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Crusader Crossword Express Crossword Answers - 24-May-2022
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Crusader Crossword Express Crossword Answers - 22-May-2022
  1. Make slow progress, getting wife keys
  2. Invent importance for unimportant addition
  3. Luxuriant and alcoholic
  4. Unhappy when second entreaties faded outside
  5. Vendor has let cans out for hunter
  6. Garment providing middle layer
  7. Nationality of woman and husband
  8. Belgian city lord
  9. Conclusion - withdrawal
  10. Let the eater switch - this is fake
  11. Wife has horrid nose treated
  12. Rib cooked with English cheese
  13. Sort dog for arranger of text
  14. Unusual to get second chances
  15. Very extensive, like a carpet
  16. I'm real excited after record denial
  17. A young lady is wrong
  18. Took advantage of stunt by journalist
  19. Tense about river vehicle
  20. Sound surprised as gaps develop
  21. The first DIY turned out smart
  22. Slander then spread to the country
  23. Attended to skirts to deter trouble
  24. Wear the same clothes more when static
  25. Exception? Eccentric? Unacceptable
  26. Crowd turned red after laugh
  27. Sharpen the review, starting with point
  28. Get ready for homework
  29. Around island with fellow reptile
  30. Drink with a twitch that's theatrical
  31. Allergy treated, to a great extent
  32. Grain, as used to make a drink
  33. Located son and daughter wearing wrong tie
  34. In the past, city relative was a correspondent
  35. Paradise involved need of danger
  36. Dusk found last character, single, in mysterious place
  37. Writer, monster, has ancient title
  38. Assembled, having to switch song
  39. Obtained energy before first self-seeker
  40. Fan out, organise raid, brew tea
  41. Do not include altering main ruling
  42. Wool swindle
  43. Summon Leo, say, for identification
  44. Trendy ticket as a reward
  45. A dean is in front
  46. Snack is small, in part
  47. Compose my one hit - 'Anti-Theft Device
  48. Appear to discover
  49. Reportedly pursued for being pure
  50. Generator upset many during party
  51. Two men around room from a bygone era
  52. Face an annual event
  53. Bats tease the art lover
  54. Reduce tingle, working around hospital
  55. Fellow accepts books have a stand
  56. Scatter drapes around
  57. Tell it's performing well
  58. Perfect sitter
  59. Failure left Eros shaken
  60. Following harvest, fruit comes back
  61. Reserved fiends in Turin vet a cast
  62. Platform many have quit
  63. An explorer could back a roué
  64. No-good jetty not as even
  65. Animal back behind an opening plant
  66. City cat featured in stories
  67. Hide some covers on an island
  68. Private tavern vacated earlier
  69. King and queen trip changing direction
  70. Milk extract spoiled vegan oat fad
  71. Eccentric slays rich developer
  72. Key in front of trap splitting Frenchman turned
  73. Union divides many boors
  74. Weapon raised shot a spymaster
  75. Correction about my death
  76. Shot cad harbours zero bitterness
  77. Foreign nation, old chap
  78. Material put under copper
  79. Hero of a tale known for its opening?
  80. First offender, note, caught by shop worker
  81. Wild sea bounds long coasts of isthmus
  82. Egg on orange? Cue breakdown
  83. Second goddess registered a name
  84. Taxman rehash oddly upset shrink
  85. Clothing hangs down, a man admitted
  86. Plain case containing papers
  87. Partial arrest, ace copper says
  88. Confusion about Oregon attack
  89. Show up woman not finishing comic
  90. Wanting it cold, he had felt a skin irritation
  91. Mocking and kicking mate, they collapsed
  92. Fellow, a quiet one, on trend
  93. Suitor making maid err badly
  94. Area used by woman, stern
  95. Follow graduate's doctrine
  96. Memos involving damaged stone
  97. Immediate medical assistance from volunteers I had found after trees
  98. Thug putting fur back - loud man
  99. Rubbish wagon returning with farm vehicle
  100. Digress and explode at a Northern man admitting volunteers

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