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  1. echoes, Rings Through The Air
  2. get Rid Of Completely, Leave No Trace
  3. smoke Escapes From It
  4. __ Presley, Daughter Of Elvis
  5. the Danube Bisects This City
  6. homerun With The Bases Loaded
  7. purple Gemstone, Helps Keeps People Calm
  8. supposed Transfer Of Ideas From One Mind To Another
  9. terrific, Fabulous
  10. surname Of Both 9th And 23rd U.s. President
  11. only Living Cats That Belong To The Acinonyx Genus
  12. lustrous, Glowing, Luminous
  13. inflammation Of The Substance Of A Bone
  14. meticulous, Paying Great Attention To Detail
  15. time When Day And Night Are Of Equal Length
  16. strongly, Powerfully
  17. two-wheeled Upright Scooter
  18. taking Into Account
  19. latin Phrase For "let The Buyer Beware": Caveat __
  20. not Having Any Discomfort
  21. pinch __, Substitute Batter In Baseball
  22. country Nokia Was Founded In
  23. disorder Of The Pancreas
  24. air Mostly Contains This Chemical Element
  25. overnight Flight
  26. active At Night
  27. country With 2 Official Languages: Hebrew & Arabic
  28. western Frontier Figure, __ Jane
  29. type Of Fruit Grown In California By Rudolph Hass
  30. receptacle For Keeping Cubes Of Sweetness In
  31. stupidity
  32. ocean On Which Ecuador Has Its Coastline
  33. ballet Spin On One Foot
  34. not An Imitation
  35. supplies Have Been Used Up
  36. thick-skinned Animal, Such As An Elephant Or Rhino
  37. parisian Prison; Its Capture Heralded A Revolution
  38. __ King Charles, Spaniel Dog Named After A King
  39. flexible Plastic-bladed Tool For Scraping Up Food
  40. describes Substances That Are Harmful, Poisonous
  41. mark With Absolute Precision Or Accuracy
  42. hoofed Animals, Like Horses, Pigs Or Giraffes
  43. indoor Wire House For Feathered Pets
  44. young Bird That Has Just Learned To Fly
  45. underwater Vessel
  46. temple In Rome Constructed During Augustus Reign
  47. cat Breed, Not With A Short Coat
  48. enclosed Railway Freight Wagon
  49. personal Listening Devices For Games Or Music
  50. red Vines And Twizzlers Are This Type Of Candy
  51. joins In On
  52. country Gaining Independence From Serbia In 2008
  53. this River And Tributaries Run Through S. America
  54. exploding Colors For Evening Spectacle
  55. device Between Pc And Internet Connection
  56. one-handed Steering Device For Computer Games
  57. whipped Dessert
  58. open Space Surrounded By Walls Within A Building
  59. former Church, Then Mosque, Now A Museum: Hagia __
  60. the Two __, Double Self-portrait By Kahlo
  61. a Possible Characteristic Of The Quarantined
  62. first Name Of The 36th U.s. President
  63. piece Of Fabric For Drying Off Plates
  64. top Floor Of An Apartment Building
  65. mammalian Jawbone
  66. pursuit Of Pleasure And Self-indulgence
  67. eats Both Plants And Animals
  68. obsequious, Subservient, Oily
  69. blue Agave Alcohol Made In Mexico
  70. high Singing Voice
  71. largest Canary Island; Has Spains Highest Peak
  72. animal Whose Diet Is Only Plant-based
  73. bittersweet Drink Made From Yellow Citrus
  74. small Device Used For Soldering Metal
  75. fatty Deposits, Especially In The Thighs
  76. eva Who Played Gabrielle On Desperate Housewives
  77. thai Capital City
  78. small Dog Breed Hailing From Mexico
  79. disease Of The Liver
  80. the Former Female Singer Of The Black Eyed Peas
  81. water Vessel Propelled By Fabric On A Mast
  82. nagging Doubts, Apprehensions, Second Thoughts
  83. hopping, Long-eared Mammal
  84. inflammation Of The Intestines
  85. stone Or Metal Tribute To A Person Or Animal
  86. small Dome On A Roof
  87. walking Up And Down Impatiently
  88. dont Throw The Baby Out With This
  89. type Of Paper Placed Between Sheets To Make Copies
  90. deep Cracks In The Earths Surface
  91. cartoon Character That Wears Square Pants
  92. member Of The Religious Society Of Friends
  93. le __, Daily Tabloid Based In French Capital
  94. crippling Tissue Inflammation In A Horses Hoof
  95. alcoholic Mixed Drink, E.g. Tequila Sunrise
  96. pulling Devices On Firearms
  97. next To Where The Boxing Action Takes Place
  98. admission Charge
  99. paleontology Is The Study Of These
  100. two-wheel Passenger Cart, Originally Used In Japan

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