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  1. salt Used To Dry Out Bodies Before Mummification
  2. get Rid Of Completely, Leave No Trace
  3. first Name Of Detective Holmes
  4. alcoholic Mixed Drink, E.g. Tequila Sunrise
  5. moderator, Middle Person, Peacemaker
  6. smoke Escapes From It
  7. clashing Percussion Musician
  8. roman Amphitheater
  9. pulling Devices On Firearms
  10. terrific, Fabulous
  11. babys Bed In The Shape Of A Basket
  12. memory Loss Sometimes Caused By Emotional Trauma
  13. surname Of Both 9th And 23rd U.s. President
  14. small Unit Of Atmospheric Pressure
  15. uses Feet Instead Of Hands To Punch Opponents
  16. astrological Sign With A Bull As Its Symbol
  17. male Fowl With Long Fanning Tail Feathers
  18. turning The Lights Down Gradually
  19. country Nokia Was Founded In
  20. expecting Different Results From Repetitive Acts
  21. economize, Be Thrifty
  22. the Study Of Wines
  23. disorder Of The Pancreas
  24. pen Name Of J.k. Rowling, Robert ____
  25. non-magical Person In Harry Potter
  26. type Of Fruit Grown In California By Rudolph Hass
  27. overloaded With Work
  28. egyptian Hippo Goddess, Stands On Two Feet
  29. receptacle For Keeping Cubes Of Sweetness In
  30. area Between Chest And Waist Exposed In Summer
  31. refute, Debunk
  32. kate Hudsons Also Actress Mother, __ Hawn
  33. temple In Rome Constructed During Augustus Reign
  34. climbing Plant Parts; Slim Wispy Pieces Of Hair
  35. tattletales
  36. island Off Coast Of Africa, Tanzanian Archipelago
  37. ocean On Which Ecuador Has Its Coastline
  38. natural Attraction Chemical
  39. box For Collecting Road Taxes
  40. mexican Folk Stringed-band With A Guitarron
  41. parisian Prison; Its Capture Heralded A Revolution
  42. italian Region Whose Major City Is Milan
  43. __ Movement, 1960s Mexican Civil Rights Movement
  44. __ King Charles, Spaniel Dog Named After A King
  45. in Driving, The A In Abs
  46. opt For Something, Decide
  47. exercise Done Face Down, Moving Away From The Floor
  48. personal Listening Devices For Games Or Music
  49. serves Drinks As A Job
  50. he Married Sophie Rhys-jones In 1999: Prince __
  51. fight Club And Troy Actor
  52. red Vines And Twizzlers Are This Type Of Candy
  53. apparently
  54. french Department Bordering Brazil And Suriname
  55. whipped Dessert
  56. outdoor Grazing Land For Sheep From Spring Onwards
  57. destroyers, Pillagers
  58. north London Football Club, Or Weapons Stash
  59. open Space Surrounded By Walls Within A Building
  60. st. __, Company That Makes Self-tanning Mousse
  61. first Female Uk Prime Minister: Margaret __
  62. enemy; The Greek Goddess Of Divine Retribution
  63. fatty Deposits, Especially In The Thighs
  64. name That The Ancient Romans Gave To Scotland
  65. eva Who Played Gabrielle On Desperate Housewives
  66. fashion House For Meghan Markles Bridal Dress
  67. lit Paper Spheres Used At Festivals
  68. a Bangle, Worn On The Wrist
  69. scientific Study Of The Universe
  70. their Crystals Adorn Fashion Items And Jewelry
  71. round Lunar Presence
  72. the Breaking Up Of A Group Or Crowd
  73. eats Both Plants And Animals
  74. excessive Confidence, Audacity
  75. square-shaped Doughnut Popular In New Orleans
  76. obsequious, Subservient, Oily
  77. coming Out Of Somewhere Hidden
  78. japanese Gaming Company That Made Frogger
  79. moses __, Small Crib For Newborn
  80. small Dog Breed Hailing From Mexico
  81. to Step Down From Power, E.g. A Monarch
  82. online Retailer That Offers Prime Membership
  83. rough, Jarring, Grating
  84. disease Of The Liver
  85. how Italians Say 5
  86. gambling Venue
  87. walking Up And Down Impatiently
  88. spanish Nap
  89. wide-bladed Knife Used To Cut Dense Foliage
  90. wearable Gas-powered Flying Device
  91. dont Throw The Baby Out With This
  92. he Played Opie On The Andry Griffith Show: Ron __
  93. without A Saddle
  94. homerun With The Bases Loaded
  95. leave Something To Someone In A Will
  96. study Of Seasonal Natural Phenomena
  97. next To Where The Boxing Action Takes Place
  98. only Living Cats That Belong To The Acinonyx Genus
  99. lustrous, Glowing, Luminous
  100. admission Charge

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