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Daily Cryptic Crossword Answers - 7-December-2023
Daily Cryptic Crossword Answers - 6-December-2023
Daily Cryptic Crossword Answers - 5-December-2023
  1. Southern Iceland?
  2. Do find West Country river charming
  3. Girl involved in Indian nationalism
  4. I turned to a letter from Greece
  5. Austrian vine seen to need cultivation
  6. People from Zagreb, perhaps, overthrowing Castro
  7. Amusing type could be derisive when crossing street
  8. Use paint to represent flowers
  9. Dreadful rage after the first of December
  10. Hard time for Greek goddess
  11. Like one of three needing holiday permit?
  12. First prizes making models glad
  13. Get involved with an intermediary
  14. So the bus is empty?
  15. Check it again and plant it
  16. Apprentices scatter as I enter
  17. Study before exam or competition
  18. Undersea overseer?
  19. Girl transplanting a thin tree
  20. Normal flag
  21. He got on badly, being very active
  22. What a snake may do that amuses a baby
  23. Is little Leslie seen in the Hebrides, for example?
  24. I'm in Los Angeles, an American city
  25. One who believes he is taking part in race
  26. Fictional detective left in houses
  27. Hours in pleasant alcove
  28. A pop star has to shake and moan
  29. Monarch crossing street to see cattle thief
  30. Woodworker's tool found in tree
  31. Down with legal document constraining journalists!
  32. Concerning a fight
  33. A gentle movement showing refinement
  34. Female with pride - sole sin, perhaps
  35. Animal finding fruit by river in Italy
  36. Agreement to try tea break
  37. Colourful Dutch royal house
  38. Singers in nest, or bats?
  39. Tax on diamonds is removed
  40. Missile that may be found on the beach
  41. Greek king, complex for psychiatrists
  42. Heavenly food provided by married woman?
  43. Passed off as a dark suit
  44. Lady-killer?
  45. One requiring treatment and prepared to wait
  46. Late Greek god betraying no emotion
  47. A striker everyone has encountered coming out?
  48. Made great efforts to sway voters
  49. Some bozo needing gas
  50. Number three, possibly?
  51. Youngsters have caught the wrong bus
  52. Coming from a shopping centre with fish
  53. Inspirational opening
  54. Was the father of a knight called Edward
  55. Short clergyman for page three, say?
  56. Live in middle of street with team
  57. To stick together he must be in the centre
  58. Cook fish within, without compulsion
  59. A launderer, perhaps, used to be female
  60. Clown with a drink
  61. After church I'll relax
  62. Hotchpotch put together for a rag
  63. The genie's odd or even number
  64. A lake, pure and simple
  65. Shrink from engagement
  66. Ordering a cab is essential
  67. Be inquisitive about key? That's not worth considering
  68. Lies used by snooker players?
  69. Shorten a card game
  70. Don't reveal some foolish ideas
  71. Protection recommended at first in love affair
  72. Tree from which rays come?
  73. He gets a fish for curing
  74. Log an unsurpassed achievement
  75. A sweet little thing
  76. Composer from Southend composed lots
  77. Cabbie's first comfort stop
  78. Some teachers get hurt
  79. Loyalty, say, in partnership
  80. A married woman in the New World
  81. Some sugar used for punishment?
  82. A, B, C, D, F or G?
  83. Listen twice for approval from audience
  84. Villain of operas Callas appeared in
  85. A Greek city has ten ruins
  86. Kidnap a seaman somewhere in China
  87. Joker - or some other one from the pack?
  88. Aeroplane going round pole for a joke
  89. An animal lies on a rock
  90. Bloomers head's angry about
  91. Vigilant, but breaking down later
  92. Former PM losing head in retreat
  93. Poor Gerald looked angry
  94. Correct copper in a box
  95. Admit defeat in Pacific once denied
  96. She washes Los Angeles strip
  97. Quiet inhabitant - of Washington D.C.?
  98. Guard the foolish girl
  99. Drivelling drudgery?
  100. Endlessly putting up dried fruit

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