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  1. animal Whose Diet Is Only Plant-based
  2. astronaut Who Hit A Golf Ball On The Moon: Alan __
  3. largest City In French-speaking Switzerland
  4. dense Growth Of Bushes And Trees
  5. diverts The Audiences Attention From An Actor
  6. square-shaped Doughnut Popular In New Orleans
  7. time When Day And Night Are Of Equal Length
  8. lining Of A Cloud
  9. euphoric
  10. former General Mills Rival, Now Its Subsidiary
  11. very Unpleasant Stench
  12. precious Blue Stone
  13. cohost Of The 2018 Tony Awards: Singer Josh __
  14. in Driving, The A In Abs
  15. a Period Of New Life Or Revival
  16. their Crystals Adorn Fashion Items And Jewelry
  17. first Emperor Of Rome
  18. active At Night
  19. member Of The Religious Society Of Friends
  20. international Police Force
  21. portobello, Shiitake, Button
  22. not A Realistic Option
  23. italian Architect Who Built In Classic Roman Style
  24. serves Drinks As A Job
  25. the Head Of A School Or Amount Advanced In A Loan
  26. without A Saddle
  27. nagging Doubts, Apprehensions, Second Thoughts
  28. not Having Any Discomfort
  29. portuguese Explorer Killed In The Philippines
  30. americans Supporting Britain During The Revolution
  31. before Evening
  32. country Owning Alaska Before It Joined The U.s.
  33. alcohol
  34. price Of A Plane Ticket
  35. pacify, Placate Someone
  36. terrific, Fabulous
  37. lustrous, Glowing, Luminous
  38. indoor Wire House For Feathered Pets
  39. sri Lanka Prior To 1972
  40. remove All Luggage From Ones Suitcases
  41. take Over, Swamp, Overwhelm
  42. ground Chickpeas With Lemon And Garlic
  43. pretty Woman Star, Julia __
  44. sealed In A Cylindrical Metal Container
  45. coming Out Of Somewhere Hidden
  46. smoke Escapes From It
  47. homerun With The Bases Loaded
  48. beggars Cant Be These
  49. scratch The Surface With Words
  50. exploding Colors For Evening Spectacle
  51. show Off Something
  52. midpoint Of A Sports Match
  53. casino Game That Sometimes Has An "en Prison" Rule
  54. in Italian, It Means "in The Open Air"
  55. sucks Nutrients Out Of Its Host
  56. to Step Down From Power, E.g. A Monarch
  57. receptacle For Keeping Cubes Of Sweetness In
  58. taking Into Account
  59. diego __, Husband Of Frida Kahlo
  60. cat Breed, Not With A Short Coat
  61. competitive Sport Which Fina Oversees
  62. country Governed By A Small Group
  63. remains Of A Sunken Galleon
  64. consulate Office
  65. horse That Won The Triple Crown In 2018
  66. the American Flag Has 13 Of Them
  67. __ Presley, Daughter Of Elvis
  68. parisian Prison; Its Capture Heralded A Revolution
  69. describes Substances That Are Harmful, Poisonous
  70. bittersweet Drink Made From Yellow Citrus
  71. extinct Mammal, Similar To An Elephant
  72. nuns Headgear
  73. a Baked Cheese, Ham, Or Veggie Flan Pie
  74. hand-held Instrument Played With A Bow
  75. alluring Female Bunny In Who Framed Roger Rabbit
  76. to Cunningly Outwit
  77. inflammation Of The Substance Of A Bone
  78. ocean On Which Ecuador Has Its Coastline
  79. the First Letters Of Your First Name And Surname
  80. estonia, Latvia And Lithuania: These States
  81. inflammation Of The Intestines
  82. humility And Diffidence
  83. they Stop A Car
  84. comic Strip Character Archies Girlfriend
  85. shrieking Female Spirit In Irish Mythology
  86. fictional Professor In Sherlock Holmes Stories
  87. unit Of Foot Soldiers
  88. air Mostly Contains This Chemical Element
  89. open Space Surrounded By Walls Within A Building
  90. a Possible Characteristic Of The Quarantined
  91. indicate, Signify
  92. le __, Daily Tabloid Based In French Capital
  93. car Technician
  94. hinged House For A Bivalve
  95. dainty, Fragile, Flimsy
  96. ballet Spin On One Foot
  97. eats Both Plants And Animals
  98. high Singing Voice
  99. moderator, Middle Person, Peacemaker
  100. get Rid Of Completely, Leave No Trace

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