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Crusader Crossword Express Crossword Answers - 21-January-2020
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Crusader Crossword Express Crossword Answers - 19-January-2020
  1. Coward with rascal
  2. Dub my video badly - it's a friendly film
  3. Defeat with the tongue?
  4. Old clarinet delivered containing benefit for husband
  5. Dragon-slayer organised segregation
  6. Irate, much upset and in pain
  7. Current politician joins the Spanish force
  8. Duet performed English piece
  9. At home, endlessly boring fellow is liberal
  10. Fear ale with cocktail, before long
  11. Penny awfully cruel once about obesity
  12. Capital of climatology
  13. Frenchman, Mad Hatter and Ron adapted mountain
  14. Indistinct start removed fever
  15. Barrier on the way to financial district
  16. Automatic device and mace hung in a different way
  17. Large country, say, brought back employment
  18. Two women have succeeded getting Democrat shamed
  19. Insect building new lair is a relative
  20. Essential volunteers swap with old instrument
  21. Ten changes to a feature of Sicily
  22. Moderate a true adjustment in heat level
  23. Inviting a quiet dog, say, with one chant
  24. Every bit of anger is currently in fashion
  25. Playing trite hit - hard bit
  26. Kitchen implement of generic ergonomics
  27. His camera captured dodgy business
  28. Determination, serving last summons without wife
  29. Left thin fluid after parking in base
  30. Shed the French manacles
  31. Contrition concerning code
  32. At university, finished getting turned over
  33. Chat about having one often dropped
  34. Article with hint does work? Quite the opposite
  35. Transport table off to new church with energy and freedom
  36. Leather tyres used in private treatment area
  37. Cricket club gets alluring set of keys
  38. Ice cream includes large, exact copy
  39. The invention of money?
  40. Use evil design that's hard to find
  41. Deviant for every bit of poetry
  42. Boy and girl get a cat
  43. Language equal to a weapon
  44. Juvenile aim, playing around motorway - sadly true
  45. Holy books found on hill - gasp!
  46. Almost accommodate a great deal in city
  47. Shop involved in swindle gets unfair criticism
  48. Snobbish boy sent aid away
  49. Cruelty is mad, crazy, and has succeeded
  50. Minor feature of French conclusion
  51. Complicated, getting the Spanish sailor to speak
  52. Getting to be attractive
  53. Point that way - a lake that's heavenly
  54. Without a single member getting drunk
  55. Draw energy repeatedly for a federal soldier
  56. Supporter of breakfast to encourage award
  57. Weapon right on a jetty
  58. Channel fire, say
  59. A pair of British people...
  60. ...weighing fools talk
  61. An error, said one...
  62. ...sure a negative man died
  63. Stylish vehicles reversed
  64. Purists introducing a journo to rubbish
  65. Substitute for royal couple
  66. European climber removing one back cover
  67. Forget to procure extra
  68. Shelter (the middle part)
  69. Silly pet creed's abided by
  70. Breaking up, being the responsibility of men?
  71. Periods asleep Ray disturbed
  72. Cavity of sorts opening stateside?
  73. Main pen, when entered
  74. Level ground in glade?
  75. Raised volume on an island leads to many moving
  76. Charges something to pay, we hear
  77. Willowy lady in a poster
  78. Drinks stolen aboard a ship
  79. Wretch happening to annoy
  80. Immense support for stars
  81. Rich prince gave some Zulu finds back
  82. Drawings of an animal in fiction
  83. Boring naval officer upbeat
  84. Soldier leaving a country before a city
  85. Immaterial sages wrong about our leaders
  86. Holy place advocating godless reform
  87. Hothead unconcerned with an element of risk...
  88. ...circles around in a town
  89. Person sharing lodgings gets me a motor unexpectedly
  90. Abandons foliage
  91. Secretly responsible for shows of emotion
  92. Dog that staggers?
  93. Exceptional part of text remembered
  94. Don't object as much when it's stupid?
  95. Avoids birds
  96. Past time - it's obvious
  97. Copper left with man, a Conservative, finding dead end
  98. Opportunity not in attendance
  99. A new teacher, initially hot and unwell, finding mound of earth
  100. Having two pints with hesitation, female in a catalogue - one of the last eight

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