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11-July-2019 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Zone 301 Clues & Answers

  1. Walk Hard: The Dewey ___ Story (2007 film comedy)
  2. Strong longings
  3. Pull hard
  4. Cable channel that airs Barry
  5. 2 000 pounds
  6. Unit of memory thats often prefixed with kilo- or mega-
  7. What the sitcom name 3rd Rock From the Sun referred to
  8. Night before a holiday
  9. Like a dripping faucet
  10. Cleansing bar
  11. World capital where you could find many sumo wrestlers
  12. Taking a ___ of faith
  13. West Coast school thats the most applied to in the US: Abbr.
  14. Put decorations on
  15. The handwriting is on the ___
  16. Plaything that moves up and down: Hyph.
  17. Banish from a country
  18. Male equivalent of maam
  19. Benefits like a company car and an expense account
  20. Song from Thomas Rhetts Life Changes album that topped the Country Airplay charts in 2019
  21. Skin ___ (personal coloring)
  22. Polytheists believe in many of them
  23. Returning soon in online shorthand
  24. The Girl ___ Loved Tom Gordon (Stephen King book)
  25. I dont ___ you anything!
  26. It could be served in a tankard or stein
  27. Put in place like a war correspondent
  28. Diner handouts
  29. One of the three rivers that Pittsburghs Three Rivers Stadium is named for
  30. (___ Wont You Play) Another Somebody Done Somebody Wrong Song (1975 song)
  31. ___ pal (female friend)
  32. ___ Peter to pay Paul
  33. Hectic hospital areas: Abbr.
  34. Science guy Bill who posted a fiery video about climate change in May
  35. Based ___ true story: 2 wds.
  36. Commonly pierced part of the body
  37. Time-___ photography
  38. Love in Seville
  39. Person casting a ballot
  40. Skater Harding played by Margot Robbie in a 2017 movie
  41. Urban thoroughfare: Abbr.
  42. Desktop computer that runs the Mojave operating system
  43. Financial obligation
  44. Delete or Caps Lock for example
  45. Single action described in an assembly manual
  46. Song from Thomas Rhetts Life Changes album that topped the Country Airplay charts in 2018: 2 wds.
  47. Do you have a better ___?
  48. With this ring I thee ___
  49. ___ & Jeremiah by Design (TLC show starring designer Berkus)
  50. Website with a Buy It Now button
  51. Wonderful performance!
  52. TV shows name
  53. Havent ___ You Yet (Michael Bublé song)
  54. Knowledgeable
  55. Waves of grains color in a patriotic song
  56. On the nose
  57. Sticky and not easy to swallow
  58. One of the primary colors
  59. Highest degree for most academic fields: Abbr.
  60. Well look what we have here!
  61. Shaped like a cube
  62. What waves do during low tide
  63. ___ poodle (small dog)
  64. The tenth month: Abbr.
  65. Pinkish like a persons complexion
  66. Carolina Panthers organization: Abbr.
  67. Song from Thomas Rhetts Life Changes album that topped the Country Airplay charts in 2017