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Crusader Crossword Express Crossword Answers - 24-August-2021
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Crusader Crossword Express Crossword Answers - 22-August-2021
  1. Initial trees next to junction
  2. At no stage is nerve lost
  3. Finished rent review after women's group survive cold weather
  4. Our musical turned out to be amazing
  5. Fellow's endless, quiet outpouring
  6. Introducing gin cocktail now, previously
  7. Unsettled our entrants, but not quite a black hole
  8. Lift gets more money
  9. Some sewing returned, with pain
  10. Make up nicest tout's arrangement
  11. Statesman - financial or deranged
  12. Young bird, without tail, becomes elegant
  13. Price tag on a rib
  14. Late getting flimsy window cover
  15. One, a good nun, reinvented a dinosaur
  16. Rely on report for storage facility
  17. Fetch a recliner to hold cleaner
  18. Press club
  19. Broken by economic depression
  20. Slowed down - needs solution about deficiency
  21. Stick runes away for health worker
  22. It grows in the street
  23. End of oesophagus yet to develop inflammation
  24. Betting on a new bridge
  25. Check, alternatively, excellent returns in theatres
  26. Wager Harold comes after rubbish engagement
  27. ...and for another, copy container and key
  28. Longed to treat head, catching cold
  29. Bread at noon by church for very little money
  30. Stopped working, having accepted it's not getting better
  31. Love to bother engineers
  32. Relative wearing diamonds back in old style
  33. Fury after bishop started old car
  34. Hail cool composition - note with spirit
  35. After that, include the French peace
  36. Cancel a berth out of complete freedom
  37. Returned team to seat
  38. Dream about having provided firepower
  39. Roughly abbreviated
  40. Scamp, in particular, a scallywag
  41. Art involved encasing long windpipe
  42. Soldiers not finishing diet
  43. Earth on additional sword
  44. The myth of the foot?
  45. Self-seeker, say, turned to first
  46. Misshapen cases getting caught in entrance
  47. New king in beer joint
  48. Firework found in salad
  49. Squeeze free bit of publicity
  50. Overcame achievement indeed
  51. Gold inside furniture with convenience? That's rank
  52. Article that is wrong first, then right - don't care which
  53. Listener to object about large terrestrial
  54. Deteriorate - became too worried about pressure
  55. City of note Lisa painted after Croydon
  56. Date with a profligate explorer
  57. Hideaways a student ventilates
  58. A near miss, perhaps
  59. They demonstrate it, so err badly
  60. English lady put on a dog tag
  61. Favour from a girl not working
  62. Alarm found a little bleak
  63. Big city on first-class island
  64. Insulated item containing nothing false
  65. A musical fellow turned suggestive
  66. Old clothes not shrinking?
  67. Girl many fool with trap edges away
  68. Furniture put by a river
  69. Guide wanting favour
  70. Ace line in lost story
  71. A plant in Winnipeg or Seattle
  72. Misfortunes rendering sister sad
  73. Song about overweight nymph's initial state
  74. Point getting grasping church leaders overheated
  75. Alerted by beginners, what you have to do is clear
  76. Glowing praise, in part - and it worked!
  77. Actinide used despite lead being preferred
  78. Log a Frenchman has to cut from behind
  79. Cheat incurs debt libelling leaders
  80. Broth near soup is revolting
  81. Damage done arriving
  82. In time, soldiers see eye to eye
  83. Side five, actually
  84. Jail cell opening up no good
  85. New lessons for first-year student in religious education before part of meal
  86. First to glimpse many of us embracing the French beauty
  87. Paper-folding craft, in my opinion, is going back around city
  88. King and I record male sheep's weight
  89. Piece of cast metal one person finally received
  90. Inferior by shrub I damaged
  91. Musician, male, in street, about 50
  92. European with pain initially telling Scot from Cairo?
  93. Nobleman with award finding place for sleeper?
  94. Supposed salesperson with university man
  95. Dessert of little value?
  96. Graduate expresses disapproval about new monkey
  97. Pantry where fat is put with hesitation
  98. Go away to get small stuff
  99. Second plant is gloomy
  100. Spread for saint about to get directions

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