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  1. teaching A Sport
  2. naval Ship, Usually Under The Water
  3. more Than One Patella
  4. add-on; Accomplice
  5. fried Desserts With A Hole In The Center
  6. crunchy And Light
  7. gives Atm Access To Checking Account
  8. codenames, Assumed Names
  9. hitchcock Movie About Spying And Romance In Ww2
  10. in Golf, Initial Movement When The Club Moves Away
  11. one Of The Large Pumping Chambers Of The Heart
  12. baz __, Film Director Of Strictly Ballroom
  13. golf Trophy Won At The Open Championship
  14. country Where Actor Keanu Reeves Was Born
  15. a Shift That Starts At Midnight
  16. make Bigger
  17. places Where Apples Are Grown
  18. coffee-flavored Liqueur Created With Jamaican Rum
  19. talking Or Behaving Suggestively, Coyly
  20. legal Rights On Inventions
  21. once Called Catherine Archipelago, The __ Islands
  22. julie Newmar Played This Villainess
  23. harsh-tempered Or Overbearing Woman
  24. the Roman Name For Portugal
  25. put Money Into A Business
  26. white Dwarf Star That Emits Radiation
  27. restrictive Undergarment
  28. twist And Turn
  29. mark Twain Novel: The Prince And The __
  30. object Or Idea That Becomes An Obsession
  31. standard Layout On English-language Keyboards
  32. isole __; Italian Archipelago In The Adriatic Sea
  33. elicited A Reaction From Someone
  34. metallic Element Bi, Used As A Lead Substitute
  35. 2017 Film: Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, __
  36. meeting Space For Higher-ups
  37. lapse, Omission
  38. fancy Name For Book Pages
  39. first Norman King Of England: __ The Conqueror
  40. in __; Something Done Sincerely Or Honestly
  41. he Wrote Charlie And The Chocolate Factory
  42. handheld Elastic Catapult
  43. desperately Thirsty; Describes The Look Of Deserts
  44. not Afraid To Give Ones Opinion
  45. first James In The White House
  46. cleaning Vigorously
  47. margin Between Forehead And Locks
  48. oreo-based Dessert With Gummy Worms Peaking Out
  49. long Epic Journey Such As Written About By Homer
  50. queen Of The Fairies, Her King Is Oberon
  51. standbys In Times Of Military Need
  52. pink Bird With A Long Neck And Legs
  53. country That Shares Longest Border With Chile
  54. optimum
  55. stutters
  56. prophetic, With Foresight
  57. denigrated, Blamed, Disparaged
  58. rosss On-off Love Interest In Tv Sitcom Friends
  59. unchanged
  60. object At Rest Stays At Rest, Newtons Law Of __
  61. the Opposite Of Silent Movies
  62. chaise Longue That Can Be Used For Sleeping
  63. preserving Meat With Smoke Or Salt
  64. permits
  65. drug That Makes A Person Feel Sleepy
  66. fat Tuesday Celebration
  67. number Of Pieces On A Chess Board
  68. polydactyl Ones Have More Than Twenty Toes
  69. kate Hudson And Anne Hathaway Fight About Weddings
  70. destination For Those Traveling By Plane
  71. not Having A Will Before Dying
  72. the Bullet Point After Thirdly
  73. fungi With White And Cremini Varieties
  74. fried Or Toasted Bread Cubes In A Caesar Salad
  75. protective Clothing Worn By A Surfer
  76. fluent In Two Languages
  77. one Who Brings Home The Bacon
  78. skunk Bear; Marvel Superhero
  79. becomes Acquainted With
  80. illuminated By Solar Rays
  81. u.s. Vice President From 1977 To 1981
  82. tall Construction Made Of Rotating Blades
  83. breathes
  84. musical Instrument Listed First Alphabetically
  85. drugs Used To Reduce Tension
  86. fine Coating Of Ice Found On Rocks
  87. american Word For What Britons Call A Pram
  88. time In Prison
  89. red Gemstone With A Stellate Appearance
  90. wholly, Completely
  91. ancient Italians
  92. modus Operandi
  93. alleges Someone Is Responsible For A Crime
  94. youngster Helps Pick Up Baseball Hitting Stick
  95. street Robber
  96. mel __, Actor Of Mad Max And Lethal Weapon Fame
  97. fabric For Covering Ones Hair
  98. spanish Percussion Instruments Used By Dancers
  99. sewers Protection
  100. musical Instrument Also Called The Mouth Organ

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