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Daily Cryptic Crossword Answers - 25-February-2021
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Daily Cryptic Crossword Answers - 23-February-2021
  1. Sly age is confused with wisdom
  2. Barriers for receivers of stolen goods
  3. Land required for city centre layout
  4. Holy smoke!
  5. Actors were first to have made a move on board
  6. A footsore nut dropping from an oak tree?
  7. School with old-fashioned exterior is blown up
  8. A lack of money away from home?
  9. A fish for the photographer
  10. Sinatra does a turn for the Russian empress
  11. This weapon is always found in crosswords
  12. Merit found in infertile area
  13. A portion each
  14. Alternate with small hag
  15. Was an informer like a lawn?
  16. The sort of alloy that's true
  17. Novel then can charm
  18. After swindle leave African river
  19. Anne is about to produce a pigment
  20. Country units in country
  21. Foreign city built from granite
  22. Disapprove strongly of silly old peer
  23. Joined in duet with variations
  24. Game span
  25. Clever turn-around for public transport
  26. A revolutionary pose for an old story-teller
  27. Actors in shed
  28. Socratic form of puzzle
  29. No heart gets broken by someone else
  30. A multitude some author described
  31. Terribly alert at some time in the future
  32. Plenty of big seas
  33. Pictures designed to start illusion
  34. Please stir when dormant
  35. Gun for poor flier
  36. Instrument for oil producer in Virginia
  37. Bad lad with mere stone
  38. A girl's not so unpitying
  39. Rotter left inside to get dressed
  40. Church gets a simple clergyman
  41. Faulty connection, but not for long
  42. Map makers or graph creators, possibly
  43. Part of a Scottish loch, red in colour
  44. Lone Ranger's companion gets gold in Canadian city
  45. Cook some lunch effectively
  46. Plans to put backstreet cleaner first
  47. Rose, maybe, dances with Ed
  48. The French yell and make a sudden attack
  49. Bird country
  50. Electronic communication has upset me — trouble follows
  51. Delicate female getting transport
  52. Remaining on top
  53. Indulgent salesman returns letter
  54. Akin, so it is told
  55. Audibly - audibly permitted
  56. Assemble for a religious service
  57. They make woollen garments - or new net skirt!
  58. Little Tommy's Australian grub?
  59. Dairy product from a goat?
  60. Jump in front of queen's spaniel
  61. Discover a place
  62. Photos of fractures?
  63. Musical effect that's a lot more fluttery?
  64. Travellers in train set out
  65. What a conjuror does with cards and trees?
  66. She's in the Samaritans
  67. Element that is around god
  68. Begin as the leading ticket seller?
  69. Wild not evil?
  70. Maids start becoming playwrights
  71. Prudence gives misleading directions
  72. Poet composing sonnet about New York
  73. Fruit that makes dog rave
  74. Di leaves board member for clergyman
  75. Pokes gently with sticks
  76. Intend to be niggardly
  77. Happen to arrive at way through mountains?
  78. Plant that's the result of poor drainage
  79. Gets on for a good while
  80. Chap upset by cold rage
  81. Retreating supporters?
  82. Support receptions for the untravelled
  83. Glad to have piano let out
  84. Floppy disk for children
  85. Online engine? That's crazy!
  86. Net diver turned upside down
  87. The duke may put his foot in it
  88. Heat tea with iron
  89. Wine, round cheese, and fresh air
  90. Nurse in attendance
  91. Egyptian kings of North Atlantic islands, we hear
  92. Bright chap having friendly fight with king
  93. Game for first of threes and nines st sixes and sevens
  94. Stuff that is relevant
  95. Fish for Sally on Monday
  96. Ragtime composition for Simenon's detective
  97. Sailor takes poem home
  98. Severe if back on board
  99. Quite flat
  100. A couple of pence soothes and pacifies

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