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Daily Cryptic Crossword Answers - 2-July-2021
Daily Cryptic Crossword Answers - 1-July-2021
Daily Cryptic Crossword Answers - 30-June-2021
  1. A symbol of authority must involve respect
  2. Please German sailors with bird
  3. No end for reluctant states
  4. Female cow? Buttercup, for example
  5. Direction for traffic remaining behind castle
  6. Mountain enshrouded in severe storm
  7. Some politicians were definitely acknowledged
  8. Stone outside good school
  9. Small team for prison guard
  10. Record about American sailor providing ingredient for pie?
  11. Armed conflict I observed in part of London
  12. Commanding officer entertained by one clergyman or another
  13. Nominal figure about right
  14. Lee is unusual name for girl
  15. Subject of article by yours truly
  16. Pariah not at home with actors
  17. Plenty of boys retaining nothing
  18. Facile and insincere and taking liberties? Not entirely
  19. We may hear lean composer
  20. Poet providing king with grub
  21. Profound philosopher's first seen by river
  22. Uninteresting commercial for nymph
  23. We heard vowel sounds
  24. A clipped English accent
  25. Fire that's hot inside cabin
  26. One expecting payment for warhorse?
  27. What's left of property?
  28. Some colleges say education is attempted
  29. Bugs making a sound we can hear
  30. Attempt to carry one pound in hat
  31. One may have provided food for pet before? Right!
  32. Paradoxical odds?
  33. Dined in college, by the sound of it
  34. Follow girl after men lost lead
  35. Parisian thanks leader of army in old kingdom
  36. Small change for Old Bill?
  37. Learner in sad state getting tight
  38. Merchant who distributes the cards?
  39. More impetuous, having a piece of bacon
  40. A fast train, say
  41. Joined in duet with variations
  42. Team leader in league, as agreed
  43. Tremble when given a flavoured milk drink
  44. Material for nails a tinker ordered?
  45. A piece from Salieri sent up
  46. Cook missed tea cup
  47. Really it's in a legal document, though it could be denied
  48. Seeing less impressive performance
  49. Selected portion of former publication
  50. One small boy in the Scillies, for example
  51. Janitor, a conscientious type
  52. Rock plant's last seen by aquatic creature
  53. Yorkshire city is first to be heard
  54. Relieved when a seed is transplanted
  55. Scotland's leader doesn't have trousers
  56. Threaten one member with dissolution
  57. Philosopher has nothing new for group of soldiers
  58. Force workers' leader to take capital in industrial action
  59. Pure but pursued, by the sound of it
  60. A revolutionary pose for an old story-teller
  61. Heron is up the creek not far from the coast
  62. Trouble with sailors in grand decking
  63. Sea dog treated with right amount of medicine
  64. Clandestine move for bad crook
  65. Alan isn't playing a recorder
  66. Some characters again appear in long story
  67. Bouquet from Kilimanjaro, maybe
  68. A cover said to be of use
  69. Bogart's first with a ring for his partner
  70. Lose mass on Scottish isle
  71. Bird like this coming back to quarry
  72. Scraps in which peculiar people take sides at first
  73. Female resident of island or isthmus?
  74. Good mimic produces yawn
  75. Transport company hurts
  76. Capital's reported ranges
  77. Polish expert
  78. Learner entering just to show natural ability
  79. They see eastern agreement
  80. Man left in - he made people laugh
  81. Name change for Lloyd
  82. Going astray dooms wicked old city
  83. Compensation for not filming?
  84. Stories about New Testament gifts
  85. Annoyed Irish king - extremely exasperated
  86. Endure, after all the others
  87. Backing team working for recording pioneer
  88. Garment Christopher has left inside
  89. Dreadful imp hears angels
  90. Fearless one printed novel
  91. Interfere with award, by the sound of it
  92. A lot of money to get a piece of music?
  93. Stopped being a detriment, possibly
  94. A hunt's dog, perhaps!
  95. Dry man on oddly famous landing place
  96. Departing, I must leave to find medal
  97. Coming by river is a daring enterprise
  98. Popular drink I had is flat
  99. Damned ringleader framed by one on trial
  100. Poor Annie's crazy

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