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Daily Cryptic Crossword Answers - 29-April-2021
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Daily Cryptic Crossword Answers - 25-April-2021
  1. Phone teacher who may send in the clowns?
  2. Reverence for commercial speech
  3. Drunkards find room inside for vegetables
  4. Midday? No, almost one
  5. Wash ferret, possibly, in this?
  6. School of note, in a way
  7. He sits around producing a dissertation
  8. Start to care about lack of prejudice
  9. Article on operating room? This is different
  10. Hurry to see a marsh plant
  11. One who votes for German prince?
  12. Clergymen dance so awkwardly
  13. They run out of clothes
  14. Terribly angered!
  15. Light fog, by the sound of it, is left out
  16. Raises backs
  17. Girl seen on the moors
  18. Heavy, uniteresting food - for example, little Dorothy's turnover
  19. Music from one of the Stones?
  20. Move quickly in river
  21. Grit held loosely - it brings traffic to a standstill
  22. An Arab craft? Yes, certainly!
  23. Tunes accompanied by graces?
  24. Maid dons new suit
  25. Animals making work for shoers
  26. Stake raised in volcano
  27. Covering for one cold walkabout?
  28. Look for fallen arches
  29. Still hiding in attics?
  30. Offer of support and a ring to a girl?
  31. Thrills if Leicester is rebuilt
  32. Speak at length about detail
  33. Unbelievers present at robberies
  34. Abandoned side
  35. Spurious article required by medicine man
  36. Are red letters more highly valued?
  37. A positive vote from the positive voters?
  38. Large cask turning the head
  39. Fungus spoilt a cigar
  40. Playwright initially types out plays
  41. Diligence demonstrated by essay on Asian river
  42. A tantaliser resting
  43. Assess the condition I'm in
  44. Not all the most eminent trees
  45. Mend broken rapier
  46. Not at all a routine car repair?
  47. Fish one caught in comfort
  48. Weariness produced by an outspoken nuisance
  49. Health food
  50. Mark is not in river
  51. Bird is able to appear on railway
  52. Transform sauce, perhaps, with kitchen blender
  53. In Bangkok a pig is a wild animal
  54. Foreign article includes falsehood
  55. Some hotel items for the select few
  56. Toledo may be pillaged
  57. Reasons for sediment
  58. Game insect
  59. A portion for each person
  60. Endless oriental holiday
  61. Demonstrate in favour of cricket match
  62. Moorland leather?
  63. Exhausted writer found in street
  64. Running in a derby, sounded like an ass
  65. Representative getting letters from city pal
  66. Puzzle for a model?
  67. Her actors become musicians
  68. Severely criticised, as a roof may be
  69. Account for indefinite article
  70. Tell tale activity
  71. Wayward Roman girl
  72. Tan gloves designed in an American city
  73. Bright visitors arrive by backstreet
  74. Appear scintillating in new singlet
  75. Restrains a killer in a motel
  76. Forbidden love in abandoned boat
  77. Scoundrel going after black shoe
  78. ... Frank may be the son going astray
  79. Big lizards alarming us again
  80. Fish for a girl on Monday
  81. Calm those getting upset about nothing
  82. Joint carved below?
  83. A doctor got up for this chap
  84. Recoil from disadvantage
  85. Turn down garbage
  86. Engineers growing weary and going to bed
  87. Letters from Burl's daughter?
  88. Class for Bond's boss
  89. Proprietor or new director?
  90. A composer some opera-lover digs?
  91. Shake a container for arrows
  92. Confused, but I do get the lot this way!
  93. Daniel may be fixed ...
  94. A lawyer set free any otter
  95. Trees uprooted and planted again
  96. New Zealander seen in khaki windcheater
  97. Mimic to make airport departure
  98. Revolver taken in hand by driver
  99. Estimate speed
  100. Accepts a translation of Keats

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