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Daily Cryptic Crossword Answers - 19-September-2020
Daily Cryptic Crossword Answers - 18-September-2020
Daily Cryptic Crossword Answers - 17-September-2020
  1. Many scratches
  2. Wanderer sheltered by edgy psychologist
  3. Little flower thats extremely useful held by joiner
  4. Girl gets old, having concealed name
  5. Refuse to fight
  6. Pigeon supporter has to follow
  7. Baskervilles capital resource a hound
  8. Leaders of Anglo-French business make an assertion
  9. Time to get in drinks point made by viewer
  10. Beast revealing everything about graduate?
  11. Goddess with a heavenly body
  12. Busy when given a ring?
  13. Renowned saw
  14. Attempting to be troublesome?
  15. Conceal a hundred and more
  16. Genuine software reportedly a setback
  17. Leave for outer space with posh chap
  18. Good wet weather for cereal crop
  19. After wordplay, poke ones tongue?
  20. Viewers not starting? Thats right
  21. Weapon thats annoyed London area
  22. Bold army manoeuvres in part of Italy
  23. Is a tent made from this material?
  24. Female everyone has to ridicule a scapegoat
  25. Active set can climb
  26. A seed may be moved carefully
  27. Old vessel with nitrogen? Some other gas
  28. Vehicle required for advancement?
  29. One less spoilt in the Scillies, say
  30. French port best in a storm?
  31. False claim by company is laughable
  32. One piece of music a month?
  33. James, the old film star, is a craftsman
  34. Quarrel about tail of puffer fish
  35. Dont accept waste
  36. Virgin soldiers accepting assistance?
  37. Girl requiring daily scramble
  38. Pleased with smoke finally clearing
  39. Writer holds note for groom
  40. Colour of cream in churn
  41. A drink needed by first of children to be expelled
  42. Doctor behind preliminary version
  43. American swimming privately
  44. False information about introduction of mulberry trees
  45. Not much time for boxers assistants
  46. Finally producing book of maps on time
  47. Send up clock?
  48. Scolded, undergo assessment?
  49. Singular old house in London area
  50. What saver may receive, wandering in street
  51. Female modifies flags
  52. Cross grandee represented
  53. Lucky charm found in grandmas cottage
  54. Creature doing badly
  55. You may hear a tidier girl
  56. Some impressive picture?
  57. Dairy product identifies missing person?
  58. Moan making good thunderous sound
  59. Discover king in play with knight
  60. Battle contributing to military prestige?
  61. Article seized by charming old king
  62. Hearing a noise is irritating
  63. Left in France? Thats awkward!
  64. Put off babys toy
  65. Letters from a peer are rather less common
  66. State aid arranged by leaders in head office
  67. Ghastly sort of camera captured bishop
  68. Change sides?
  69. Moneybags endlessly changing frightful figure
  70. Theodore Roosevelt initially admits regret? Thats more like it!
  71. Start to eat fish in my official residence
  72. What swindlers do with warm coat?
  73. Synthetic material needed by many Londoners
  74. Stretchy material its interwoven with lace
  75. Rational article in south-east
  76. Dry-eyed nobleman embraced by Hardy heroine
  77. A river once more rises and falls
  78. Fruit, mostly tropical, mixed up
  79. Harmful creatures found in silver mine
  80. Implements left in black stuff turned up
  81. Animal with no tail for religious leader
  82. Lofty is intoxicated
  83. Adorn part of ship
  84. Article seen before editor expressed disapproval
  85. Wild rush almost made an impression
  86. Knocker provided last of all
  87. Dairy product not British, say
  88. Cast or cast off?
  89. One going over ice right behind fish
  90. Poles like following King Arthurs first state
  91. PMs predecessor said to be lacking principles
  92. Monsieur is immersed in unspecified French river
  93. A little bachelor needlessly going back for register
  94. Ones treated " one who was patient in cosmetic surgery
  95. Do praise terrible take-offs
  96. Release without charge
  97. Being confused, I guess Id hide
  98. Skill of British fliers appearing in court
  99. Reform blamed for chaotic situation
  100. Even number thats odd for the GI

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