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Crusader Crossword Express Crossword Answers - 17-October-2019
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Crusader Crossword Express Crossword Answers - 15-October-2019
  1. Regular walk is legitimate
  2. Collar Scot, a thug
  3. Finished thing off before morning
  4. Surprising her on river
  5. Con Mary out of a set of initials
  6. Spying ponies being delivered on time
  7. Evidence of alcohol level
  8. Cares a lot about stairway
  9. Sense poles have been swapped in darkness
  10. Frowns bully left in ship
  11. Graduates concealed one large key in post carrier
  12. Non-committal woman joins four in London area
  13. Gauge table after concert with European queen
  14. Answers about renting strange land
  15. Races in, breaking element
  16. Canter off in a daze
  17. Tommy, say, finds a rope loose behind seesaw
  18. Terribly clean victory celebration in surrounded territory
  19. Pass time as a youngster
  20. Standard approach making zone sail itself away
  21. Listener stops using medication
  22. Isolate a fish-eater
  23. Important to turn dogmatist
  24. Destructive weather happens very quickly
  25. Arrive with detectives, returning about amusement
  26. Actors have a name and a game
  27. Annoying person changes sides, being more intelligent
  28. Gathering quiet artist wasted time and energy
  29. Welcome quality of broadcast
  30. Ambassador rises awkwardly for woman who inherits
  31. In front of river, writing the Bible
  32. Praise initially confused with honour by soldiers on the day
  33. Aliens developed twitch that's not flexible
  34. Inaccurately describe miser running left
  35. Rule out capturing medium small primate
  36. Behold those working in land
  37. Ran off, getting clamped
  38. Bother visiting the little boys' room
  39. Must be at least this old to adopt blackjack
  40. Writer back playing horn for a bit of kidney
  41. French veto permit - Harold is not dangerous
  42. Punishment includes old vessel
  43. Attack overturned, having new money
  44. Supporter excited to go back
  45. Reportedly attacked a criminal
  46. Old Irishman is an emigrant
  47. Fighter expected students with hesitation
  48. Husky or another animal, say
  49. Boiler produces this broken mast, admits head of engineers
  50. Train firm next to a church
  51. Business rated inaccurately
  52. Eat loam cooked with porridge ingredient
  53. Odd rice recipe has five split up
  54. Tornado', following language that's hard to say
  55. Not much time after treble liqueur
  56. Pitch puts return round new business
  57. Railway pursues ecological energy in vegetation
  58. Not involving time an office worker got verbal
  59. Poem on right river in Europe
  60. Two-thirds of tassel ceremony
  61. Shop around for brewing ingredient
  62. Sports equipment gives insect a lot of fun
  63. Fighter pleased as a riot breaks out
  64. Betting on last pass
  65. Toddler is lower, today, somehow
  66. Lone broadcast in darkness is a sign
  67. Fluffy companion didn't start whirlpool
  68. Did massive mistake, gave wrong counsel
  69. One in twenty gets privet fence design
  70. All far away in painful burst of radiation
  71. Gold current working some stars
  72. Singer has nothing on first musician
  73. Sort out point with attendant in secure place
  74. Heads of studio take any role for celebrity
  75. Providing equipment - unacceptable yet appropriate
  76. Knowledge to perform fencing
  77. Sports car behind structure is a good example
  78. Intruder at home playing pert role
  79. Queue to get a new tree
  80. Curse manly speech
  81. As Romans developed trendy ability to row
  82. In total sobriety as well
  83. Team sounded despondent, audibly
  84. Randomly cite a way to start being indifferent
  85. Cry endlessly at the end, depressed
  86. Involving secret work in bed?
  87. Reject incitement by knight
  88. Halting operation, having left open until morning
  89. Some therapy is job-related
  90. Member cries a new order about profanity
  91. Gather at location to choose again
  92. Write without a gallery
  93. Nationalist father takes jog around island
  94. Paints it a different way for starters
  95. Soldier following with fashionable fuel
  96. Communication from a mile away
  97. Disdain for gull bait
  98. Part of pool has energy intensified
  99. Journalists have object changed
  100. Stole short tops, breaking law

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