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  1. the Breaking Up Of A Group Or Crowd
  2. heathland Fruit, An Accompaniment To Roast Turkey
  3. paleontology Is The Study Of These
  4. two-wheel Passenger Cart, Originally Used In Japan
  5. moses __, Small Crib For Newborn
  6. pretty Woman Star, Julia __
  7. a Decorative Twisted Braid
  8. alcohol
  9. name That The Ancient Romans Gave To Scotland
  10. price Of A Plane Ticket
  11. social System Abolished By The French Assembly
  12. remove All Luggage From Ones Suitcases
  13. a Bangle, Worn On The Wrist
  14. asian Armored Anteater
  15. crippling Tissue Inflammation In A Horses Hoof
  16. steal Money From A Company Or Organization
  17. inflammation Of Fluid-filled Sacs At The Joints
  18. steeping; E.g. Putting Fruit Into Water
  19. absorbent, Spongelike, Porous
  20. rough, Jarring, Grating
  21. in Italian, It Means "in The Open Air"
  22. celebratory Hand Gesture
  23. country Governed By A Small Group
  24. covering A Wide Area
  25. wearable Gas-powered Flying Device
  26. mocking, Scornful, Scathing
  27. this Film Is Set On One Of Pandoras Moons
  28. identifying Travel Document
  29. tarnished, Damaged
  30. goddess To Whom The Parthenon Was Dedicated
  31. a Football Result Such As 1-1, 2-2 Or 3-3 Etc
  32. absolute __, A Despotic Form Of Government
  33. study Of Seasonal Natural Phenomena
  34. ancient Olympic Foot Race
  35. misshapen, Distorted, Monstrous
  36. shakespeares Play With A Character Named Banquo
  37. a Countrys Monetary Unit
  38. alluring Female Bunny In Who Framed Roger Rabbit
  39. it Rose From The Ashes
  40. consulate Office
  41. intellectual Property Denoted By Tm
  42. horse That Won The Triple Crown In 2018
  43. art Of Cultivating And Selling Blooms
  44. nuns Headgear
  45. country Where Mahathir Mohamad Was Prime Minister
  46. receptacles For Stubbing Out Cigarettes
  47. computer Key That Allows One To Delete
  48. ancient Persian Kings: Darius I And His Son __
  49. hinged House For A Bivalve
  50. saint __, Expensive 6th District Of Paris
  51. medieval Weapon Also Used To Hurl Objects
  52. __, Ny: A Frequent Summer Retreat For Mark Twain
  53. to Crown A Sovereign
  54. japanese Dish Of Batter-dipped, Deep-fried Veggies
  55. jurassic World Is Inhabited By Them
  56. relating To The Body
  57. first Emperor Of Rome
  58. go To Website For Movie And Tv Reviews: Rotten __
  59. tip, Bonus
  60. german Short-legged Badger Dog With A Long Body
  61. to Distort A Screen Image Or Censor An Area
  62. fictional Professor In Sherlock Holmes Stories
  63. affronted, Defamed
  64. hollowness, Bareness
  65. study Of Mountains
  66. __ City, State Of The Holy See
  67. sleuthing Young Woman Penned By Carolyn Keene
  68. a Mentors Student
  69. they Have Been To War
  70. italian Dish Made With Arborio Rice
  71. brown African Cat With Tufted Ears
  72. meticulous, Paying Great Attention To Detail
  73. moral Story From The Bible
  74. sliced Cured Pork Belly, Italys Answer To Bacon
  75. conference With Opposing Side To Discuss Terms
  76. copious Amounts Of Food Or Drink
  77. fighting Or Struggling Against
  78. songs In Musical Theater
  79. cohost Of The 2018 Tony Awards: Singer Josh __
  80. delicate, Easily Broken
  81. mechanical Lift Used To Move From Floor To Floor
  82. spanish Coastal City, Birthplace Of Paella
  83. italian Architect Who Built In Classic Roman Style
  84. colonial Era Volunteer Military
  85. playwright Who Wrote The Tragicomedy Cyclops
  86. disseminating
  87. scratch The Surface With Words
  88. reed Woodwind With Keys
  89. mirth, Amusement
  90. diminish, Wane
  91. latin Phrase For "let The Buyer Beware": Caveat __
  92. pulls Back Or Reneges On A Deal
  93. all-girl-group, Once Went By The Name Primettes
  94. spiral Galaxy Between Pegasus And Cassiopeia
  95. incoherent State Of Mind
  96. removed The Explosive Device From A Bomb
  97. astronaut Who Hit A Golf Ball On The Moon: Alan __
  98. pacify, Placate Someone
  99. impossible To Put A Value On
  100. very Unpleasant Stench

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