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16-October-2020 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Zone 301 Clues & Answers

  1. Reagan ___ (1981-1989)
  2. ___ bod (guy's untoned physique)
  3. Actress Green of "Dumbo”
  4. Prong on a fork
  5. The tallest marsupial, for short
  6. The ___ Trapp family of "The Sound of Music”
  7. Motor oil additive brand
  8. One or more
  9. Part of a flower that produces pollen
  10. Flat-bottomed boat for hauling garbage
  11. "You've ___ working out!”
  12. Campaigned for elected office
  13. Brownish color similar to beige and sand
  14. Bic or Paper Mate product
  15. Service provided by AAA
  16. Musical instrument with 88 keys
  17. Dolphins quarterback who is #5 on the career touchdown passes list, just behind Brett Favre: 2 wds.
  18. "World's Toughest Race: ___-Challenge Fiji” (Amazon series)
  19. NBA player from Indiana
  20. "___ Patrol” (kids' show with the catchphrase "Whenever you're in trouble, just yelp for help!”)
  21. Point value of the letter D, in Scrabble
  22. "Solo: A Star ___ Story”
  23. ___ station (place to refuel)
  24. Call of Duty: Black ___ (video game franchise)
  25. Type of class that uses stationary bicycles
  26. Countertop messes that can be cleaned up with a sponge
  27. Pocatello's state: Abbr.
  28. Actor Taye of the TV shows "Private Practice” and "All American”
  29. Garnet or amethyst, for example
  30. "And ___ we go!”
  31. Nocturnal bird
  32. Oval-shaped food item
  33. Investment that can "roll over”: Abbr.
  34. Title of respect for Vito Corleone in "The Godfather”
  35. Stratford-upon-___ (Shakespeare's home)
  36. Male sheep
  37. NAACP ___ Awards
  38. Score that might need to be "broken”
  39. They can combine to make an alloy
  40. Newspaper or magazine executive
  41. Where to get a driver's license: Abbr.
  42. Make an attempt
  43. Mickey Mouse's girlfriend
  44. Greedy person's cry
  45. Manny and Jack's fellow mascot, at Pep Boys
  46. Synagogue VIP
  47. More painful, like a strained muscle
  48. Unit of reception, as shown on a cell phone
  49. Saints quarterback who is #1 on the career touchdown passes list: 2 wds.
  50. When something appears to be one thing but is actually the opposite
  51. 2011 animated movie about a bird named Blu
  52. International Space Station's path
  53. Neckwear for a drag queen
  54. Cleaned with a broom
  55. Actress Winter of "Modern Family”
  56. Australian swimmer Thorpe
  57. Sneaker bottoms
  58. Rod and Todd Flanders's dad on "The Simpsons”
  59. Pull up a chair
  60. Comic actress Jenny
  61. Product of a brainstorming session
  62. "Illmatic” rapper
  63. "Long time no ___”
  64. Variety of rummy
  65. Friend of Penny and Bernadette on "The Big Bang Theory”
  66. Colts/Broncos quarterback who is #3 on the career touchdown passes list, just behind Tom Brady: 2 wds.