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Crusader Crossword Express Crossword Answers - 3-August-2020
Crusader Crossword Express Crossword Answers - 2-August-2020
Crusader Crossword Express Crossword Answers - 1-August-2020
  1. Understand length
  2. Heard expletive - a cuss about capital
  3. Material in writing - terrible lie
  4. Note on large mime performance registered faint sign
  5. Brush and eat grass
  6. Walk, catching awfully nice duke in sovereign state
  7. Rebuilt novel hut here at the last moment
  8. Father joins rowers on coach and transporter
  9. Tackle inclusion of quiet, jarring quality
  10. Shining silver, blue
  11. Produced air-conditioning for island
  12. Smoking accessory is less serious
  13. Envoy has appointment to admit European member
  14. Calm tartan gets caught inside
  15. Tiredness hits second military outfit
  16. Laugh at victory in Texan move for Belize, say
  17. Nothing pleasant is held in reserve
  18. Waving his gun around following a pain
  19. Gain new royal household after battle
  20. Arrive at Derby's outskirts - that's funny
  21. Seafood is small, hard and terribly prim
  22. Tyrant of French location
  23. Human going to ground around lake
  24. Graceful quote reversed after having bowled everyone
  25. Replied 'Swan and deer mingled freely
  26. During turn, getting old and vague
  27. Husband, a less complicated inconvenience
  28. Humiliated in the morning, hiding in shack
  29. Reportedly show resentment of a wife
  30. Messenger joins a new set
  31. Prime shingle over earth
  32. Cast slept with blue sheets
  33. Thus, one isn't taken in
  34. It's unneeded and turned off
  35. Tough question about a concession redirected
  36. Flyers, look, conducting wire
  37. Run round wonderful place!
  38. Tense American on a toboggan struggled
  39. Drawers unlikely to be half empty originally
  40. Lots of boys having to face off
  41. It's tiring to have a bit on, one added
  42. Golfers could be assembling
  43. A type of socialist fairness exploited
  44. Perks ending, 23 sounded cross
  45. Fear losing face, making gaffe
  46. Hot drink, said one who knows
  47. A different lease isn't required
  48. Priest at first on the outside
  49. Such a barge is more buoyant
  50. Predicament stopping short fight
  51. Guide describing bishop's authority?
  52. Aunt shot royal supporter, of course
  53. Small insects have run off large animals
  54. Nonsense verse in Lear's style starts with higher Spaniard's agreement
  55. Austere North American catches up
  56. Noblewoman said to encourage gambling?
  57. Attention-grabbing aristo to rush away
  58. Relative of Republican caught in blast
  59. Scrappers face bites and cuts
  60. A noble Yugoslavian leader of yore
  61. Girl eating vegetables originally admiring US city
  62. Lots of small hearts
  63. Rare thing our Don then misplaced
  64. Large suit mended extremely lovingly and strongly
  65. Father getting hold of Eastern object from cul-de-sac
  66. Vehicle, new one, woman used for festival
  67. Upper-class people taking to very loud songs initially
  68. Comes across beef and ham, say
  69. Many making mouse run off
  70. Verify chapter on company
  71. Member of the clergy missing out one large church
  72. Defender beside stream welcoming 50 people wandering from football club
  73. European certain to get hold of new guarantee
  74. £1000 initially spent on relative
  75. Labour leader with title surprisingly small
  76. Vessel associated with quiet mimic, neat
  77. English proposal causing strong feeling
  78. A part extremely lively, suitably
  79. Present said to be fruit
  80. Audible arguments will wake up
  81. For team, woman's hot additional portion of food
  82. Writer, mostly boring, with hesitation producing part of clock
  83. Making us move on anxiously, it's poisonous
  84. Unsuccessful, having no dates?
  85. A male, one with rope, being friendly
  86. Adhesive label used by staff on back
  87. Manage to get cereal from town in Cheshire
  88. Pair with one family member in jail
  89. Northern listeners making approaches
  90. Child of collier, say
  91. Top game starts in strong position
  92. Laugh to behold a saintly sign
  93. Opponent accepts point - victory is improvement
  94. Aid new posture for storing fat
  95. Citrus dip cracked tooth
  96. Stoop to show feeling
  97. Domestic medic has a trainee
  98. Organs due to be played - risky
  99. Vegetable provides energy for every socialist first
  100. Attorney gets into trifle before midnight

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