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  1. social System Abolished By The French Assembly
  2. crippling Tissue Inflammation In A Horses Hoof
  3. shakespeares Tragedy About The King Of Scotland
  4. koh Samui Island Is This Countrys 2nd Largest
  5. babys Bed In The Shape Of A Basket
  6. euphoric
  7. surname Of Both 9th And 23rd U.s. President
  8. hugged Or Held Close
  9. alexander The Greats Mother
  10. a Decorative Twisted Braid
  11. sliver Of A Moon, Seen Early In A Lunar Month
  12. high Singing Voice
  13. clashing Percussion Musician
  14. largest City In French-speaking Switzerland
  15. one Of The Ingredients In Nutella
  16. country Nokia Was Founded In
  17. mongol Empire Capital And Silk Road Settlement
  18. battle That Ended The American Revolution
  19. cartoon Character That Wears Square Pants
  20. where Professional Photos Were Once Developed
  21. monkey With Long Snout, Genus Papio
  22. celebratory Hand Gesture
  23. state Where Abraham Lincoln Was Born
  24. six-legged Animal
  25. architect Of The Pyramid Of Zoser
  26. area Between Chest And Waist Exposed In Summer
  27. americans Supporting Britain During The Revolution
  28. king Of Babylon And Creator Of A Code Of Law
  29. this Film Is Set On One Of Pandoras Moons
  30. tempests
  31. art Of Cultivating And Selling Blooms
  32. computer Key That Allows One To Delete
  33. icing-topped Finger-shaped Pastries With Cream
  34. not Lacking In Confidence
  35. italian Region Whose Major City Is Milan
  36. remove All Luggage From Ones Suitcases
  37. __ King Charles, Spaniel Dog Named After A King
  38. steal Money From A Company Or Organization
  39. foremost Part Of An Advancing Army
  40. it Rose From The Ashes
  41. watery Air Transport Invented By Henri Fabre
  42. two-wheel Passenger Cart, Originally Used In Japan
  43. natural Attraction Chemical
  44. alcohol
  45. personal Listening Devices For Games Or Music
  46. identifying Travel Document
  47. a Football Result Such As 1-1, 2-2 Or 3-3 Etc
  48. florists Arrangements Of Flowers
  49. ecuadorian Island Frequented By Charles Darwin
  50. affronted, Defamed
  51. skin Scar Left By Acne
  52. sport Specialty Of World Cup Winner Lindsey Vonn
  53. runners Who Exercise At A Relatively Steady Pace
  54. absorbent, Spongelike, Porous
  55. st. __, Company That Makes Self-tanning Mousse
  56. country Governed By A Small Group
  57. covering A Wide Area
  58. __, Ny: A Frequent Summer Retreat For Mark Twain
  59. what The Letter K Stands For In Baseball
  60. egyptian God Of The Dead
  61. gladiator-slave, Led An Uprising Against The Romans
  62. sliced Cured Pork Belly, Italys Answer To Bacon
  63. songs In Musical Theater
  64. roberto __, Designer Of Sand-blasted Denims
  65. heathland Fruit, An Accompaniment To Roast Turkey
  66. excessive Confidence, Audacity
  67. nuns Headgear
  68. obsequious, Subservient, Oily
  69. ancient Persian Kings: Darius I And His Son __
  70. __ City, State Of The Holy See
  71. one Who Returns Something To Its Original Condition
  72. italian Dish Made With Arborio Rice
  73. fatty Deposits, Especially In The Thighs
  74. asian Armored Anteater
  75. a Countrys Monetary Unit
  76. scientific Study Of The Universe
  77. consulate Office
  78. relating To The Body
  79. process For Cleaning Teeth With String
  80. small Horizontal Piano
  81. all-girl-group, Once Went By The Name Primettes
  82. craft Of Picture-making With Rolled Paper Strips
  83. mocking, Scornful, Scathing
  84. tarnished, Damaged
  85. german Short-legged Badger Dog With A Long Body
  86. he Played Opie On The Andry Griffith Show: Ron __
  87. hinged House For A Bivalve
  88. spanish Coastal City, Birthplace Of Paella
  89. __ Sunday, The Biggest Us Sports Day Of The Year
  90. inflammation Of Fluid-filled Sacs At The Joints
  91. small Dog Breed Hailing From Mexico
  92. to Crown A Sovereign
  93. made Of Clay
  94. ancient Olympic Foot Race
  95. misshapen, Distorted, Monstrous
  96. only Living Cats That Belong To The Acinonyx Genus
  97. conference With Opposing Side To Discuss Terms
  98. admission Charge
  99. cohost Of The 2018 Tony Awards: Singer Josh __
  100. astronaut Who Hit A Golf Ball On The Moon: Alan __

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