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  1. rubbery Substance Used In Some Implants
  2. lady And Gent To Share The Cost Of A Meal
  3. revamp, Modernize
  4. famous Airline Of Australia
  5. smooth Round Stones Found On Beaches
  6. crunchy And Light
  7. hitchcock Movie About Spying And Romance In Ww2
  8. canadas Second Largest Province In Area
  9. appoint Someone To An Official Religious Role
  10. deep Violet Blue Color
  11. tattered Around The Edges
  12. tropical Cyclone Storm
  13. fleetwood Mac Album With Go Your Own Way
  14. alternative To "wiz" On A Philly Cheesesteak
  15. baz __, Film Director Of Strictly Ballroom
  16. a Shift That Starts At Midnight
  17. private Assembly
  18. informal Name For Muscle Dysmorphia
  19. twist And Turn
  20. standard Layout On English-language Keyboards
  21. isole __; Italian Archipelago In The Adriatic Sea
  22. distinctive Musical Theater Gesture
  23. scatter These On Cupcakes Or Ice Cream
  24. dionysus, To The Romans
  25. traitor Or Defector; Flipping Outer Garment Maybe
  26. apprehended By Law Enforcement Officers
  27. talking Or Behaving Suggestively, Coyly
  28. harsh-tempered Or Overbearing Woman
  29. metalloid Discovered By Chemist Clemens Winkler
  30. heating Something Up Again
  31. tv Political Drama Starring Tea Leoni: "madam __"
  32. borderline Was This Singers First Top-10 Hit
  33. president Of Peoples Republic Of China, 2003-2013
  34. its Not Normal
  35. finishing Blow
  36. nocturnal Snake-like Fish That Hides In Crevices
  37. abdominal Organs
  38. fancy Name For Book Pages
  39. in __; Something Done Sincerely Or Honestly
  40. cleaning
  41. french High-kicking Stage Dance
  42. mocks, Ridicules
  43. equality
  44. a Group That Promotes A Common Interest
  45. residential Roads
  46. desperately Thirsty; Describes The Look Of Deserts
  47. cleaning Vigorously
  48. margin Between Forehead And Locks
  49. swear Word, Offensive Language
  50. the Opposite Of Silent Movies
  51. permits
  52. walkway Beneath A Road
  53. encircles, Encompasses
  54. guess Without Evidence, Assume Or Suppose
  55. enemy Of Optimus Prime
  56. a Liquefied Petroleum Gas Used As A Barbecue Fuel
  57. pink Bird With A Long Neck And Legs
  58. prophetic, With Foresight
  59. to Scold
  60. a Corrupted Representation
  61. making A High-pitched Cry, Like A Mouse
  62. skunk Pig From The Americas
  63. shutting A Door Loudly
  64. reading Carefully, Thoroughly
  65. where An Apiarists Creatures Live
  66. fluent In Two Languages
  67. illuminated By Solar Rays
  68. drug That Makes A Person Feel Sleepy
  69. jack __ Was All Work And No Play In The Shining
  70. filmmaker James Camerons Largest Grossing Film
  71. war Among The Greek Gods
  72. antiquated Term For A Female Behaving Like A Male
  73. knick-knacks, Figurines, Baubles And Decorations
  74. place Where A Boat Is Anchored
  75. polydactyl Ones Have More Than Twenty Toes
  76. not Having A Will Before Dying
  77. the Bullet Point After Thirdly
  78. non-indexed Computer Networks And Thus Hidden
  79. __ Gains; Spoils From Illegal Activities
  80. swept-over Mens Hairstyle For Covering Baldness
  81. lengthens A Piece Of Elastic Material
  82. the Spire On A Castle
  83. garden Of Artfully Placed Stones And Alpine Plants
  84. roman Charioteer Goddess Atop The Brandenburg Gate
  85. four Squared
  86. musical Instrument Listed First Alphabetically
  87. time In Prison
  88. drop A Level, Model Or Class
  89. last Name Of First U.s. President To Die In Office
  90. mammal That Lays Eggs
  91. regional Capital Of Tuscany
  92. social Network Game, With Planting And Harvesting
  93. alleges Someone Is Responsible For A Crime
  94. mel __, Actor Of Mad Max And Lethal Weapon Fame
  95. rid The Body Of Poisons Or Impurities
  96. __ And Lemons, Say The Bells Of St Clements
  97. small-scale Representation
  98. hide Blemishes With This Makeup Product
  99. natives Of Tirana Or Durres, For Example
  100. compliment, Congratulate, Laud

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