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  1. intellectual Property Denoted By Tm
  2. horse That Won The Triple Crown In 2018
  3. art Of Cultivating And Selling Blooms
  4. nuns Headgear
  5. country Where Mahathir Mohamad Was Prime Minister
  6. receptacles For Stubbing Out Cigarettes
  7. computer Key That Allows One To Delete
  8. ancient Persian Kings: Darius I And His Son __
  9. study Of Seasonal Natural Phenomena
  10. ancient Olympic Foot Race
  11. misshapen, Distorted, Monstrous
  12. shakespeares Play With A Character Named Banquo
  13. a Countrys Monetary Unit
  14. alluring Female Bunny In Who Framed Roger Rabbit
  15. it Rose From The Ashes
  16. consulate Office
  17. medieval Weapon Also Used To Hurl Objects
  18. __, Ny: A Frequent Summer Retreat For Mark Twain
  19. to Crown A Sovereign
  20. japanese Dish Of Batter-dipped, Deep-fried Veggies
  21. jurassic World Is Inhabited By Them
  22. relating To The Body
  23. first Emperor Of Rome
  24. go To Website For Movie And Tv Reviews: Rotten __
  25. tip, Bonus
  26. german Short-legged Badger Dog With A Long Body
  27. to Distort A Screen Image Or Censor An Area
  28. fictional Professor In Sherlock Holmes Stories
  29. affronted, Defamed
  30. hinged House For A Bivalve
  31. saint __, Expensive 6th District Of Paris
  32. meticulous, Paying Great Attention To Detail
  33. moral Story From The Bible
  34. sliced Cured Pork Belly, Italys Answer To Bacon
  35. conference With Opposing Side To Discuss Terms
  36. copious Amounts Of Food Or Drink
  37. fighting Or Struggling Against
  38. songs In Musical Theater
  39. cohost Of The 2018 Tony Awards: Singer Josh __
  40. hollowness, Bareness
  41. study Of Mountains
  42. __ City, State Of The Holy See
  43. sleuthing Young Woman Penned By Carolyn Keene
  44. a Mentors Student
  45. they Have Been To War
  46. italian Dish Made With Arborio Rice
  47. brown African Cat With Tufted Ears
  48. reed Woodwind With Keys
  49. mirth, Amusement
  50. diminish, Wane
  51. latin Phrase For "let The Buyer Beware": Caveat __
  52. pulls Back Or Reneges On A Deal
  53. all-girl-group, Once Went By The Name Primettes
  54. spiral Galaxy Between Pegasus And Cassiopeia
  55. delicate, Easily Broken
  56. mechanical Lift Used To Move From Floor To Floor
  57. spanish Coastal City, Birthplace Of Paella
  58. italian Architect Who Built In Classic Roman Style
  59. colonial Era Volunteer Military
  60. playwright Who Wrote The Tragicomedy Cyclops
  61. disseminating
  62. scratch The Surface With Words
  63. hoofed Animals, Like Horses, Pigs Or Giraffes
  64. playground Area With Buckets And Shovels
  65. mountain Range, The Border Between Europe And Asia
  66. river That Runs Through Baghdad
  67. noisy, High-pitched Dog Toy
  68. forgoes, Goes Without, Misses
  69. former General Mills Rival, Now Its Subsidiary
  70. sealed In A Cylindrical Metal Container
  71. incoherent State Of Mind
  72. removed The Explosive Device From A Bomb
  73. astronaut Who Hit A Golf Ball On The Moon: Alan __
  74. pacify, Placate Someone
  75. impossible To Put A Value On
  76. very Unpleasant Stench
  77. françois-marie Arouets Better Known Nom De Plume
  78. french Single-crust Rustic Pastry With A Filling
  79. irresistible Pull
  80. portobello, Shiitake, Button
  81. boss, Top Dog Of An Organization
  82. first Name Of The 36th U.s. President
  83. signal To Indicate Risk Or Hazard Is Over
  84. facial Expression Conveyed Through Symbol
  85. unconscious Action
  86. country Gaining Independence From Serbia In 2008
  87. natural Gas Contributing To The Greenhouse Effect
  88. long-tailed Bird
  89. international Police Force
  90. sucks Nutrients Out Of Its Host
  91. danger
  92. before Evening
  93. famed Hugh Laurie Role
  94. dainty, Fragile, Flimsy
  95. animal Whose Diet Is Only Plant-based
  96. capital Of The Caribbean Island Of Saint Vincent
  97. greek Hero Who Was Dipped In The River Styx
  98. star Of The Film Cool Hand Luke, Paul __
  99. flight To __, Louis Xvis Dash To Safety
  100. left The Army Without Permission

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