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12-August-2019 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Zone 301 Clues & Answers

  1. State between Kansas and Texas: Abbr.
  2. Rectangular candy that was introduced in 1927
  3. Razz playfully
  4. Tool that helps move a lifeboat
  5. ___ Island (Brooklyn neighborhood with a famous roller coaster)
  6. Boxer Muhammad or Laila
  7. Green Dr. Seuss character voiced by Benedict Cumberbatch in a Christmas movie: 2 wds.
  8. Anesthetic that used to be used by dentists, or a term for the sky
  9. Joel Coen's filmmaker brother
  10. Passing yardage or turnovers, for short
  11. Make a sweater with yarn
  12. Cozy resting place for travelers
  13. Shooter used in the biathlon
  14. Animal sound from within a kennel
  15. Harley-Davidson motorcycles, in slang
  16. Gunk
  17. Smelted material
  18. Blot, as on someone's reputation
  19. Pale gray, in terms of skin
  20. Do the laundry
  21. Twinkling light at night
  22. Marvel Comics superhero played by Benedict Cumberbatch in four films: 2 wds.
  23. "Brooklyn Nine-Nine” actor Samberg
  24. Songs for divas
  25. See 26-Down
  26. Dessert that can also be the shape of a chart
  27. Manning who was the MVP in two Super Bowls
  28. Dance style that requires specially made shoes
  29. Showed a second time on TV
  30. Lasagna or macaroni, for example
  31. Actress Ward of "Gone Girl”
  32. Software purchase for a mobile device
  33. "___ today, gone tomorrow”
  34. Olive ___ (character in "Popeye”)
  35. "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find ___”
  36. Tiger voiced by Benedict Cumberbatch in Netflix's "Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle”: 2 wds.
  37. Web address: Abbr.
  38. Carpenter's tool that releases a white, sticky substance: 2 wds.
  39. Custer's Last ___ (1876 battle)
  40. Common state-run gambling game
  41. Produce, as an egg
  42. Having no money worries
  43. Rancher's rope in a roundup
  44. Top-left PC key
  45. Word that can follow "jet” or "water”
  46. "I wouldn't go so far ___ say . . .”: 2 wds.
  47. Overturn, as a boat
  48. Mount Everest lies on its border with China
  49. "Thou shalt not ___” (biblical commandment against theft)
  50. One way to address a king
  51. Actor Stevens who plays a mutant on FX's "Legion”
  52. United ___ Emirates (Dubai's nation)
  53. Light bulb units
  54. Ready to try to hit a home run: 2 wds.
  55. Ancient carved symbol
  56. Exclude
  57. Chivas ___ (brand of scotch)
  58. With 27-Down, "Life of Pi” director
  59. Actor Nathan or actress Diane
  60. Hawaiian garland of flowers
  61. TV show that launched the careers of many comedians: Abbr.
  62. Back in style after many years
  63. Ventilates