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Daily Cryptic Crossword Answers - 25-May-2022
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Daily Cryptic Crossword Answers - 23-May-2022
  1. Trim Boston style for musician
  2. Capricious boy captures deserter
  3. Language required by each individual
  4. Underworld river doesn't move audibly
  5. Put down drink and newspapers
  6. Greek boy seen after no-one goes west
  7. Feel intense sorrow for first mate after change of rig
  8. Join team, sounding very perceptive
  9. Brief note for impudent girl
  10. Spots, we hear, for glasses
  11. Fish set before the queen
  12. Attraction in middle of conventional binder?
  13. Slow sailor, extremely dilatory
  14. Some loathsome swearword
  15. Support raised again
  16. Dreadfully poor hens? They're bound to fail
  17. True as true, ignoring the odds
  18. Silver seal going astray in French palace
  19. Police officers assigned to princess?
  20. Risk a wet trip?
  21. Material girl, eager
  22. Association giving the French the shivers?
  23. Go away from dance with one that's close
  24. Have a nap? It's not quite twelve!
  25. Complicated problem puzzling cows on farm
  26. Resident switching from can to cup
  27. Scott Joplin pieces possibly leading to riches
  28. Right in a wrong way? Wrong!
  29. Police officer brought back tough duck
  30. Like mum or dad, unaffected by revolution
  31. One who follows second speaker
  32. Slight baker's products rejected
  33. Insect demonstrating natural selection
  34. Ancient city in Texas or New York borough
  35. Scandinavians changing gear in snow
  36. Two companies with one drink
  37. Non-combatant lacking distinctive features
  38. Accommodation lacking sparkle
  39. Sort of motor not allowed by directors
  40. Wet area spoils start of holiday
  41. Fungus ruined a cigar
  42. Movement of water round wet rocks
  43. Powerful petty officer gets mobile home
  44. Marconi goes out to a Spanish island
  45. Game left by German emperor
  46. Bishop with responsibility for extra pay
  47. Composer taking up bird without tail
  48. Internal organs of bears
  49. Leading spinner
  50. King goes round US city to chill out
  51. Tom and Anna agitated, in a state
  52. Disguise formerly seen in California
  53. It's worth having when fixed
  54. Substitute provided by keepers at zoo
  55. Crowd with redhead in skimpy garment
  56. A playwright starts to introduce boring scenes expressing nothing
  57. Wine given to one performing part
  58. Business graduate in drag with old complaint
  59. Poor Tom is damp
  60. Very new child
  61. Emirates could be more hot and humid
  62. Gifts of old money
  63. Meet others in 1009
  64. Arrive with empty lorry? That's fair
  65. Tanner requiring treatment for heat burns?
  66. Rates replaced by rents
  67. Set spies to protect English dynasty
  68. Old singer cried as if leg is broken
  69. Fresh sensation for some Europeans
  70. Opening rerigerator if icepack's concealed
  71. Resist affectation after work
  72. Name of man in some short form
  73. Silent mother
  74. Coiffeur hears driers breaking down
  75. A number we let off - about five
  76. A monkey rushes about
  77. Easy clues I'm pleased to provide
  78. Double set arranged for group of performers
  79. Greek god comes back for forty winks
  80. Pretend to have influence
  81. Trees since found by writers
  82. Tom the actor has holiday afloat
  83. Share ground not air
  84. What a relief, changing some time later
  85. What changes when the snow melts!
  86. Prince, so we hear, getting booster
  87. Supporter then read novel
  88. Fruit for sound couple?
  89. Animals second rate?
  90. Foreign girl making Alfie run
  91. In class a learner initially relaxed
  92. Birds in box-files?
  93. Team turning up to circumvent court orders
  94. Set free, having gone off
  95. Some connoisseur of international currency
  96. On top of a spell of bowling
  97. Dispatched after a second agreement
  98. Primate left behind church where worshippers may gather
  99. Greek bird making beastly noise
  100. Hotel of more than average height in capital

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