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Crusader Crossword Express Crossword Answers - 2-June-2020
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Crusader Crossword Express Crossword Answers - 31-May-2020
  1. Quietly leave holding old stick
  2. Obvious it's unattractive, like time
  3. Inner workings show courage
  4. Fellow used tired term about navigation device
  5. Record action with DIY tool
  6. Vital supplier keeps new veal recipe in check
  7. Resentful about constable's first search
  8. Keen to agree to change
  9. Sharply criticising drain covering king in gunk, initially
  10. Hastily prepares note about road surfacing
  11. Clergyman in a devout way goes round beforehand
  12. Merely swapping unit for energy as a joke
  13. Very rich with diamonds - diamonds show unfair advantage
  14. Praise nobleman in report
  15. Attendant gets artist a good read
  16. Rise, leave and drive
  17. Hot stuff gets registered as bug at an early stage
  18. Rectifying fine, uncle gets control
  19. Lack of purpose, as smile broke out on head
  20. Time for some fruit
  21. Rainy performance, omitting one story
  22. Upsetting me with practical improper conduct
  23. Comedian throwing a rope around Iolanthe, say
  24. Men grafted, working in sections
  25. One Direction played a set, sure
  26. I call out for some shade
  27. Old friend put on a stone
  28. Excellent time to join Frenchman on return
  29. Report of covers with gold for clubs
  30. Odd-job man's loud performance with round belly
  31. A student prepared by now
  32. Code-breaker has nothing but travelling
  33. Loosen a French fashion accessory
  34. A royal retinue holds spirit in English victory
  35. Sailor volunteers to eat an Indian dish and a Greek one
  36. Service provided is not individually made
  37. Freeloading soldier is back with twitch
  38. Shrink bit of game
  39. Judge hers to be wrong and update display
  40. Musician treated pain first
  41. When cathedral city hides disapproval with perception
  42. Mean police operation comes to sticky end
  43. Qualify to arrange to a scale
  44. Fashionable yield as an exchange
  45. Medic will copy spread
  46. A new excitement, removing resistance in pile of earth
  47. Shortened turn acted out
  48. Endlessly fit youngster to make a mistake
  49. May you start powerful
  50. Avoid a medical procedure
  51. Financial assessment puts method on trial
  52. Time firm backing rebuilt casino
  53. Deploying a lido, attempt worship
  54. Bag has broken latches
  55. Instructions for cooking rice - wasted exercise
  56. Small role by a Greek city state
  57. In favour of suitable gain
  58. Square edges removed - time for two pints
  59. King not met or fought
  60. Wild speed, wild speed!
  61. Fold pass, needing line
  62. Evidence questions aren't making redhead miss leader
  63. A bird returned after Passover
  64. Four question you about fish
  65. Train arrives empty, going around points
  66. Place once poorly ventilated from the back
  67. Confused letter a theologian took
  68. Creeps, say, having died in El Salvador
  69. A soft poke somehow noteworthy
  70. Delivery man sly marcher's hat fits
  71. Pleasingly foxy clothes one's excited maiden's wearing
  72. Suspect affair, catching girl in Dudley's embrace
  73. A ceremony sounded fitting
  74. Court India builds behind a plant
  75. An attacker keys a vehicle!
  76. Head off a student in error
  77. Sots start having chasers moved
  78. Best shingle around, with earth underneath
  79. Spy not entirely sorry about goals
  80. Nine herds poorly protected
  81. Many left Wales after a fee debacle
  82. Decent post cored and treated
  83. Reduce tingle effect, being hardhearted
  84. A piece of creative work left frozen?
  85. Mean lady added to suffering
  86. Male kid manipulated with a will
  87. Input English band deal with
  88. Particular blend incomplete, say, lacking core component
  89. Fold pass, needing line
  90. Train arrives empty, going around points
  91. A soft poke somehow noteworthy
  92. Delivery man sly marcher's hat fits
  93. Many left Wales after a fee debacle
  94. Male kid manipulated with a will
  95. Input English band deal with
  96. Precious stone makes them stay somehow
  97. Opposed a poem
  98. Unusually vile rude diner GP found to be deprived
  99. Rearranging a race, he's a pain
  100. Nuclear apparatus about to be seen by performer

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