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Crusader Crossword Express Crossword Answers - 25-October-2020
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Crusader Crossword Express Crossword Answers - 23-October-2020
  1. Carpenter opening pine store
  2. Misbehaving dog resting inside
  3. I'm lost, but it's not your problem
  4. Mediator risked little on journey north
  5. Material an agriculturalist added to earth
  6. Deal with kind unionist into books
  7. Tine bent by someone foolish or wise
  8. Eccentric leaving club rings someone back
  9. Gratuity added to direct payments
  10. Tackle arranged with king lacked style
  11. Understanding spy given mere salad
  12. Hans feels bonsai changed in quality
  13. Frenchman some ordered into blast rebels
  14. A dish put away when it's empty
  15. Stick around to fish
  16. Entitled sort in a cleaner room
  17. Conductor chosen travelled as a passenger
  18. Calm aide, and intent one
  19. Sums not added to as Tom ordered
  20. Wrong flap cut up at last
  21. Wind carrying a man around a foreign place
  22. Penny didn't like being put on
  23. Understanding fellow accommodated by a trail taken
  24. Journalists covering diamonds large and too precious to sell
  25. Substitutes for leader ailing misbehave
  26. Professional model fell down!
  27. Writers plagiarise, note, aboard ship
  28. Part of a film featuring gutless 'little people
  29. Article lacking substance given introduction
  30. Nice flower has a little pistil
  31. Grains given to hag with no time for snack
  32. Feline initially terrifying the French oxen
  33. Novelist lent brother a cot, broken
  34. Mouth of river is convoluted, say - true
  35. Doctor with a rod mostly serious
  36. Tedious, it's rejected by engineers, an unspecified number
  37. Head of school in America with cavity
  38. Instrument carried by poor gangster
  39. One Republican woman, extremely tense, getting bug
  40. Upsetting Romans, a rower
  41. Become angry about first of teenagers being guided
  42. Bad lad chooses crony from educational institution
  43. Shoemaker's model given to lady losing heart, finally
  44. Socialist including poetry being backed up
  45. Private religious group taking queen back
  46. Narrow escape for Northern listener with obsession
  47. We left food, revealing health and prosperity
  48. Spiteful Conservative with a teetotal youth leader
  49. A royal raises an outstanding amount
  50. Belief revealed by European in temporary shelter
  51. Former partner, Eric, unexpectedly getting points for physical activity
  52. Principal equipment may be a hat
  53. From the east, one trial is rearranged
  54. Number getting to ringleader with debts, infamous
  55. Huge company man admitting bereavement
  56. Token from Milan? No, unfortunately
  57. Syrup making cat reel uncontrollably
  58. A couple of Democrats were first to be bewildered
  59. Runs involving registered experts
  60. Manner displayed by nasty leader
  61. Security device for eccentric lecturer
  62. Head boy starts on ship
  63. Annie, say, claims arrangement around university
  64. After hospital road meanders around junction, parking convertible
  65. Affected prisoner with time to drive off
  66. Cleric finds transport after six
  67. Scramble around branch
  68. Set dame off, being off the shelf
  69. Quiet word about easing off element
  70. A riot out of proportion
  71. Search for initial gamble
  72. Greets note about some ice
  73. Before oxygen left, keep rejecting a vitamin
  74. Hint about tune being in invisible state
  75. Undecided between different ornaments
  76. Gold tartan design is what you end up with
  77. Periodical wit
  78. Begrudging call about European broadcast
  79. Best ever album - smashing!
  80. Covering is completely finished
  81. Animal gets chained off
  82. Drinks supplier gets twitch after work
  83. Our sphere involved fictional character
  84. Serious length to move into night work
  85. Win firm, firm worried about English way
  86. Sort a tuna recipe for distant traveller
  87. At home, healthy, with right medical device
  88. Soldiers, having nothing, first add water
  89. Bury in Berlin territory
  90. Loner forced to sign up
  91. Duplicated when laughing uncontrollably
  92. Flew directly round - crude
  93. Mine is quiet at the back
  94. Old-style win, nearly joining Scot
  95. Initially gag Merlin about problem
  96. Add trendy hint that holds key
  97. Powers that be blame this and sent solution
  98. Personal knowledge treated as welfare by head
  99. Futuristic weapon bombarded front with final hesitation
  100. Tenor on strange, favourite instrument

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