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  1. Gave a speech with rewritten medical notes beforehand
  2. Limited without new form of singing
  3. Gentle escape, but not initially
  4. Got in duel, reviewing how far west
  5. Investment scheme created by Egyptians
  6. Taking dog back, enjoy being divine
  7. Sibling having same victory? About time
  8. Sell connection to a game
  9. Almost bringing up small dried fruit
  10. Celebrity girlfriend has arranged bash in travelling gear
  11. Underground omen about musical device
  12. Bury in hinterlands
  13. Cover on old pool
  14. Endless crisis, the last arrival
  15. Boring, father at home having an annoying ache
  16. Craig turned into a smoker
  17. George produces instinctive scheme to capture island
  18. Behold health worker going round, tuneful
  19. County girl finished first
  20. Warned education varied
  21. Endless article sees off dissertations
  22. Opportunity to relish superficial presentation
  23. Scrawny English friend gets spies a key
  24. Rice dish reeked terribly, containing last bits of cabbage
  25. Where shoppers are going to happen
  26. Present in this place, or not in any
  27. Proper, a student being original
  28. Stick to prohibition outside
  29. Pity about good people making mechanical writers
  30. Chap's in trouble, finding source of iron
  31. Vital supplier upset a loiterer
  32. That's sweet, darling
  33. In favour of second CIA operation being dull
  34. Notes timer design is a disadvantage
  35. Aristocrat at home, expecting attendant
  36. Vehicle's ability influencing friends
  37. Reach solution about old liberal complaint
  38. Train manoeuvred round in the morning for a monkey
  39. Pressure to peer for a gem
  40. Officers, that is, regarding underwear
  41. Carelessly rated the French lever
  42. Meant to be negative indeed
  43. Walks like vagrants
  44. Kitty gets kettle for commercial work
  45. Small, strangely airy land
  46. Achieving getting church very hot
  47. Use up patience, initially, during broadcast
  48. Sadly, icon is man who cannot sleep
  49. New gear included universal implement
  50. Their problem - time and tradition
  51. Talked nonsense, bored, acquiring victory
  52. Bat is confused between stick and belt
  53. Trendy chap takes answer seriously
  54. Supply top recipe in slow cooker
  55. Mean at home to nurse
  56. Talk at zero speed
  57. Risk not starting walk
  58. Some managed with new particle
  59. Engineers leave before blood appears
  60. Furious at pact police concocted
  61. Playground item has no left or right, say
  62. Animal might, showing engine's capability
  63. Defence group, calm, gets left behind
  64. Repeatedly stop Scot being a savage
  65. Criminal if the arrangement changed
  66. Rent out around one explosive ingredient
  67. Ring, having more trouble getting stimulant
  68. Sugary beer started out ambiguous
  69. Emerged again concerning a terribly weak end
  70. A girl heard a cry of woe
  71. Sturdy condition - no valves
  72. Weapon used to acquire record points
  73. Berating us about jet engine, say
  74. Once more, embellish discourse after changing creed
  75. Revisions start in set writing
  76. Spat, awfully anxious, but that's been and gone
  77. Speedy, endless journey to America
  78. Won't move to residential area
  79. Firm about the middle
  80. Editorial by directors - that's where the winners are
  81. Breaking its bone with impudence and repressed emotion
  82. Following a test, mixing what's left of the food
  83. Occupier of bed at home, uncomplaining
  84. It happened in the Seventies
  85. Hero satisfied to hold god
  86. Cry at social gathering, we hear
  87. Taped broadcast, including name for purist
  88. Make subsequent addition, if retort worked
  89. May upset writer about the first remittance
  90. Occasional party is eccentric
  91. Mineral around church is a certain colour
  92. Strange date sadly got turned away
  93. Present fog - the problem with sailor is eloquence
  94. Ditty and sneak got boys in trouble
  95. Meant note to be used for compensation
  96. Visitor formulated correct conclusion, by the sound of it
  97. Mother's sure about rubber
  98. Nowadays, I must work outside arena
  99. Maniac bachelor, worn out in the shade
  100. Heard singer's note

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