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Daily Cryptic Crossword Answers - 18-October-2019
Daily Cryptic Crossword Answers - 17-October-2019
Daily Cryptic Crossword Answers - 16-October-2019
  1. Noise constrained by English final
  2. Team-leader, chef, explorer
  3. Invent cosmetics
  4. Team about to take on inventor
  5. Song and dance advertisement
  6. Have in mind a scale drawing
  7. River skirting the end of Birnam Wood
  8. See about shelter, being ready for bed
  9. Its a small world
  10. Red canon joining the artillery
  11. Bring hot nuts from seaside resort
  12. Thin layer, round, neither vegetable nor mineral
  13. Some ammonia found in military stores
  14. Take no notice of developing region
  15. One members allowed out for shellfish
  16. Output of mine some prospector exploited
  17. Gardening tool for a dissolute fellow
  18. Purchased a branch on time
  19. Half a minute at present for fish
  20. Drilling is uninteresting
  21. Sign able to confuse some Europeans
  22. Coins put into it may be lost
  23. See great variety in accommodation aboard ship
  24. Poems and essay, say, on Black Sea port
  25. Sheep wandering in Rome
  26. Measure a horse
  27. Currency exchange for ten girls
  28. Piece of meat found in small wood
  29. Some unfortunate fish ...
  30. Conflicts when he is in form
  31. Rolled turf is attractive
  32. Ignoble foundation
  33. Coach on which actors are seen
  34. A composer seen in rubber gloves
  35. Indonesian island embracing English language
  36. Dont take time off
  37. One who regrets accepting pound or sovereign?
  38. Greek letter from English essayist to American lawman
  39. Im getting agreement to have an effect
  40. Regular hospital attendant
  41. Rebellion caused by one skinhead in band
  42. ... disturbed fish surrounded by poles
  43. Keep playing in part of London
  44. Turn sea into land
  45. Most willing to make the unsteady steadier?
  46. Make certain points by river
  47. The sort of driver who may be ordered to take cabs!
  48. Like Cleopatra, for example, with Antony ending in apt fashion
  49. European flower in hotel bedroom
  50. Slow movement of ringleader in gaolbreak
  51. Hiding in bushes to attack an animal
  52. Anxiety for the firm
  53. What gives me right to it!
  54. Some considerable team
  55. Material for study Im making
  56. Cart reversed three feet
  57. Raw rice cooked for jet set?
  58. Comparatively uncommon age for retirement in Rolls-Royce
  59. Cast worth altering
  60. To threaten people takes an expert
  61. Endless oriental holiday
  62. Dog seen in shower
  63. A choice of one in two, or possibly one in three
  64. Famous scientist adding weight to novel
  65. Rustic part of the lower Urals
  66. In a river or a rushing stream
  67. Climbing plant found in varied climates
  68. Nothing round trap for bird
  69. Fire people in competition
  70. Here kids tumbled and made a lot of noise
  71. Material - South African metal?
  72. Train once a boat
  73. Snakes like empty pots
  74. Shape made by tipsy cleric
  75. Pudding with a drop of rum in elaborate feast
  76. Managing to insert fastener in gearwheel
  77. Move off and fail to win on opponents ground
  78. Send clock back?
  79. Only part of a shoe
  80. Tragic queen revealing identification amidst celebration
  81. One nurse forced to pay protection money?
  82. Cleaner fuel as drawing material
  83. A payment for a coral island
  84. Not liable to run quickly
  85. Lying as alternative to murder?
  86. Fish worn on womans finger?
  87. Dry out! Heated? Dry out!
  88. Cut of meat for league leaders?
  89. Temple for a deity in Pennsylvania
  90. The injuries of a Scottish poet?
  91. Take care - only insiders can do this
  92. Just adjust my reel
  93. Just average
  94. Solitary advance, we hear
  95. Had sieve fixed with glue
  96. Graduate has to report about dance
  97. Binder for recording
  98. Sucre, oft translated as sugar
  99. Pens producing plain blots
  100. Bird finding husks in church

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