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  1. natives Of Tirana Or Durres, For Example
  2. compliment, Congratulate, Laud
  3. french City Known For Its Production Of Porcelain
  4. underhand, Shifty
  5. severe Windy Snowstorm
  6. deftness, Nimbleness
  7. indian Leader Gandhis First Name
  8. famous Feuding Families Of Yore: __ And Mccoys
  9. person On Trial Accused Of Committing A Crime
  10. floating Unsecured
  11. u.s. City Nicknamed The City Of Roses
  12. month When Swaziland Celebrates Its Independence
  13. more Than One Patella
  14. milliner
  15. choosing Not To Participate
  16. legal Rights On Inventions
  17. shock Suddenly
  18. soothing
  19. the Worlds Lowest Country
  20. pieces Of Music Sung By A Man To His Lover
  21. intimidate
  22. roman Leader Who Won The Battle Of Actium
  23. principal Wife Of Pharaoh Akhenaten
  24. put Money Into A Business
  25. beethovens Opera About A Wife Freeing Her Husband
  26. become Smaller Or Less Important, Diminish
  27. blank Expression To Avoid Giving Information Away
  28. oliver Twist Is One
  29. detailed Navigation Entries, A Nautical Diary
  30. discussed, Politely Argued
  31. ascertain Spoken Word Without Sound
  32. opponent
  33. pranks
  34. gomez And Morticias Son In The Addams Family
  35. repetitive Movement When Waiting For News
  36. the Lion, The Witch And The __; Book By C.s. Lewis
  37. government With A Small Group Holding Power
  38. seasonal Wind In Asia That Causes Heavy Rains
  39. celebration, Revelry
  40. nepalese City Once Known As Manju-patan
  41. holiness, Spirituality
  42. rod-shaped Bacterium
  43. one Of Its Nicknames Is The Lion City
  44. 2017 Film: Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, __
  45. letter Carrier
  46. sacred Writing Or Text
  47. french Verse Form Of Six Stanzas Of Six Lines Each
  48. monster Theme Cereal From General Mills: Count __
  49. generic Name For The Opioid Antagonist Narcan
  50. mute Character In Traditional Pantomime
  51. one Who Is Held Against His/her Will
  52. battling On Horseback With Lances
  53. warning Signs
  54. rosss On-off Love Interest In Tv Sitcom Friends
  55. roberto __, Italian Actor In Life Is Beautiful
  56. genre Of Christian Music
  57. early, Preliminary Round Of A Sporting Competition
  58. hardly, Scarcely
  59. the Act Of Paying Someone For The Use Of Something
  60. dish-shaped Receptacle For Smokers
  61. painting Technique Done On Wet Plaster On Walls
  62. last U.s. President Assassinated While In Office
  63. country That Shares Longest Border With Chile
  64. young Aspiring Actress
  65. this Young Girl Grows Up In Beverly Clearys Series
  66. someone With No Title Who Marries Into Royalty
  67. these Rings Are A Promise Of Virginity, Fidelity
  68. travel In A Stolen Car
  69. prison Escape
  70. removes Minerals From The Ground
  71. acrobatic, Fast-paced Brazilian Martial Art
  72. a Cornucopia Symbolizes This
  73. one Who Brings Home The Bacon
  74. ran Across A Sports Pitch Without Ones Clothes
  75. a Glimmer Of Happiness To Cling On To
  76. american-born Wife Of Jordans King Hussein
  77. pain In The Mouth
  78. the Statue Of Liberty Sculptor
  79. hole In A Tire
  80. arthur Read Is This Type Of Animal
  81. thinking Deeply And Unhappily
  82. wholly, Completely
  83. caribbean Nation Of 700 Islands Off Florida Coast
  84. demand Forcefully To Have Something
  85. hogwartss House Identified By A Snake
  86. not Just A Game, This Is A Gathering Of Monkeys
  87. flipper Was This Type Of Sea Mammal
  88. __ Weasley, Father Of Ron, Ginny Plus Five More
  89. what Fencers Say When They Touch Blades
  90. protection From Medieval Arrows
  91. northwest __, Sea Route Connects Arctic To Pacific
  92. drugs Used To Reduce Tension
  93. nicaraguan Counter-revolutionaries Of The 1980s
  94. opposes Head On
  95. indian Bay, Shares Its Name With A Big Cat
  96. language That Has The Expression "hakuna Matata"
  97. one Of The Large Pumping Chambers Of The Heart
  98. baz __, Film Director Of Strictly Ballroom
  99. country Where Actor Keanu Reeves Was Born
  100. a Shift That Starts At Midnight

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