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  1. jupiters Largest Satellite
  2. pillar Of A Staircase
  3. a Baked Cheese, Ham, Or Veggie Flan Pie
  4. substance That Causes Vomiting
  5. striptease Variety Show
  6. run Naked Across A Sports Pitch
  7. plant-based Hot Beverage, With Health Benefits
  8. one Who Returns Something To Its Original Condition
  9. estonia, Latvia And Lithuania: These States
  10. a Song That Gets Stuck In Your Head
  11. the Closest Thing Pinocchio Has To A Father
  12. lining Of A Cloud
  13. roberto __, Designer Of Sand-blasted Denims
  14. words Of Encouragement
  15. whole, Not Broken
  16. conquistador Who Ended The Incan Empire
  17. small Horizontal Piano
  18. portuguese Explorer Killed In The Philippines
  19. craft Of Picture-making With Rolled Paper Strips
  20. freedom To Use Ones Power As One Wishes: Carte __
  21. co-squad Member
  22. forcible Restraint Or Restriction
  23. __ Sunday, The Biggest Us Sports Day Of The Year
  24. baseball Position Designated By The Letters Ss
  25. magic, Alchemy
  26. lymphoid Tissues In The Throat
  27. annual Calendar Based On The Moon Cycle
  28. comic Strip Character Archies Girlfriend
  29. matter That Settles To The Bottom Of A Liquid
  30. displace A Body Part Out Of Its Joint
  31. florists Arrangements Of Flowers
  32. katy Perrys Explosive Single
  33. tall Bloom Often Painted By Van Gogh
  34. country That Includes The Archipelago Of Svalbard
  35. ice Cream With Marshmallows And Nuts
  36. household Cleaning Device Turned Percussion
  37. abdominal Organ That Filters Blood
  38. deep Dish Used To Serve Lettuce, Cucumber, Tomato
  39. italian Composer Who Wrote Fountains Of Rome
  40. us Military General Competed At The 1912 Olympics
  41. insatiable Greed
  42. winning Move In Chess Against The King
  43. sri Lanka Prior To 1972
  44. made Of Clay
  45. singer Nancys Crooner Dad, Frank __
  46. title For Chief Of An Arab Village Or Tribe
  47. low Protective Wall Along The Edge Of A Roof
  48. the Oldest Kitten In The Aristocats; A French City
  49. set Of Cards In Monopoly, Not Community Chest
  50. ivy League University Located In New Jersey, Usa
  51. winning Distance For Racehorses, More Than A Nose
  52. suggested What To Do
  53. protective Burrow Dug In The Ground By A Soldier
  54. join A Party With No Invitation
  55. scottish Lake With Mysterious Resident
  56. augustus Successor As Roman Emperor
  57. country Sits Between Guyana And French Guiana
  58. process For Cleaning Teeth With String
  59. describes A Property That Is Ready To Move In To
  60. long Garment Worn To Bed
  61. competitive Sport Which Fina Oversees
  62. unable To Sleep
  63. diverts The Audiences Attention From An Actor
  64. month When Kennedy Was Assassinated
  65. connected Without A Cable
  66. white, Radish-like Vegetable Also Called Mooli
  67. playstation Digital Camera Accessory
  68. purple Gemstone, Helps Keeps People Calm
  69. ordinary Ancient Roman Citizens
  70. supposed Transfer Of Ideas From One Mind To Another
  71. section Of Broccoli
  72. extinct Mammal, Similar To An Elephant
  73. time When Day And Night Are Of Equal Length
  74. a Period Of New Life Or Revival
  75. closeness, Nearness
  76. show Me State
  77. strongly, Powerfully
  78. calm, Pacify A Baby
  79. echoes, Rings Through The Air
  80. haute __, French For High Fashion
  81. fancy Dress For A Dance
  82. pinch __, Substitute Batter In Baseball
  83. humility And Diffidence
  84. active At Night
  85. the Head Of A School Or Amount Advanced In A Loan
  86. metal-wielding Mutant Associated With The X-men
  87. link Between Two Parties
  88. edible Lower Leg Of A Game Bird Or Wildfowl
  89. country With 2 Official Languages: Hebrew & Arabic
  90. abdominal Muscles Used In Breathing
  91. western Frontier Figure, __ Jane
  92. irritated
  93. medical Procedure Used To Look Inside The Body
  94. car Technician
  95. not Having Any Discomfort
  96. terrific, Fabulous
  97. babys Bed In The Shape Of A Basket
  98. surname Of Both 9th And 23rd U.s. President
  99. study Of Plants
  100. field Of Grass

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