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21-July-2021 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Zone 301 Clues & Answers

  1. Not around anymore
  2. Slimy stuff
  3. Mouse's cousin often found in cities
  4. Iowa State University's home
  5. Not in any other place
  6. Purple flower that might be "bearded”
  7. Glasses' edges
  8. #1 hit about body image from the 1999 TLC album "FanMail”
  9. Sandwich that's also called a sub or grinder
  10. Home to the show "All Things Considered”
  11. Coats made from pelts
  12. Loaded with cash
  13. Hexagon, for one
  14. Try a sample of
  15. Plays a role in a movie
  16. ___ the moment (temporarily)
  17. Use a crowbar
  18. Days of ___ (olden times)
  19. Government group that Mulder and Scully worked for on "The X-Files”: Abbr.
  20. ___ de menthe (type of liqueur)
  21. Activity that involves a microphone and lyrics on a screen
  22. Brand with Regenerist eye creams
  23. Pass a law against
  24. Company that makes Oreos and Wheat Thins
  25. Tune
  26. Unhappy audience member's cry
  27. "In what way?”
  28. Colored energy field surrounding a person, supposedly
  29. Lisa Simpson's instrument, for short
  30. Solution to "2 2,” for example
  31. Pencil that's about at the end of its usefulness
  32. Small, round, green legume
  33. Red gemstone
  34. Flowers such as American Beauties
  35. Solo piece in an opera
  36. "Make a joyful noise ___ the Lord” (Bible quote)
  37. ___ Age (period of nuclear energy)
  38. Cut back a bit, as hedges
  39. Sailing vessel
  40. #1 hit about arrogant guys from the album "FanMail”: 2 wds.
  41. Canine friend of Garfield
  42. Car company that has used the slogan "Progress Through Technology”
  43. Inhale sharply
  44. Tie that's similar to a cravat
  45. "___ the long face?”
  46. Take it on the ___ (try to escape the cops)
  47. Like hair that's hard to get a comb through
  48. Where clouds are
  49. Tiger's toenail
  50. Metric unit that's a little more than a quart
  51. Ice Cube's former rap group
  52. Site that sells lots of shoes online
  53. Kid who's nothing but trouble
  54. 1994 TLC album with the #1 hits "Creep” and "Waterfalls” whose title is a mash-up of three adjectives
  55. Droopy type of neckline, or a type of hood
  56. Disease that has an annual "season”
  57. "Yes,” in French
  58. French word that goes before a maiden name
  59. "This is just gross”
  60. Red vegetable found in V8
  61. Take to a pawnshop
  62. One who won't tell the truth
  63. Top with straps that tie behind the neck