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Crusader Crossword Express Crossword Answers - 19-August-2019
Crusader Crossword Express Crossword Answers - 18-August-2019
Crusader Crossword Express Crossword Answers - 17-August-2019
  1. Shrine can and must work
  2. Emphasise anxiety
  3. Stick to prohibition that's going round
  4. Daredevil must work around book and article
  5. Initially, sense what love can be
  6. Torpor had developed in insect, say
  7. Architect will collect, holding iodine
  8. Remove college with new delay
  9. Bad-tempered European hid inside, without doubt
  10. Criticise scare about insulin supplier
  11. Festival displays its charms
  12. First appearance of French objection
  13. Trivial time, messing around
  14. Stop a student being boring
  15. Code term used for a layer of cells
  16. Fly set off twice
  17. Number the first woman as supporter when camping
  18. Loiter, losing head about the empty number
  19. Policeman and sailor have son, a famous person
  20. Troublemaker makes a soldier switch to art
  21. Publicly denounce title: 'Mad Headsman
  22. Earth provides cause
  23. New robot fitted with two keys for 31 days
  24. Permissible to have caught one illuminated exterior
  25. Point to Jack inside to greet returning prophet
  26. Front of building makes a note die away outside
  27. Answer - his gun generated pain
  28. A search finds feline first in crypt
  29. Flowery ending is missing name for coin
  30. Ready to include staple instrument
  31. Wind rotten leftie redirected
  32. Metal struck without a thought
  33. Dour "elm changed shape again"
  34. Thanks given by someone opening gifts
  35. Childless person, nervous about split
  36. Buildings opening up empty - not closing
  37. Split peas, cast reckoned
  38. He wrote a book with a pen
  39. Ship having level masts, e.g.
  40. Sailor short of time playing cards
  41. ...talks about a residential street in a town
  42. This material is good enough for relatives
  43. Coolest man in the FBI contends with source on the outside
  44. Areas of Niger so fragmented
  45. This flower has died without breaking
  46. Moderate girl upset by the extremes
  47. Isn't patient with fracture given a seat?
  48. Bridge-building, for example?
  49. Tedium teen nuisance hides
  50. Rex - he described a flower
  51. Giving pal not sick, well
  52. Moved weight went astray, we hear
  53. A deer with one back leg
  54. Hail around Carlisle, say
  55. An artist brings in a dropped model
  56. Birth story cut from a little journal
  57. Perhaps an on-line performer...
  58. Small hole supreme leader digs
  59. Material not including a variable line
  60. Claims everyone pronounced lip service initially
  61. Average Southern youth initially including the French herb
  62. Quietly, one charges buccaneers
  63. Remove dirt from thirsty child originally thin
  64. Seasoned journalist after small photo
  65. Engineers inside still altering lattice
  66. Bachelor, one with 100 records, showing muscles
  67. More foolhardy having slice of bacon
  68. Loud man's accidental success
  69. Dad holding Eastern plume
  70. Horse's headgear, large, collected by woman getting married
  71. Line on shore reportedly drawn by man
  72. Page in small dwelling finding blot
  73. One in seat from the capital of Bulgaria
  74. Pelt the socialist being promoted
  75. Entrance used during tenth rally
  76. Intelligible French article found in vehicle
  77. Red seats designed as stated
  78. E.g. comics try ruse unexpectedly to get face-lift
  79. It's accepted by a French youth leader with mutual agreement
  80. Exhausted person who solicits business is after stream
  81. Short substitute getting nothing right about one lake
  82. Resent debugger's code
  83. Set of drinks given to bore with a faulty posture
  84. Words used to name objects originally received by sisters
  85. Group of admirers producing cooler card
  86. Intend for backwards Communist to zigzag
  87. Noblemen, large, introduced to listeners
  88. Reportedly spot lighter sailor
  89. Cheat with stone worker, faithful
  90. First of agents with a hot bun possibly using German motorway
  91. Doctor rings trainee to show desire
  92. Spots cane construction
  93. My return in her new poem
  94. Remain troubled by registered sailor
  95. Attack a sailor, we hear
  96. Attorney takes sheep to see a play
  97. Absolve old individual at speed
  98. Marigold schedule hasn't finished involving university student
  99. Going out for some panes, but not actually buying
  100. Pub, on occasion, is as late as you are

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