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  1. handheld Nintendo Games Console, Released In 1989
  2. __ Rhapsody By Queen
  3. charged With Crime, Branded A Criminal
  4. capital Of The Republic Of Macedonia
  5. brightest Star In The Earths Night Sky
  6. keep Out Of Sight, Avoid Detection
  7. superhero Named After An Astronaut: Buzz __
  8. chases
  9. christian Season Preceding Christmas
  10. second-most Populous City In Australia
  11. a Triangular Swiss Chocolate Bar
  12. quarrel, Dispute, Altercation
  13. house For Honey
  14. inflammation Of The Tongue
  15. colorless Gas Common In Cleaning Products
  16. poet Who Wrote "the Charge Of The Light Brigade"
  17. first American Sport To Have Pinstripe Uniforms
  18. interlinked Rings Of Metal Forming Flexible Armor
  19. he Removed A Thorn From A Lions Paw
  20. type Of Ram Used To Break Fortress Walls
  21. taurus Star Cluster Named After Atlass Daughters
  22. cordial
  23. actress, First Wife Of Ronald Reagan
  24. the __, French Museum, Purchased Kahlos The Frame
  25. in Hockey, Determining The Winner After Overtime
  26. dinner Of Choice For Lady And The Tramp
  27. cylindrical Car Part, Moves Against Fluid Pressure
  28. indian Ocean Island; Port Mathurin Is Its Capital
  29. cover A Piece Of Paper With Plastic
  30. software That Modifies A Singers Voice
  31. country Home To Mount Kilimanjaro
  32. buttery Half Moon-shaped Bread
  33. business Selling Old Car Parts
  34. most Populated City In The U.s. State Of Illinois
  35. the Black Horse Of The Apocalypse Represents This
  36. kangaroos Leaf Eating Smaller Cousin
  37. greek Goddess Of The Moon
  38. software For Surfing The Internet
  39. one-eyed Mythical Monster
  40. people Who Walk The Catwalk
  41. harley-davidson Headquarters City: __, Wisconsin
  42. first Balcony In A Symphony Hall
  43. origin Of A Family
  44. protects From Attack
  45. __ Crane, The Hero Of Sleepy Hollow
  46. container For Midday Meal
  47. perfumed Grains Used When Relaxing In A Tub
  48. farm Tool Featured In American Gothic
  49. nine-month Period In Humans Before Giving Birth
  50. __ Khan; Founder Of The Yuan Dynasty In China
  51. greater And Lesser Caribbean Island Groups
  52. control Exerted To Restrain Impulses
  53. tooth Decay
  54. hooved Animal, With Even Or Odd Toe Numbers
  55. independently Owned Business Branch
  56. delight, Glee, Contentment
  57. a Painting Of Inanimate Objects
  58. el Capitan Is Summit In This National Park
  59. tying Up Poultry Or Game Birds Prior To Cooking
  60. male Property Owner Who Collects Rent
  61. __ Play, Type Of Vinyl Record
  62. nemos Species
  63. book With A Soft, Flexible Cover
  64. moving On A Slick Surface
  65. study Of The Bodys Structure
  66. celebrated, Renowned
  67. charm, Bewitch
  68. fiber Of The Palm Tree Used To Weave Into Mats
  69. author Of The Summa Theologica: St. Thomas __
  70. intuition, Discernment
  71. an Arrival In Large Numbers, Being Overrun
  72. not Explored
  73. group Of Holding Rooms In A Jail
  74. jim Henson Puppets Who Lived On A Rock
  75. blood Relationship
  76. the One Who Is The Best Off Financially
  77. landlocked Country In The Center Of South America
  78. sugar From Pure Cane Extract, Spun In A Cylinder
  79. continuing To Live Against All Odds
  80. ornate Sideboard
  81. flies In One Place, Like A Helicopter
  82. backspin Stroke Landing A Ball Just Over The Net
  83. deep-rooted, Established
  84. very Formal, High-rise Headwear
  85. government Representative Abroad, In An Embassy
  86. comic Strip Character With Phenomenal Powers
  87. stops From Happening
  88. to Be More Numerous Than
  89. tv Station Companies
  90. conquered An Army
  91. non-metal Element Se Used In Photocells
  92. former Term For A Son Of An Austrian Emperor
  93. electronic Step Tracker
  94. right Side Of A Ship
  95. guiding Of Actors To Produce A Movie
  96. language With The Most Native Speakers
  97. period When Insects Evolved
  98. relating To Earthquakes
  99. given The Wrong Advice, Deceived
  100. frozen, Treeless Ground, Like The Arctic

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