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Crusader Crossword Express Crossword Answers - 7-December-2023
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Crusader Crossword Express Crossword Answers - 5-December-2023
  1. Dreadful scrape - socialist ran off
  2. Declare a victory over wife
  3. Cold skin gets rebuke
  4. One rumble going round city
  5. Continued summary, on the day
  6. Send a great deal in tights
  7. Some stars against getting woman into trouble
  8. Office furniture is welcome from French king
  9. Some software in favour of weight
  10. Infatuated by small glove
  11. Enter idle formation, like an avenue
  12. Doctor to copy curtain
  13. Pitch a memo
  14. Sharp former pupil gets domestic
  15. Fire people for childish event
  16. Sign fluctuates, but not initially
  17. Cinema put out exercise that breaks the surface
  18. Change form concerning sitter
  19. Two women contain large problem
  20. Man accepts reign in hostility
  21. The war affected some flowers
  22. Place friend around aiming device
  23. Gold managed to turn direction, being most restricted
  24. Penniless, set out allergy trial
  25. Irrational to get soldiers some pepper
  26. Locked-up son shows guts
  27. Cutlery item holds temperature exact
  28. It returns an artist to jewellery
  29. Fancy putting limit on grain
  30. Graduate left fat duck
  31. Improvise listening device for missile
  32. Start being eccentric
  33. Dealt badly, having quiet year, but in a skilful way
  34. Get back in central parade
  35. Young person to jump, scared
  36. Research point about involving dance
  37. Some new students point to river
  38. Old moss formation is a gradual assimilation
  39. Look happy, having sprinted initial distance
  40. Story that's filmed on the way
  41. Ready, during routine, for award
  42. Authorised finish, with competent middle
  43. Former conflict, not quite cold, not quite warm
  44. Means to get gold part for computer
  45. At home, allow vent
  46. My one crib design is at an early stage
  47. Wise men with key to a form of sorcery
  48. One chap in queue is a philanderer
  49. Fish in the corner
  50. Waste one's broadcast on prisons
  51. Engineers quiet about his heart being strong
  52. Church delivered cool tea and confectionery
  53. Scrofula is bad behind London college
  54. Spray a cat - skinflint misses head
  55. Go up when about to finish
  56. European wife is inside ship
  57. Eastern lake is creepy
  58. Mother embraces British crawler
  59. Tire of banner
  60. Stop redhead getting cake ingredient
  61. Uncovered a painting
  62. Embarrassing private matters taken to laundrette
  63. Cowardly fellow, always bringing complaint
  64. Ensuing diatribe about lute's design
  65. Pain, performing on old instrument
  66. Quiet, back in tunnel
  67. Hospital workers finding instruction isn't honest
  68. Ordinary soldiers flanked Iran, as ordered
  69. Out of this trench? That's excessive
  70. Pale daughter joins staff
  71. Without valves like this to cover small gallery
  72. Put up with a wild animal
  73. Like doctor on English ship to join outfit
  74. Spaniard lauds an eccentric Scot
  75. Criminal article about current female
  76. Crazy diva, to me, has time to be driven
  77. I will fold red paper, not ready
  78. Information on the first man
  79. Call for some jewellery
  80. Former pupil, able to read note, is destroyed
  81. Make easy life a tacit arrangement
  82. Waste chief sales device
  83. Decoration for criminal and mentor
  84. High in an attic
  85. Chief executive sobs uncontrollably
  86. Moorland collapsed
  87. Father read about procession
  88. Single woman to turn rest out
  89. Saviour, concerning terrible curse
  90. Story about turning it in using touch
  91. The matter of children
  92. Met to redesign European tribal object
  93. Instrument gets locks peeling away
  94. Irregular to bury glove by junction
  95. Chief reported truth
  96. Train monkey to do without man
  97. Show hunger and take the ball upfield
  98. Top politicians can bite terribly
  99. Erase her letters in train
  100. Terse about circle having two speakers

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