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  1. charitable Gift
  2. dried Plums
  3. goddess Of Agriculture And Mother Of Persephone
  4. __ Crane, The Hero Of Sleepy Hollow
  5. quarrel, Dispute, Altercation
  6. lower Part Of A Prepared Chicken Leg
  7. conning
  8. national __, French Revolutions Legislative Body
  9. tropical Trees Cultivated For Small Sweet Fruits
  10. astronomical Term For The Explosion Of A Star
  11. __ Rhapsody By Queen
  12. cathedral In Paris, Known For A Hunchback
  13. connective Tissue In The Body, Like Ears & Nose
  14. germanic Imperial Ruler
  15. keep Out Of Sight, Avoid Detection
  16. korean Pickled Cabbage
  17. the __, French Museum, Purchased Kahlos The Frame
  18. prove To Be More Powerful
  19. danny Tanner Is The Patriarch On This Show
  20. professional Key Maker
  21. country Home To Mount Kilimanjaro
  22. officially Declared A Saint In The Catholic Church
  23. __ Cap, Work Boots That Protect On Building Sites
  24. someone Who Is Required To Be Present, But Isnt
  25. colorless Gas Common In Cleaning Products
  26. co-creator Of Spider-man, Often Does Cameos
  27. free From Obligation
  28. rapper Gunned Down In Vegas: Tupac __
  29. taurus Star Cluster Named After Atlass Daughters
  30. ode On A __ Urn, John Keats Poem On Art And Beauty
  31. delight, Glee, Contentment
  32. capital Of The Republic Of Macedonia
  33. brightest Star In The Earths Night Sky
  34. the One Who Is The Best Off Financially
  35. origin Of A Family
  36. room For Physical Education At A School
  37. spotted, Viewed
  38. porcine Diva Of The Muppets
  39. bargain, Haggle, Cut A Deal
  40. second-most Populous City In Australia
  41. business Selling Old Car Parts
  42. a Triangular Swiss Chocolate Bar
  43. laced Mens Shoe Named After A Uk University
  44. comfy Living Room Seat
  45. greek Goddess Of The Moon
  46. dangerous
  47. birth Country Of The Discoverer Of Penicillin
  48. tooth Decay
  49. le __ Bleu Culinary School
  50. hungarian Stew Seasoned With Paprika
  51. birds With Webbed Feet Such As Ducks And Swans
  52. male Property Owner Who Collects Rent
  53. actress, First Wife Of Ronald Reagan
  54. in Hockey, Determining The Winner After Overtime
  55. in A Reverse Direction
  56. moving On A Slick Surface
  57. capital Of Nicaragua
  58. the Sale Of Goods To The Public In Small Amounts
  59. buttery Half Moon-shaped Bread
  60. __ Khan; Founder Of The Yuan Dynasty In China
  61. inflammation Of The Tongue
  62. stops From Happening
  63. northernmost Country In Africa
  64. jim Henson Puppets Who Lived On A Rock
  65. person Held For Ransom
  66. interrupt Someones Attention Span
  67. mechanical, Robotic, Self-operating Toy
  68. design Drawings Of A Buildings Structure
  69. harley-davidson Headquarters City: __, Wisconsin
  70. landlocked Country In The Center Of South America
  71. first Balcony In A Symphony Hall
  72. frozen, Treeless Ground, Like The Arctic
  73. simbas Father And Sarabis Mate In The Lion King
  74. wandered Without Urgency
  75. fiber Of The Palm Tree Used To Weave Into Mats
  76. using Science To Predict Future Weather
  77. the Black Horse Of The Apocalypse Represents This
  78. kangaroos Leaf Eating Smaller Cousin
  79. french Philosopher Said "my Life Is A Struggle”
  80. long Line Of Related Rulers
  81. non-metal Element Se Used In Photocells
  82. control Exerted To Restrain Impulses
  83. hooved Animal, With Even Or Odd Toe Numbers
  84. hand-held Firework
  85. male Singing Voice That Is Very High
  86. funny Tv Show, Typically About A Family
  87. nemos Species
  88. flies In One Place, Like A Helicopter
  89. book With A Soft, Flexible Cover
  90. fictitious Place Of Untold Gold And Wealth
  91. very Formal, High-rise Headwear
  92. sentimental Speech About A Deceased Person
  93. knives And Forks
  94. pronounce Very Carefully
  95. after Dubai, Second-most Populous City Of Uae
  96. character In Greek Mythology And Hamlets Killer
  97. his Face Was On The Half Dollar
  98. sign Of Surrender
  99. north, Saint And Chicagos Famous Musician Dad
  100. not Explored

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