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26-April-2016 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Zone 301 Clues & Answers

  1. Possible response to Would you like some more borscht?
  2. Letters to a Young Poet poet who wrote, The only journey is the one within. Oh, and also that band from the 80s
  3. Lineage
  4. Fun-size
  5. Kid who is put in charge of the other kids when the parents are away, usually
  6. Type of evil youd choose if you had to
  7. A workaholic architect is bestowed with a powerful universal remote that has the ability to control time, e.g
  8. Dropper of the visual album 5-Down on HBO Now on 4/23
  9. Toss in the first chips
  10. Cookie thats Wonderfilled
  11. They have drums that are used to hear drums
  12. Chorus from all those in favor
  13. State I call Lobster Heaven
  14. Card game called Eins in Germany
  15. Someone who might start the show with Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages...
  16. A guy who TLC would want no part of
  17. Prefix that means egg
  18. Strive rapper ___ Ferg
  19. Make someone hit themselves and say Stop hitting yourself over and over, say
  20. Hamlet character who (spoiler alert) kills the shit out of Hamlet
  21. Like two people fighting over whether a number is divisible by two?
  22. You have to switch yours in order to pass the car in front of you, unless you drive a monster truck in which case live your truth
  23. C u on da flipside!
  24. Grub from a truck, for example
  25. Turn a forest into an array of stumps
  26. D-bags
  27. Theyre usually in a little box on the bottom of the menu
  28. Chorus from all those in favor
  29. Summon, as an emotional response
  30. Celtic singer who was nominated for an Oscar for the song she wrote for The Lord of the Rings
  31. Starts of somethings
  32. Boat at many a summer camp
  33. See 16-Across
  34. Thou hast insulted me, you wastrel!