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  1. meat Patties Cooked On Barbecues, Served In Buns
  2. 1820 Slavery Issue Document: __ Compromise
  3. jupiters Second Largest Moon
  4. pronounce Very Carefully
  5. house For A Tomb
  6. sign Of Surrender
  7. one Who Tends Plants
  8. fastest Woman Ever, Flo Jo, Florence __
  9. the Openings Through Which Tea Is Poured
  10. to Drive Too Close To The Car In Front
  11. silvery-white Metal, A Base For Blue Pigments
  12. daisy-like Flower, Creates Scented Lawns And Tea
  13. metal Loop For Keeping Unlocking Devices Together
  14. christian Season Preceding Christmas
  15. imagery Or Allegorical Representation
  16. influence, Make A Difference To
  17. sealed Very Well
  18. tall Building With Sails For Generating Power
  19. transfer Data Onto A Computer
  20. software That Modifies A Singers Voice
  21. creation, Beginning, Origin
  22. promises Of Retribution
  23. form A Theory About Something Without Evidence
  24. womans Shirt Neckline That Hangs In Draped Folds
  25. oversees A Museum Exhibit
  26. fleeting, Momentary, Brief
  27. he Removed A Thorn From A Lions Paw
  28. asian Mint Used As A Perfume
  29. "a Friend In Need Is A Friend ____"
  30. fixed, Upholstered Bench Seat
  31. confound Or Complicate
  32. surgical Cut
  33. dessert Ingredient In A Mexican Mole Dish
  34. they Follow Celebrities With A Camera
  35. plant Extracts Used In Scents Or Flavorings
  36. jumpsuit Or Playsuit
  37. a Big Hit For The Beach Boys: Help Me __
  38. crossed The Alps With Elephants
  39. richies Friend Weber In Happy Days
  40. protective Blockade
  41. marvel Or Wonder, Cant Be Explained With Logic
  42. people Who Walk The Catwalk
  43. maintaining An Outside Space Of Lawns And Plants
  44. episode Or Sudden Occurrence Of Disease
  45. careful And Judicious
  46. dc Comics Feline Antiheroine
  47. disarray
  48. accused, Censured
  49. tying Up Poultry Or Game Birds Prior To Cooking
  50. frank Millers Noir Crime Graphic Novel
  51. fictional Marvel Nation, Home To Black Panther
  52. sled With A Curved Front
  53. cup For Holding Wine
  54. __ Strike, Bombing That Pinpoints The Target
  55. nine-month Period In Humans Before Giving Birth
  56. east African Nation, Home To Kibale National Park
  57. hammers Used By Judges
  58. feeling Tired And Sluggish
  59. split A Restaurant Bill Equally
  60. main Antagonist In Peyos Comic Strip The Smurfs
  61. on A Skydivers Back For A Safe Landing
  62. grooming Tool For Locks
  63. people-powered Taxis
  64. bending One Knee To The Ground As Sign Of Respect
  65. charged With Crime, Branded A Criminal
  66. stringed Instrument, Like A Lute
  67. relating To High Mountains
  68. personal Security Officer
  69. suspend, As In A Court Case
  70. an Arrival In Large Numbers, Being Overrun
  71. exterminators Tool
  72. mexican Version Of Unleavened Bread
  73. tropical Trees Cultivated For Small Sweet Fruits
  74. caribbean Country With A Trident On Its Flag
  75. gathering For Fans Of Graphic Novels
  76. conquered An Army
  77. flagrant, Obvious
  78. a Political Team Member
  79. one Individual Spot Of Precipitation
  80. iraqi Capital, On The Tigris River
  81. boundary Between States Or Countries
  82. u.s. City Named For The Wife Of King George Iii
  83. ornate Sideboard
  84. unlucky
  85. short Sock
  86. twist Of The Ligaments In The Wrist, For Example
  87. danny Tanner Is The Patriarch On This Show
  88. a Place Visited By Peace Seekers
  89. song That Mentions Father Mckenzie: __ Rigby
  90. cordial
  91. broken Bit Of Road That Needs Filling
  92. the __; Tv Series About Italian-american Mobsters
  93. island Previously Known As Van Diemens Land
  94. author Of The Novel For Whom The Bell Tolls
  95. backup Power Source In A Building
  96. comfy Living Room Seat
  97. frank Lloyd Wrights Profession
  98. french War Leader, Commander Of The National Guard
  99. most Populated City In The U.s. State Of Illinois
  100. napa Valley Is Known For Them

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