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Daily Cryptic Crossword Answers - 17-February-2019
Daily Cryptic Crossword Answers - 16-February-2019
Daily Cryptic Crossword Answers - 15-February-2019
  1. He is on time for a robbery
  2. Not far from being tight-fisted?
  3. Meat cooked in ovens?
  4. Icy port ordered by an islander
  5. One very thin garment reveals all
  6. Unity might make no sense
  7. The result of getting routed differently
  8. Colour that is constant in salt water
  9. Roman emperor in a hard form
  10. Island garment
  11. Former Iranian leader cooking hash
  12. Advantage from the border
  13. Take legal action about Europeans or Africans
  14. Theres a change in this girl
  15. Vegetable found in dishes we detest
  16. Writer has to run off with this girl
  17. Bloomer makes card game proceed tediously
  18. Thrifty way to make cinema cool
  19. Satisfies silly sausages
  20. Drug discovered by a police department
  21. A sort of tender name!
  22. Girl with nothing but a rope
  23. Films some developed, about six
  24. The opposite of talk
  25. Elk (American) sounds like a cow (English)
  26. One likes to have people for dinner
  27. Secure real estate
  28. ... dine out with Miss Blyton?
  29. Holiday area, also coldest resort
  30. Standing up before court
  31. A little red engine in the first garden
  32. Heaps of terriers
  33. Type of punishment for NCO
  34. A young woman forged medals
  35. Use footbridge, perhaps, for effortless victory
  36. Displaying a chest without a lid
  37. Showing up with a decent tan after break
  38. Formerly in concert
  39. Ailment resulting from seaside upset
  40. Dine, entertaining a girl ...
  41. Biblical character not so much unemployed
  42. A marine creature is a lone ranger?
  43. A fish for the home help
  44. Slaughter in service area?
  45. Parent in good health in Scotland
  46. Behold California, being in the vicinity
  47. Listeners in nuclear submarine?
  48. Cautious repairs to fur and lace
  49. These athletes are European - true Slav extraction
  50. Edge with radius one metre
  51. Pillage with gun
  52. Shopping area one raced around
  53. Sea-lord arranging trials
  54. Fast and direct, say?
  55. He follows small female
  56. Disabled, but getting a sort of medal
  57. A raincoat - from Birmingham, actually
  58. Take in sailors sphere
  59. Lancashire city not reaching conclusion quickly
  60. Axle repaired by Edward has to be raised up
  61. Residents suffering fatigue
  62. Fraternity - or red revolution!
  63. Symbol making islanders angry
  64. Robbers employed by chiropodist?
  65. Bound to carry the can for racing
  66. Rubbish going up the hill
  67. Manuscript about writing fluid or fur coats
  68. Frustrated Caledonian goes to church with editor
  69. Soldier in uniform
  70. Live BA, oddly, capable of existing
  71. Some could help a man to climb a tree
  72. Female relative heard in French resort
  73. Means of weighing whats left over
  74. Herdsman finding river in port
  75. Get man to repair an attractive thing
  76. Peer almost ahead of time
  77. Caught with ducks that sound like doves?
  78. Cave where King George met German emperor
  79. Spoil drink thats made by the border
  80. Joker with trick taking in the press, TV, etc.
  81. Twins finding stone in island
  82. Super ale brewed to give satisfaction
  83. Im a leader of Muslims
  84. Detesting a night thats wild
  85. Actor seen to replant garden shrub
  86. Enclosure for fuel entered by Rolls-Royce
  87. Indian father in pain
  88. The country is alight
  89. Singers in church or you and me
  90. Clergyman a dog devoured
  91. His map is incorrect, causing an accident
  92. Draw near a very quiet fish
  93. Naval officer never found at the front?
  94. Painting forces in conflict
  95. The virtue of a solo game
  96. A Canadian lake - before one plunged in
  97. Foremen making blunders? Thats about right
  98. Voice of wisdom making nothing clear, perhaps?
  99. Rugby Union girl gets German measles
  100. Endless oriental holiday in spring

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