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Crusader Crossword Express Crossword Answers - 17-January-2021
Crusader Crossword Express Crossword Answers - 16-January-2021
Crusader Crossword Express Crossword Answers - 15-January-2021
  1. Bats over seaside rocks
  2. Hound eating tripe, and one with beef
  3. Extract lead from milk
  4. Eccentric moralist I like
  5. An idler physician joke
  6. Saved place elsewhere
  7. Dear me, defaced books of a brilliant kind
  8. English crowd back Chinese monster
  9. Flyer leading actor during shoot
  10. Pound coin from bin cohort used
  11. Turn around to look at pupil admitted to school without bottle
  12. DAs can't play after fathead guesses information
  13. Student leading gutted lady on wasted time, actually
  14. Metal post mostly blue and red
  15. Standard lies about spots
  16. Broken boxes may start looking messy
  17. Overdue legislation flipped liberal accepted
  18. Need pity, but one's done
  19. Adding water to another lagoon is a blunder
  20. Beast laughing at leaders, in conclusion
  21. A holy man burst in before you
  22. Thought about lady infected
  23. Abundant source of paper - a plant entered by some of us?
  24. Pickle surprising green envoy
  25. A bean that's hard and fruit less soft
  26. Soldiers retreating up roads collected weapons
  27. Cheese going on to split, in short
  28. Maintained level really wasn't right
  29. Less noble graduates returned
  30. Fresh claim about empty spaces
  31. Conclude with ten meeting royal, junior
  32. Bring out equipment originally legal
  33. Vocalist admitting pair with small vessel - one used by the Spanish dog
  34. Feline with a large sum of money for plant
  35. Popular street found by worker with tick
  36. Hothead on about rage with dependant
  37. Alan's broadcast relating to the nose
  38. Drunk near a stadium
  39. Assembled listeners due a nice alternative
  40. Clear a backlog finding hidden disadvantage at university
  41. Choose one state relating to sight
  42. Adopt hippest pet, go out, and get narrowly beaten
  43. National leader, strange man, indicated agreement
  44. Beer she spilt welcoming Conservative in trousers
  45. Fly with trendy religious group
  46. Excellent initial charge
  47. Managing when racing
  48. Finished on time, it's not concealed
  49. A lion is disturbing meeting
  50. Feature a ceramic material
  51. Informer initially taking every local lieutenant beer
  52. It's allocated when autographed
  53. Gather fruit and return
  54. Dismiss fool with hard material
  55. With impudence, criticise cooking vessel
  56. A Conservative greeting woman is to perform successfully
  57. Severe former partner with unreliable meter
  58. Dishes with assorted petals
  59. Woman with domestic animal turning up slightly warm
  60. Some robot terrifying animal
  61. Musician's order to sort mob in time
  62. Relaxed, holding king in card game
  63. Old worker has nice arrangement
  64. Articles including permit for sportsman
  65. Bad actor joins series that's often pulled
  66. Fifty regrets going round - they must be obeyed
  67. A shade military
  68. Know a rare solution for conflict
  69. Dining out with worker, aggrieved
  70. Mathematician left international organisation before queen
  71. Furnish English joke
  72. Change one's mind and support circuit
  73. Young lady with a key - tale ends in fiasco
  74. Lower angle
  75. Bird in another nest
  76. Idle sister, somehow free of bacteria
  77. Every tyrannical leader starts train
  78. Conman worried about honour, ditching front when told to
  79. Lung capacity provides an opportunity to relax
  80. Choose fool first, to be pedantic
  81. Surprise reel
  82. Terribly keen, with student, to go down
  83. Member of the board is a pirate?
  84. Deployed a peculiar match concerning medication
  85. Weapon has advantage in tense situation
  86. Rugby team are fools to include sailor
  87. Surrounding a doctor with convenient last quartet
  88. Move track outside - that is less classy
  89. One of eight popes from the city
  90. Reportedly require to pummel
  91. Wise and avid about fur
  92. Note about success
  93. Unadulterated energy - that's smooth
  94. Copy article about holding record
  95. Warned Edward after real trouble
  96. One race in converted dome gets left out
  97. They're struck by security at games
  98. Peter maybe seeing believer turning mean
  99. See about capturing head refugee
  100. Paid and got comfortable

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