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Crusader Crossword Express Crossword Answers - 6-December-2019
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  1. Dumb, having left script at home
  2. Architect has run after knight
  3. Former spouse, sufficient specimen
  4. Two chaps from Eastern Europe
  5. Appeasing a politician after awkward clap
  6. All characters joining the heartless, cold empire
  7. Provide expensive coat, say, for craftsmen
  8. Agreed, leaving, went out
  9. Vehicle insurance includes university city
  10. Hit with small items of clothing
  11. Note strange bishop having very small amount
  12. Spy the son cavorting as an oracle
  13. Dressed in a trite ensemble on the day
  14. Italian food riots to spread
  15. We were concealing a jug
  16. Caught moving by spare church into virtual environment
  17. The woman joins record followers
  18. A race follows me back as a consequence
  19. Game of legal extremes
  20. Wasn't honest - now change and have a rest
  21. Remained around river and wandered
  22. Most famous people find answer on table
  23. Restraints hit second worker first
  24. Not in any danger, like bricks and mortar
  25. Pursue sage and chive combo
  26. Art chores performed by musicians
  27. Quickly swapping Romeo for Victor in a bland way
  28. Pensioner engineers one in ash, say
  29. The BBC doesn't start to loosen
  30. His last stride shows inclination
  31. Lived together, swimmer accommodating routine European
  32. Glib issue featuring a bird
  33. Reportedly impose a barrier
  34. Condescend endlessly, terribly settled
  35. Everything due to be permitted
  36. Mean to declare time
  37. City with zero scope for fruit
  38. Create and fetch gold for numismatist
  39. Perception is near at hand
  40. Final party for sport
  41. Tycoon left in place, upsetting actor
  42. Old, negative fellows are not steady
  43. Cover round pool
  44. Unconventional, but not in the middle
  45. Failure left the French in some trees
  46. Push front off large shack
  47. Dish generates complaint by soldier
  48. Altered order for lever
  49. Free to return wild apes in hopelessness
  50. Objection about building arches in city
  51. One's worried about religious man being wet
  52. German novel, not about financial assistance
  53. Police team in bad habits by courtyard
  54. Creative academic has left one in charge
  55. Clique finds resting place next to lake
  56. Madman gives large woman twitch
  57. Drive away daughter with crazy spiel
  58. Affair brings a doctor to ancient city
  59. Beg for tree to be put round London area
  60. Bovine's cheek displays a flower
  61. Mooring in Alaska
  62. Row about granny's first cat
  63. Corrupt citadel, in a manner of speaking
  64. Extreme cad, liar, nasty
  65. At home, change speed - share as a last resort
  66. Global, deteriorating into a domestic outside
  67. Examination for every country student
  68. Go by bike, taking on a storm
  69. Announced dessert in hotel apartment
  70. Mariner worried about father being a mechanic
  71. I'm candy-mad and energetic
  72. Compared favour with sad end
  73. Drink has unknown label in front
  74. Italics so wrong in red
  75. Wear down queen with poem
  76. Mend paths around treatment centre
  77. Singer has note to shout
  78. Taken out, being unsociable
  79. Behold soldier caught reasoning
  80. Scheme to take old ship with daughter to recreation area
  81. Rush with vigour to join pub squad
  82. Special op ordered by a bishop
  83. Lion's fame spread to part of UK
  84. Woman's positioned to be inclined
  85. Wrote deep composition about knights
  86. Rule in wet conditions, by the sound of it
  87. Cyril's lost for words
  88. Cracking opening part of series in prison
  89. Choose something to break ground
  90. Doctor organised all trade in sausage
  91. One worried about volume in hot spot
  92. Pulse irregular, flies in fog
  93. Coming down with clothes in undercarriage
  94. Celebrations get father to leave island group
  95. Racket is one problem
  96. Little movement, having lost initial heading
  97. I indicate eccentric food expert
  98. Having difficulty reading to someone's disadvantage
  99. Have no trouble stealing object, then relax
  100. Trim it, eventually, holding something small

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