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Crusader Crossword Express Crossword Answers - 16-February-2019
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Crusader Crossword Express Crossword Answers - 14-February-2019
  1. Leave second drink and chat
  2. Opening nothing if rice is ordered
  3. Its plentiful for commanding officer, devout
  4. Shortage revealed by first to deliver soil
  5. Bread, soft " its given to volunteers
  6. Follow holding right guarantee
  7. Ring found in street man nicked
  8. Man with energy getting a smaller amount, lasting
  9. Soft French one man found to be spicy
  10. Tippler, doctor, popular with king and queen
  11. Scoffed, having heard school
  12. First to shop in gallery gets smaller amount, bland
  13. Conservative with energy during outings revealing muscle
  14. Sole rostrum
  15. Third from last stake found by writer extremely unhelpful man demolished
  16. Second story, unoriginal
  17. Feathers found by actors, dejected
  18. Girl initially included in boys ballads
  19. Reserved joker, hot and haggard
  20. Role is given to a new devotee
  21. Socialists getting hold of Eastern plants
  22. Row about blunder involving dog
  23. Morning food for interval, quick, before film shown in parts, say
  24. Merciful man " one in French town originally
  25. Possessed man appearing after cry of pain
  26. Easily carried drink given to expert
  27. Form of vocal production used by loud man before fight
  28. Trout cooked before one mans period of tuition
  29. Boring man with debts
  30. Rustic eating hot game bird
  31. Most employees have to stop
  32. Admitted running down holding key
  33. Compensation concerning attire
  34. Nag about pain, getting filling
  35. Domestic tale about victory first
  36. Cancellation makes man tunnel out
  37. Sleep after time with jewellery, showing nerves
  38. First gift - tiara designed for street painter
  39. Slander doesn't start to provide order
  40. Bear makes notes about offer
  41. A drum coda composed for film
  42. Payment gets the first volunteers in power
  43. Strange, soldiers having time for scrap
  44. Evicted us - order was alluring
  45. Don't eat hat for delivery man
  46. Put neat diet off - alternatively start
  47. Transgression by a new war
  48. Sill gives large advantage
  49. Register carton - lot has changed
  50. Incorporated one small gold tooth
  51. Victor misses front target
  52. Silly trivia about new American type of software
  53. Release old, cattier version
  54. Illumination on time and distance
  55. Fast ships
  56. Competitor managed to construct tent outside
  57. Computer pioneer has pole spinning
  58. Basic food provides livelihood
  59. Girl makes contact with left cheek
  60. Caring about conifer's last leaf
  61. Weed about to join British nerd
  62. Exclusive English table has it
  63. Othello to come down to heath
  64. Grateful former pupil went ahead, taking soldier back
  65. Crime sorts earnings out
  66. Carol's recipe that is on table is a dietary aid
  67. Socialist with a bed outside for soldier
  68. Heard first person, a batsman, is a revelation
  69. Strict drunk
  70. Racing expert to pour rest out
  71. Cutting car, as it's terribly cold
  72. Equipment I would find unyielding
  73. Monster has revenge, finally, on wicked city
  74. Article, thanks to foreign character
  75. Clean city below
  76. His age put off hostess
  77. Quiet agreement on old piece
  78. Made tulip vary in greatness
  79. Drunken sot - wealthy bird
  80. Sign for arachnid to lose tail
  81. Rubbish about journalist - hard to be keen
  82. Be prepared to map a river's source
  83. Fool is beneath church structure
  84. Reportedly strain descendant
  85. Strike stops command
  86. Drench planet endlessly with tea blend
  87. Mean to alter the last word of prayer
  88. Peering at sibling in pain
  89. Court case about the missing ending performing series of events
  90. Rely on getting energy where you can't stand
  91. Menace, then tear off
  92. Launch an organisation
  93. Important authentication of huge mammal
  94. Music section has registered with father
  95. Strikes gin out for monetary figure
  96. Policeman developed spine around hill
  97. Sounds like a no to a woman, spoken through the nose
  98. Jack in grand part of church
  99. Fat ruined cheese cloth
  100. Relieve everyone - I have returned to brew tea

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