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10-September-2019 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Zone 301 Clues & Answers

  1. Parasitic worms used for bloodletting in medieval times
  2. Metallic element with the chemical symbol Pb
  3. With 44-Across long-running Fox comedy starring Christina Applegate as a sex-obsessed teenager: 2 wds.
  4. Gone missing from a military post: Abbr.
  5. Embellish with pretty things
  6. Southern metropolis with a famous French Quarter in slang
  7. Go Your ___ Way (1977 Fleetwood Mac song)
  8. Bob the ___ (kids TV show about a construction worker)
  9. Part of the knee prone to athletic injury: Abbr.
  10. State where To Kill a Mockingbird takes place: Abbr.
  11. Type of poet from long ago
  12. Commercials
  13. Crash ___ burn
  14. Metal thats processed in a blast furnace
  15. Winfrey who created O magazine
  16. One of several layers as of tissue
  17. Soaking ___ (drenched)
  18. Cord used for tying packages
  19. ___ Disney Resort (Disneyland Paris at first)
  20. Young girl who dies in The Hunger Games
  21. Shoo!
  22. Drinks that come from leaves
  23. 2007-2009 ABC sitcom starring Christina Applegate as a recovering amnesiac: 2 wds.
  24. Colts placekicker Vinatieri
  25. Blacktop goo
  26. Outlaw completely
  27. ___ the ramparts we watched ...
  28. Atlanta or Albuquerque for example
  29. Alternative to ride-sharing
  30. Flexible arm joint
  31. Netflix dark comedy series starring Christina Applegate as a widow: 3 wds.
  32. Edge of a garment
  33. Poetic sound-match like kiss and miss
  34. Frequent URL ending
  35. Female deer
  36. Surrounding glows
  37. Mined stuff thats refined to produce valuable metals
  38. Sinister sign such as having a black cat cross your path: 2 wds.
  39. Luther star Idris
  40. Male member of a shepherds flock
  41. Headgear worn by Michael Phelps in competition: 2 wds.
  42. Person from Cairo or Mecca often
  43. Salty eggs from fish
  44. Nickname for a female sibling
  45. Its up in the ___ (We dont know yet)
  46. Enjoy a hammock or a recliner
  47. Conservation-oriented government group: Abbr.
  48. Rock group that sang Barracuda and Magic Man
  49. Dull conversationalist
  50. Busy hospital areas: Abbr.
  51. Parcels of ranchland
  52. Inviting scent as from a bakery
  53. Common hot cereal grain
  54. Smallish batteries in some toys
  55. Barney Miller star Linden
  56. Something doesnt ___ up here (This doesnt seem right)
  57. Gentle call of a dove
  58. See 36-Across
  59. ... if its the last thing ___!: 2 wds.
  60. The Grand Budapest Hotel actress Seydoux
  61. Rubber ___ (stretchy item you might find in a desk organizer)
  62. Email provider that was very common in the 1990s
  63. Actress Ridley of the Star Wars movies