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  1. gas That Makes Up Around 24 Percent Of The Sun
  2. small Tower On A Medieval Castle
  3. program At A Theater Performance
  4. dreamy, Pensive
  5. a Big Hit For The Beach Boys: Help Me __
  6. crossed The Alps With Elephants
  7. large Spider That Is Sometimes A Pet
  8. italian Starter, With Cured Meat And Olives
  9. glass Fish House
  10. gymnastic Entertainer
  11. bull On Top, Man On Bottom
  12. structure For Generating Heat For Houses
  13. dessert Ingredient In A Mexican Mole Dish
  14. house For Honey
  15. fungus Found On Plants
  16. an Arrival In Large Numbers, Being Overrun
  17. belief In Or Acceptance Of Something As True
  18. conquered An Army
  19. talkative
  20. japans Highest Peak, On Honshu Island
  21. plays Devils __, Presents A Counter-argument
  22. dinner Of Choice For Lady And The Tramp
  23. main Antagonist In Peyos Comic Strip The Smurfs
  24. ornate Sideboard
  25. where You Might Find A Roller Coaster
  26. baleen Whale Lacking A Dorsal Fin
  27. sandys Love Interest In Grease
  28. take-it-or-leave-it Deal
  29. the Radiation Counter He Invented Bears His Name
  30. cup For Holding Wine
  31. poet Who Wrote "the Charge Of The Light Brigade"
  32. spread Throughout Something, Like A Smell
  33. charged With Crime, Branded A Criminal
  34. stringed Instrument, Like A Lute
  35. superhero Named After An Astronaut: Buzz __
  36. blemish, Nevus
  37. habit Of Eating Earth
  38. house For A Tomb
  39. pounds, Beats Steadily
  40. on A Skydivers Back For A Safe Landing
  41. protects From Attack
  42. calvins Stuffed Tiger Sidekick
  43. makes Voices High When Sucked From Balloons
  44. egyptian King Who Abdicated The Throne In 1952
  45. silvery-white Metal, A Base For Blue Pigments
  46. hate Or Loathe
  47. metal Loop For Keeping Unlocking Devices Together
  48. si Unit Of Electric Current
  49. author Of War And Peace
  50. tall Building With Sails For Generating Power
  51. independently Owned Business Branch
  52. cordial
  53. branch Of Science, Deals With Classifying Diseases
  54. indian Ocean Island; Port Mathurin Is Its Capital
  55. a Large Number Of, An Excessive Amount Of
  56. fleeting, Momentary, Brief
  57. burgundian Red Wine Grape Also Used In Champagne
  58. "a Friend In Need Is A Friend ____"
  59. iraqi Capital, On The Tigris River
  60. container For Midday Meal
  61. first American Sport To Have Pinstripe Uniforms
  62. hormone Gland In The Neck
  63. most Populated City In The U.s. State Of Illinois
  64. napa Valley Is Known For Them
  65. software For Surfing The Internet
  66. __ Path, Buddhist Middle Way Leading To Nirvana
  67. drink Of Wine And Sparkling Water Mixed
  68. they Follow Celebrities With A Camera
  69. explorer Whom America Was Named After: Amerigo __
  70. island Previously Known As Van Diemens Land
  71. blood Relationship
  72. contrary To Expectations, Like Alanis Morissette
  73. italian Toasted Sandwich
  74. green Tea Powder
  75. richies Friend Weber In Happy Days
  76. anatomical Name For The Voice Box
  77. marvel Or Wonder, Cant Be Explained With Logic
  78. prolific Film Actor, Mickey __
  79. a Double Reed Bass Instrument From The Oboe Family
  80. disarray
  81. comic Strip Character With Phenomenal Powers
  82. greater And Lesser Caribbean Island Groups
  83. word Game With Tiles, Q And Z Score High
  84. a Painting Of Inanimate Objects
  85. arthropod That Doesnt Actually Have 1,000 Legs
  86. an Altercation Between Women
  87. __ Strike, Bombing That Pinpoints The Target
  88. this U.s. Towns Nickname Is "music City"
  89. hammers Used By Judges
  90. __ Play, Type Of Vinyl Record
  91. a Crease On The Face
  92. language With The Most Native Speakers
  93. perfumed Grains Used When Relaxing In A Tub
  94. light-colored Shades, Often Seen In Springtime
  95. fake Name
  96. author Of The Summa Theologica: St. Thomas __
  97. turncoat, Runaway, Renegade
  98. grooming Tool For Locks
  99. appliance For Grilling Food Outdoors
  100. rules That Govern The Conduct Of A Church

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