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  1. zebras Are Covered In Black And White Ones
  2. respond With Excessive Emotion
  3. small-scale Representation
  4. deep Pit Worker
  5. "__ Itch", Infidelity Urge And Marilyn Monroe Film
  6. hide Blemishes With This Makeup Product
  7. falsely Called As An "unlucky" Feline
  8. fabric For Covering Ones Hair
  9. spanish Percussion Instruments Used By Dancers
  10. sewers Protection
  11. african Country Bordering The Strait Of Gibraltar
  12. buttons, Zippers, Snaps, Etc
  13. someone With No Title Who Marries Into Royalty
  14. chess World Champ Defeated By A Computer: Garry __
  15. writers Of Song Words
  16. dodged
  17. plane Operators
  18. caribbean Nation Of 700 Islands Off Florida Coast
  19. "god Bless America" Composer: Irving __
  20. cleansing Liquid Removes Grit From Visual Organs
  21. billy Joels First Hit Single
  22. can Be Detached
  23. protection From Medieval Arrows
  24. long Loose Dresses, Worn By Men And Women
  25. convenience Store On A Small Scale
  26. describes The Varying Lengths Of Skirts
  27. tufts Of Hair That Swirl In Different Directions
  28. sony Music Device For Playing Cassettes
  29. thrill-seeker
  30. italian City Nicknamed Bride Of The Sea
  31. high-ranking Naval Officer
  32. puppet Created By Carlo Collodi
  33. being Representative Of
  34. paulo Coelhos Tale Of A Shepherd Boy, The __
  35. color Scheme Of A Painting
  36. dancing Film With Natalie Portman And Mila Kunis
  37. choosing Not To Participate
  38. chaos, Unrest
  39. deftness, Nimbleness
  40. cleanse, Sanitize
  41. glue And Material Fixing A Cover To A Books Pages
  42. singer Who Had A Record Album Called Bday
  43. israeli Lake, Biblical Sea That Christ Walked On
  44. mirage
  45. indian Leader Gandhis First Name
  46. sincere, Honest, Open
  47. shock Suddenly
  48. tv Sitcom About A Company Workplace
  49. childs Companion
  50. adjectives And Adverbs In Grammar
  51. without Milk, Butter, Etc
  52. fan-shaped Molluscs
  53. the Worlds Lowest Country
  54. lover Of King Arthurs Wife Guinevere: Sir __
  55. hit With An Open Hand
  56. martin Shorts Character In The Santa Clause 3
  57. jostle, Manhandle
  58. become Smaller Or Less Important, Diminish
  59. blank Expression To Avoid Giving Information Away
  60. give False Alarm
  61. audition, Trial
  62. poisonous Element That Causes Minamata Disease
  63. golf Trophy Won At The Open Championship
  64. second Life Of A Caterpillar
  65. wwii Novel Set In Greece: Captain Corellis __
  66. uncontrolled Descent
  67. country Where Mel Gibson Began His Acting Career
  68. sacred Writing Or Text
  69. naval Ship, Usually Under The Water
  70. more Than One Patella
  71. government With A Small Group Holding Power
  72. they Use Halos
  73. 1984 Vice Presidential Candidate: Geraldine __
  74. chinese Philosopher, Follower Of Confucianism
  75. nobility And Composure
  76. blood Feud
  77. seasonal Wind In Asia That Causes Heavy Rains
  78. put Money Into A Business
  79. french Verse Form Of Six Stanzas Of Six Lines Each
  80. job Of The Character Marian In The Music Man
  81. joseph Conrad Novel: "heart Of __"
  82. alicia Silverstone Stars As Cher In This 90s Movie
  83. mix Up A Pack Of Playing Cards Again
  84. last Ruler Of The Inca Empire, Executed By Pizarro
  85. generic Name For The Opioid Antagonist Narcan
  86. places Where Apples Are Grown
  87. legal Rights On Inventions
  88. formless, Shapeless, Nebulous
  89. reveal To Public Gaze
  90. genre Of Christian Music
  91. early, Preliminary Round Of A Sporting Competition
  92. formal Pieces Of Headwear, Tall And Black
  93. probable
  94. person On A Long Journey, Traveler
  95. a Cross Used In Maths To Denote Addition
  96. put Out A Book
  97. a Glimmer Of Happiness To Cling On To
  98. elicited A Reaction From Someone
  99. 2017 Film: Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, __
  100. tropical Fruit And Rum Rhyming Curaçao Cocktail

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