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Crusader Crossword Express Crossword Answers - 10-April-2021
Crusader Crossword Express Crossword Answers - 9-April-2021
Crusader Crossword Express Crossword Answers - 8-April-2021
  1. First to study at university showed off, it's believed
  2. Good luck symbol in mother's bed
  3. Debatable point involving a top form I note in broadcast
  4. Eastern cheat originally observing my saving
  5. Ignorant French one covering up a conflict
  6. Journalists initially unhappy about strain
  7. Elizabeth icily reveals this set of moral principles
  8. Fool returning to one woman
  9. Cockney wife initially meeting an inhabitant of the Netherlands
  10. More fortunate, like cur being spoilt
  11. Photo including everyone with allium
  12. Sweet substance for guard's regal aunt, possibly
  13. Deserter meeting that woman more readily
  14. Like a saw, small, the queen thought highly of
  15. Tot is with me on river for a season
  16. I pop out holding royals' fragrant mixture
  17. Trying pensioner ousted in part
  18. European, thin, delivering wood
  19. Inspire a new friend going round island
  20. Dishes have a feature first
  21. Inclination of nurse in French city's outskirts
  22. Day before university fellows originally thought of memorial
  23. It's in progress below road
  24. Principal, fair, produces beam
  25. Inhabitant of small place, 6, left with beer
  26. Surprising true bit of eulogy
  27. He roars drunkenly, becoming huskier
  28. It's sorted out and kept for future use
  29. First to collect floating structure from boat
  30. Society girl holding one perforated kitchen utensil
  31. A plain cod concoction and a drink
  32. Points one to top of mayonnaise dip
  33. Small support surrounding a composer
  34. Knocked down to have university powered
  35. The first share I would turn back, in practice
  36. Notice wine, almost finished when needed
  37. Second murder shows ability
  38. Being on friendly terms, no longer young
  39. Swedes lie about flower
  40. Former spouse endlessly ordered praise
  41. Reasonable to have large talent
  42. Mysterious figure rode shark around
  43. Bananas in Beak' - a form of art
  44. Worry for every brute twisting end off
  45. He's in a whirl
  46. Reportedly expelled chief conductor
  47. Mine is about huge advance
  48. Local, a religious man, within story
  49. Putting vegetable on organ is a consequence of boxing
  50. Leaning towards making an inventory
  51. Pleasure in a month - time is obsolete
  52. Fail to honour language
  53. Therapeutic in decimal conversion
  54. Cynical to ask money for electron's property
  55. Saleable period for a plank?
  56. Travel a lot to buy drinks
  57. Subcontinental area in a state
  58. Priest confused daughter with a pattern
  59. Leading answer, perceived but not registered
  60. It's hot at the end of three months
  61. Take colic treatment for a parrot
  62. Foundation is corrupt
  63. Fool to return after dictator
  64. They have their own luck, for starters
  65. Song plays out in company
  66. Work for way to take a victory
  67. Outwardly old-fashioned, is gangster, not having last couple treated differently
  68. A lout appeared odd where people live
  69. Expert sailor embraces artist supporting the Middle East
  70. Amazed when horse gets three points
  71. Young woman, during storm, finding aromatic plant
  72. Faith in a financial arrangement
  73. Initially, to us, king is a bit of an elephant
  74. Unknown listener visiting all the time
  75. Pound, say, and Euro, detectives accepted, appear simultaneously
  76. Relax around prominence
  77. Cosmetic deployed at nipper's train
  78. Trendy cleaner changes sides, having flowers
  79. Cheer obtained from slight entertainment
  80. Great man put old article inside tree
  81. When one enters cathedral city without difficulty
  82. Resultant debut distributed and spread
  83. Close shop, upsetting tragedian
  84. Authorised, went out with fellow first
  85. Sign next to railway building
  86. Woman has hesitation getting a tile
  87. Peg gets swine drunk outside
  88. Run off, taking gold to island nation
  89. Generous politician
  90. Public schoolboy sent note to Scot
  91. Pause to observe timer
  92. Giant bird article
  93. Book shows self-restraint
  94. Singer excessively backed smoker
  95. Taking suitable quartet inside
  96. Number of gaps, of course!
  97. Croon, backing a graduate - demeaning
  98. Money up front, to make progress
  99. Enterprising, removing debts, to an extent
  100. Fool first, worker second

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