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CodyCross Crossword Answers - 18-October-2018
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  1. the Ability To Be Quick And Graceful
  2. chinese Board Game Of Matching Tiles
  3. on Ship It Is Measured By A Pallograph
  4. uk Lewd Comedian With Slapstick 70s Tv Show
  5. flag-waving Communist Followers Of Chairman Mao
  6. liev Schreiber, Villain, X-men Origins: __
  7. two __ Knights, Comedy Produced By Howard Hughes
  8. the Game Pong Was Created By Allan__ In 1972
  9. national Airline Of Belgium From 1923 To 2001
  10. __ Marshall, First Black Supreme Court Justice
  11. wkrp In Cincinnatti Star, Howard __
  12. to Save From Danger
  13. head Of The Hive
  14. long Dress Worn By Medieval Women
  15. not Within What Is Legal
  16. metal Single Outershell Of A Plane
  17. wild And Ferocious
  18. without Any Feeling Or Point
  19. samuel Richardson Novel Subtitled Virtue Rewarded
  20. marked Irish Accent
  21. spains Top-level Football League
  22. first Leader Of Nationalist Party (kmt) In China
  23. believer
  24. oneirophobia: The Fear Of __
  25. large Gate Or Entrance; Gateway On A Website
  26. kids Nursery Rhyme, Itsy Bitsy __
  27. first Coins Were Made From This Gold/silver Alloy
  28. sparkly Headband Used As A Crown
  29. a Garden With Plants Growing Among Stones
  30. sacred River Flowing Into The Dead Sea
  31. purposeful, Determined
  32. yoga With Props; Furniture Yoga
  33. surface That The French Open Is Played On
  34. noise Some People Make When Sleeping
  35. moving In A Circular Motion
  36. inflatable Supports Worn To Aid Swimming
  37. member Of A Discussion Group
  38. william Herschel Discovered This Type Of Radiation
  39. fourth Installment In The Mad Max Film Series
  40. william, Harry Or Edward, To Name A Few
  41. slang For Someone Who Fails To Open Their Wallet
  42. a Tube And Rubber Ball Utensil For Moistening Food
  43. __ Wildcats Play Football At Commonwealth Stadium
  44. small Sailing Boat Carried On A War Ship
  45. in The Simpsons, __ Skinner Is The Principal
  46. poker Expert, Gambler Or Hustler
  47. when A Woman Ceases Having Menstrual Periods
  48. surname Of Jedi Knight To Defeat Darth Vader
  49. lockable Storage Chest
  50. crowdsourced Encyclopedia
  51. faithful Gentleman Of Verona, Who Weds Silvia
  52. accommodation For Ship Passengers
  53. to Take On More Responsibility
  54. "red" Italian Lager Brewery
  55. a Triangle With Two Equal Sides And Angles
  56. __ Bells, Ringing Device On A Harness Or Horse
  57. without Any Difficulty Or Problem
  58. cuddling Or Embracing
  59. an __ Combustion Engine Powers A Motor Car
  60. esas Probe That Rendezvoused With Halleys Comet
  61. noted French Art Nouveau Glassmaker: Rene __
  62. black __, Vodka Combined With Coffee Liqueur
  63. comedian Jerry __
  64. country That Is Home To Serengeti National Park
  65. lego Range For Building Complex Machines
  66. the __ Karamazov Was Dostoyevskys Final Novel
  67. it Precedes Winter
  68. bin Liner
  69. longest River In South America
  70. allegiance To A Feudal Lord
  71. smythes Comic Character
  72. meat Pastry And Hat Type
  73. pirate, Buccaneer, Barbary
  74. period Of Wooing, Or Elaborate Mating Display
  75. chinese Wedding Cake
  76. __ 4, Aim To Get Four Discs In A Row
  77. fictional Character Whose Nose Grows When He Lies
  78. shape Of A Red "stop" Road Sign
  79. inherited Red Blood Cell Disorder: Sickle Cell __
  80. celtics Number 33, Dream Team Member
  81. foul, Disgusting
  82. parasite Studied By Winners Campbell And Omura
  83. syrup Made From Pomegranates
  84. social News/discussion Site; "perused It"
  85. type Of Printer Cartridge
  86. dark And Shadowy
  87. pungent Small Bulb, Good For Roasting
  88. figure Of Enlightenment In Ancient Indian Religion
  89. pekoe Means White Down In __
  90. encourages Others To Rebel Or Protest
  91. san Diego __ Play At Petco Park
  92. archaic Expression For News, Such As "glad __"
  93. a Low Mound Or Ridge Of Earth; A Knoll
  94. partially Shaved Hair As Worn By A Monk
  95. 40s Menswear With Broad-shouldered Drapey Jackets
  96. __ Room, Where Conferences Are Held
  97. small Group Of Stars
  98. kids Card Game Involves Assault
  99. area Of Low Pressure In Meteorology
  100. spoken In The Island Where Napoleon Was Born

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