
  3. TV screamer of Jesse often
  4. Genre for Keith Hudson and Lee Scratch Perry
  5. Other person in many online relationships?
  6. Balanced
  7. Measuring speed
  8. Fix an autocorrect, e.g
  9. Top left number on this
  10. Onetime employer of Kobe
  11. Actor who started Plan B Entertainment
  12. Make less craggy, say
  13. Drives quickly (over)
  14. Subject of a painting about how the answer to this clue isnt the subject of the painting
  15. 2014 Nicki video that, like 19-Across, takes place in a jungle
  16. Like every character in Girls, basically
  17. Continues down a bad path
  18. So long I cant conceive of it, let alone write a good clue for it!
  19. Youre you, and thats why it was such a great outcome.
  20. Kemper who plays Kimmy
  21. Smackdown org
  22. Co-founder of Upright Citizens Brigade with Besser, Walsh, and Roberts
  23. Golly, I dunno!!!
  24. Huge planes
  25. Sisyphean
  26. Chose a box on a ballot, perhaps
  27. Cant help maself!!!
  28. ___ Elise Goldsberry (portrayer of Angelica Schuyler in Hamilton)
  29. Harmless shots
  30. Ship that inspired the Pequod in Moby-Dick
  31. Bygone BP gas brand
  32. With a perfect pillow to soak up sauce
  33. Half of a fly
  34. Rapper whose breakout track was on Live at the Barbecue
  35. Burl in a tree
  36. Underwear that makes you seem older?
  37. Gentle breeze
  38. Passage thats from the heart?
  39. Bring back as a movie, e.g
  40. Food group?
  41. Try to get the attention of someone youve been following
  42. Org. with an Office of Air and Radiation
  43. Ad abbr. that sounds like what the guards in The Wizard of Oz chant
  44. Many participants in the Circle of Life
  45. Fall Out Boy song that begins, Im gonna make you bend and break
  46. Time when the whole plane might cheer: Abbr
  47. Nickname for a jacked Scandanavian dude
  48. Action movies?
  49. Like my idea for an app thats just a picture of a potato
  50. Decay in some planks
  51. Something your poetry teacher might assign you to write about a particularly inspirational poetry teacher youve had *hint* *hint*
  52. 2013 music video subtitled A Motion Theory Adventure Filmed in Junglescope
  53. Licked, say
  54. Smelling worse
  55. Contents of a smoking bowl
  56. Not quite enough distance on that one yet for me to laugh about it.
  57. Invite as a date for
  58. Skips (over)
  59. Class where you might learn about class, informally?
  60. Considering the fact that youre you, it was a decent outcome.
  61. Have another
  62. Shot with dramatic shadows, perhaps
  63. Certain aerial feeders
  64. A veritable cornucopia of streetwise lingo, posted and defined by its readers.
  65. Wrote against the law
  66. Happening
  67. Rulers in a gerontocracy
  68. Buy weed
  69. Use a SodaStream, e.g
  70. Grps. that meet in the gym, maybe?