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Crusader Crossword Express Crossword Answers - 24-June-2019
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Crusader Crossword Express Crossword Answers - 22-June-2019
  1. Deficiency doesn't begin in the soil
  2. Discussed racket indeed
  3. Difficult, at university, to be short of money
  4. Back distributing reward later on
  5. Strong murals embellished, admits copper
  6. African is terribly darn pale taken in
  7. The French can accommodate part of their capital
  8. Trendy suit adjusted where it was
  9. Tackle victory with church
  10. Bones transported in car by head of archaeology
  11. Two men are from Moscow
  12. Time to turn unfortunate queen into a reliable person
  13. In favour of set ordering wood
  14. Evaluate European boy in sound
  15. Run to a fee
  16. Role played by flowers and siren
  17. Builders start in old building
  18. Surpass a large size, we hear
  19. Seat for lumber
  20. Venue arranges to have parking, with reason
  21. Hipster in disarray, gets kidney disease
  22. Lead new attendant to city
  23. I am limited, being neutral
  24. Easy task, replacing duke with new head
  25. Game spinster
  26. Foreign articles erode - that's pants
  27. True solution - look for ancient native
  28. Top socialites want to be fashionable
  29. Drop outside - broadcasts were so long
  30. Rustic husband ate bird
  31. Soldiers in a platoon agreed
  32. Excitement grips one honoured to make money
  33. ...decorating modern complex acquired by six-footer
  34. Appeal to fight back largely futile
  35. Prisoners work out a way to hold back
  36. Faceless Leninist edited stories about a rise
  37. That male's old-fashioned pluck
  38. Stand say (flipped stand)
  39. Stupid way to save up, muses figure
  40. Fully in a child's corner?
  41. Judgement that's oddly hurt three backers
  42. Fish put back in water are content
  43. The Nigerian felt dancing could make one late
  44. Worst book, and the smallest one
  45. Glut was connected to one put away
  46. Plant compounds adding little weight to leaves
  47. Golfer upset, hit during fight
  48. Wild grass cut with anger!
  49. Painter given revolutionary bloomers...
  50. A choice cutlet, in part
  51. To win, beat one inside house
  52. It's lazy, not miserable
  53. Leading surgery given an order
  54. Agitated old man is overtaking
  55. Blast, hot filling returns!
  56. The last time Liverpool received a hunter
  57. Having a change of heart, kid cutting lumber beat it
  58. Campaigns to cast two heartless extras
  59. Something eaten hot covers a student's plate
  60. Weak hunter content to catch some mules?
  61. Gibe about healthy dealer in personal ornaments
  62. Former partner with vessels initially exploring a wide area
  63. A quiet man with protective garment
  64. Politician, generous, seen before protest march about deserter
  65. I'd gone first and lazed about
  66. Fad, if old, replaced plant
  67. I face brat rearranging produce
  68. Well-read eccentric, dead cute
  69. First of teenagers makes a request for jobs
  70. Salesperson in popular religious group the Spanish loaned midge deterrent
  71. A call left one contented at first with material
  72. Draw large aquatic animal seen with youth leader
  73. Reprimanding first to swig bitter in Gateshead
  74. Swindler cold before round of competition
  75. Any drive possibly leading to place where grapes are produced
  76. Vehicle, new one, used by woman for festive occasion
  77. Volunteers, teetotal, meeting European socialist, worn out
  78. Unexpected midterm cut
  79. First to travel with poorer troubled soldier
  80. Channel without a bend, say
  81. Upsetting Romans, a rower
  82. Erase the Spanish film set in Delaware
  83. Acted gloomily, finding light motorcycle
  84. Georgia, rushed, breathed in sharply
  85. Prepared for publication, it's accepted by journalists
  86. One inside, spoilt, getting hitched
  87. Syrup making poor cat reel
  88. Storyteller, Northern, arriving with a short Conservative
  89. Important concert popular in French town originally
  90. Ringleader at university with Europeans wanting Indian money
  91. Left a new wheel for bomber
  92. Cook has spoilt a mixture in casing
  93. Bunk off to get tuna, partly cooked
  94. Forgetfulness is a mean problem
  95. Shout about bananas rated as fireproof
  96. Complete state
  97. Feeding trough eradicates last disease
  98. Transport meal around - that's sweet
  99. Scion aces reform in the act of taking the throne
  100. Continuation of stress after European gets cross

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