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10-June-2019 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Zone 301 Clues & Answers

  1. 50 ___ to Leave Your Lover (Paul Simon song)
  2. Candy thats sometimes put on a hotel pillow
  3. Agreement from a sailor
  4. That ___ then this is now
  5. Actor who reprises his role as Beast in Dark Phoenix: 2 wds.
  6. One corner of a Monopoly board
  7. Place with cardio and weight equipment
  8. Stand by while someone else lifts weights
  9. Baseball team that Pete Rose played for
  10. ___ the chips fall where they may
  11. Bread for a hamburger
  12. Actress Wilson who starred on Mrs. Wilson
  13. Needs to settle a debt to
  14. Raised platform for a speaker
  15. Actor who reprises his role as Cyclops in Dark Phoenix: 2 wds.
  16. Connect
  17. Actress Shawkat who played Maeby on Arrested Development
  18. Give ___ shot!: 2 wds.
  19. Second noble gas on the periodic table after helium
  20. Give money to for a service
  21. Former US president who died last November
  22. Hydrochloric and sulfuric are two types of it
  23. Any of seven parts of this clue
  24. Chromosome material: Abbr.
  25. It might start A guy walks into a bar
  26. Small surprise in a Cracker Jack box
  27. Gillette razor brand
  28. ___ in the Morning (former radio program)
  29. Body part that has an iris and a pupil
  30. Stumble
  31. Manhattan ___ chowder
  32. Part of a paragraph
  33. Sex Pistols rocker ___ Vicious
  34. The A in IPA at a bar
  35. Promgoers facial concern
  36. Like just-applied nail polish
  37. The time ___ come ...
  38. Nautical Stop!
  39. Small floor covering in a bathroom
  40. Waynes World costar Carvey
  41. Bulls forward Porter Jr.
  42. Neither a borrower ___ a lender be
  43. Beverage that might be a stout a porter or a pilsner
  44. Uh-huh
  45. Gas additive brand
  46. Lodgings that might be far from an interstate
  47. Nickname for Bruce Springsteen: 2 wds.
  48. Speeding things up
  49. Cookie that introduced a Game of Thrones-themed variety in 2019
  50. Ice queen who makes an appearance in Ralph Breaks the Internet
  51. Swedish do-it-yourself furniture giant
  52. Closed really loudly like a door
  53. A dozen minus a pair
  54. Actor who reprises his role as Professor X in Dark Phoenix: 2 wds.
  55. Chafing ___ (food warmer)
  56. Dump water out of a boat
  57. Leave out
  58. Losing My Religion band
  59. Where Mongolia is
  60. Not intoxicated
  61. What a W on a scorecard means