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CodyCross Crossword Answers - 18-October-2018
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  1. country That Once Had Three Presidents In One Day
  2. perfume Family With Herbaceous, Green Scents
  3. levar __, Young Kunta Kinte, Geordi La Forge
  4. ice Houses Built By The Inuit
  5. absence Of Rain For A Prolonged Period Of Time
  6. a Wizard With Magical Powers
  7. __ National, Ugandan Arena, South African President
  8. where A Select Or Favored Group Holds Power
  9. in Metaphysics, An Actual Being Or Existence
  10. japanese Peach Jelly Eaten In The Summer
  11. roy __, Jaws Police Chief
  12. childrens Action Series
  13. state Of Being Unknown Or Inconspicuous
  14. sabre-toothed Tiger From The Plains Of Africa
  15. possessing A Steeple
  16. gallows
  17. mechanized Device Created By Jethro Tull
  18. sixth Bond Film, You Only __
  19. young Friend Of Lyra In His Dark Materials
  20. high __, Female Tarot Card
  21. plant Of The Daisy Family, Anagram Of Wagered
  22. medieval Portuguese Castle And Heritage Site
  23. controversial Issue, And Lunch
  24. nickname Of Mrs Onassis, The Former Mrs Kennedy
  25. ancient Microcontinent In Indian Ocean
  26. took Power By Force
  27. __ Was The Plow King In The Simpsons
  28. japanese Sweet Bun Looks Like Melon
  29. hanoi __, Prisoner Camp Used By North Vietnamese
  30. fox Drama About A Record Label
  31. small Round Sweet; Cough Lozenge
  32. kids Drawing Tool Made Of Pigmented Wax
  33. character In One Thousand And One Nights
  34. shoe Production Technique Developed By Matzeliger
  35. dr Susan__, Robopsychologist In Asimovs Universe
  36. the Man Who Skied Down __, Documentary
  37. a Fatwa Was Issued For This Author In Late 80s
  38. __ Kate, Cole Porter Musical Based On Shakespeare
  39. autumn Berries Are __ In Hedgerows
  40. sondheims A Little Night Music, Send In __
  41. englands Last Tudor Monarch: __ I
  42. folding Table For Tube Watching
  43. "football" In Most Places
  44. queen Of Soul, __ Franklin
  45. rules Royally
  46. a Strong And Tough Man
  47. service Dress
  48. term For The Crime Of Killing Ones Father
  49. millennium & __, Global Hotel Group
  50. jazzy Music Style Rhymes With Woogie
  51. generous; Giving Unselfishly
  52. skin Lesion Disease Of Sheep, Cattle And Humans
  53. an Englishmans Home Is __
  54. us Songwriter Responsible For Wichita Lineman
  55. machine For Taking Mud From A River
  56. documentary, March Of The__
  57. low-level Gray Cloud; Near Ground, Resembles Mist
  58. tracy __, Appears In Books By Jacqueline Wilson
  59. 2 Words Having The Same Spelling Or Pronunciation
  60. the Part Of An Insect Between Head And Abdomen
  61. designated Locations For Boats In A Harbor
  62. eroded Rock Formations Found In South Dakota
  63. highest Peak On Antarctica
  64. casino Game With Option To Bet On Bank Or Player
  65. small, Edible Seeds That Come From A Tree Cone
  66. outer Coat To Keep You Warm
  67. black __, Beer Cocktail With Champagne
  68. saul __, Winner Of Three National Book Awards
  69. highest Part Of A Dress
  70. facial Feature That Is Arched
  71. the Ability To Make Others Well
  72. medicine Used In Your Ear To Prevent Infections
  73. siberian River That Is Tributary Of The Lena River
  74. pie __ Medieval Courts That Sat In Market Squares
  75. a Mayonnaise Or Aioli-based Sauce
  76. dam-making River Creatures
  77. first Name Of British Composer Britten
  78. professional Horse Riders
  79. agitator, A Rabble-rouser (no Matches Required)
  80. compressed Fuel Block, Especially For Barbecues
  81. barchester __ Features The Chaplain Obadiah Slope
  82. the Cheap Seats In Sports
  83. __, Matched And Dispatched Describes Life Stages
  84. new Jersey __ Play At The Prudential Center
  85. canadian 1942 Documentary About The Life Of Miners
  86. lying Out In The Sun, Like A Lizard
  87. receptacle That Rustles
  88. kerri Walsh And Misty May-__, Beach Volleyball Duo
  89. moved In For A Close-up On A Camera
  90. zuckerbergs Platform
  91. film And Radio Actor, Citizen Kane, Orson __
  92. a Treeless Northern Region With Frozen Subsoil
  93. for Insects: Act Of Hatching From An Egg
  94. elvis Manager, Colonel Tom __
  95. theatre Of War In Wwi, Now Called Thessaloniki
  96. try Not To Overload The Donkey, He Might Kick!
  97. vegetables Including Pumpkins And Squashes
  98. founder Of Spacex
  99. passengers Moved Off An Overbooked Flight
  100. you Can Make A Mountain Out Of One

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