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10-June-2019 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Zone 301 Clues & Answers

  1. Connect
  2. Actor who reprises his role as Cyclops in Dark Phoenix: 2 wds.
  3. Give ___ shot!: 2 wds.
  4. Manhattan ___ chowder
  5. Former US president who died last November
  6. Second noble gas on the periodic table after helium
  7. Hydrochloric and sulfuric are two types of it
  8. Promgoers facial concern
  9. It might start A guy walks into a bar
  10. Any of seven parts of this clue
  11. Gillette razor brand
  12. Nautical Stop!
  13. Body part that has an iris and a pupil
  14. ___ in the Morning (former radio program)
  15. Bulls forward Porter Jr.
  16. Stumble
  17. Sex Pistols rocker ___ Vicious
  18. Part of a paragraph
  19. Gas additive brand
  20. The A in IPA at a bar
  21. Like just-applied nail polish
  22. Speeding things up
  23. The time ___ come ...
  24. Small floor covering in a bathroom
  25. Closed really loudly like a door
  26. Waynes World costar Carvey
  27. Neither a borrower ___ a lender be
  28. Uh-huh
  29. Dump water out of a boat
  30. Beverage that might be a stout a porter or a pilsner
  31. Lodgings that might be far from an interstate
  32. Where Mongolia is
  33. Cookie that introduced a Game of Thrones-themed variety in 2019
  34. Nickname for Bruce Springsteen: 2 wds.
  35. Ice queen who makes an appearance in Ralph Breaks the Internet
  36. Candy thats sometimes put on a hotel pillow
  37. A dozen minus a pair
  38. Swedish do-it-yourself furniture giant
  39. Actor who reprises his role as Professor X in Dark Phoenix: 2 wds.
  40. One corner of a Monopoly board
  41. Leave out
  42. Chafing ___ (food warmer)
  43. Losing My Religion band
  44. Baseball team that Pete Rose played for
  45. What a W on a scorecard means
  46. Not intoxicated
  47. Needs to settle a debt to
  48. 50 ___ to Leave Your Lover (Paul Simon song)
  49. That ___ then this is now
  50. Agreement from a sailor
  51. Actress Shawkat who played Maeby on Arrested Development
  52. Actor who reprises his role as Beast in Dark Phoenix: 2 wds.
  53. Place with cardio and weight equipment
  54. Give money to for a service
  55. Stand by while someone else lifts weights
  56. ___ the chips fall where they may
  57. Actress Wilson who starred on Mrs. Wilson
  58. Chromosome material: Abbr.
  59. Bread for a hamburger
  60. Raised platform for a speaker
  61. Small surprise in a Cracker Jack box