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Crusader Crossword Express Crossword Answers - 23-April-2019
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Crusader Crossword Express Crossword Answers - 21-April-2019
  1. Cutlery item in Kent is fake, sadly
  2. New reign, covers band getting back together
  3. Joint chief is a fool
  4. Pace rated incorrectly
  5. Used facial feature
  6. Empty tune performed by granny and Edward
  7. Jog out of bistro, tentatively
  8. Eavesdropping about a ginger toupee inside
  9. Ocean inappropriate for such a vessel
  10. Witch fused rose with cress
  11. Terribly scarce, tuna and crab, say
  12. Panic, miss beginning and slip
  13. Joining first character, moving initial off
  14. Kiss repeatedly, being equal
  15. Flower, at first, is really incredibly shiny
  16. Second tree has ribbon
  17. Boast about argument
  18. Message has atmosphere and character
  19. Drink and Tim's drunk - hard to see beyond it
  20. Amaze by juggling nuts
  21. Rib cooked with English cheese
  22. Range of food soldiers find acceptable
  23. Note undergarment twice, holding scoundrel in spell
  24. Ogre's tone affected by hormone
  25. Alan's mad about the organ
  26. Commando inexperienced with British tree variety
  27. Husband sent note from domestic scene
  28. Hence, loser's last in self-esteem
  29. Robbery involves key performing for pleasure-seeker
  30. Discharge last of bowlers at Oval ground
  31. Professor has us lie about mistaken belief
  32. Add a couple of pages to conclusion
  33. Raise European tax in shelter
  34. Ruin toe formation before birth
  35. Most important to unite soldier and horse
  36. Pub constructed here during celebration
  37. Noticed Pittsburgh player, say, is an over-actor
  38. Their problem accepting Frenchman - he's a recluse
  39. Tend to run back to London area
  40. Timid, holding stray drink
  41. Refuse to deteriorate
  42. Woman races to play organs
  43. Dissent present at Surrey's borders
  44. Request again to get note from instrument
  45. Leave an untruth for a defensive person
  46. Gold transaction produces difficulty
  47. Lieutenant in sauna, ordering dried fruit
  48. Most recent news from city trial
  49. Quarrel about right to fish
  50. Fellow resident makes a dull friend
  51. Feels pain, gets sick - contemptible person has weakness
  52. Surround space with range
  53. Sort male out after married chaos
  54. Imagined doctor organising team
  55. Super review on this writer is best
  56. Engineers ship, having lawmen to take back
  57. Hackneyed trick to get dove flying round
  58. Team has left something in the playground
  59. Very breezy fellow gaining weight
  60. City park that group way behind entered
  61. Beasts strangely reorganise without ire
  62. Break away from insecure male
  63. Stretch of river entered by savages
  64. Sauce key when added to a tortilla...
  65. Wayward mugs by tee go for it
  66. A metal brace, note, nearby
  67. Vegetable produce from a chap's base
  68. Giving pal not treated right
  69. Include demand to hear noise
  70. Neighbour having nothing on
  71. Cut, cut - quiet cutting?
  72. Praise of excellent cut, say
  73. Irritable writers part with pen
  74. A false shinbone's variation in quality
  75. Risqu© short film set in Shrewsbury
  76. Sheep have run aboard vessels
  77. Jam put back on Ivan's bread
  78. ...(dish giving a Californian guru gas)
  79. Relative seeing this starts records playing
  80. Sleuth leaving a flower attached to a plant
  81. Necessary abuse of old elf in a saloon, perhaps
  82. Plain occupied by duff northern town
  83. Poor panellist's less apt complaint
  84. Savagery saves lives as missions start
  85. Mimicry an expert has curtailed at last
  86. Plant value decreased by kid
  87. Petty officer everyone follows
  88. Spot John yielded at last, rectifying my need
  89. Regret concerning code
  90. Lie in bed, possibly, not fit to eat
  91. Unusually big band involving 51 improvising
  92. Bird initially damaging gardening implement
  93. One in Eastern street, friend making approximate calculation
  94. Organization for ladies, not in suits, we met accidentally
  95. Batting turn for team using hotel in the outskirts of Galashiels
  96. Container for milk, cold and hot, found with another vessel
  97. Character I nag to return garment
  98. Spanish friend, a male one, with energy
  99. Strange person initially getting stick, we hear, for cut of beef
  100. Wait patiently with one in street, drunk

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