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Daily Cryptic Crossword Answers - 1-December-2022
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Daily Cryptic Crossword Answers - 29-November-2022
  1. Try my routes out - for people who don't know where they are going?
  2. Characteristic of cap set askew
  3. No huge assortment is sufficient
  4. Stick one's oar in as gong is heard
  5. Some of the stuffiest areas for a holiday abroad
  6. Health resort in Spain
  7. Craftsmen getting on in service
  8. Centre redevelopment not long ago
  9. Ariel's new land
  10. Intense dislike of headgear that's brightly coloured?
  11. A bird from Florence?
  12. Little devils at one mile per second!
  13. Rise for dances awkwardly
  14. Sauce ruined presents
  15. Old stringed instrument from hilly region
  16. Gloomy doctor got up
  17. Clever, getting on in seaside resort
  18. Lean pigs mucked up, seen in passing
  19. Distant object is an old coin
  20. Go near nuts or fruit
  21. A yacht going astray in China
  22. Many things sold at auction
  23. Always entertained by Guinevere
  24. The team, we hear, expressed discontent
  25. Add a very quiet finish
  26. A massive sailor's cry
  27. Real tie breaker in studio
  28. Shy fruit?
  29. See UN Assembly follow
  30. Fool not involved with weight
  31. Easily digested, not containing much alcohol
  32. Glib talk by northern model
  33. The origin of a pop group
  34. Bring back a slab of wood
  35. A puzzle for the Easter break
  36. Try holding tree that's worthless
  37. Stiffener for leading player going to church
  38. Looks quickly at note on old weapons
  39. Singing John, the Spanish heavyweight
  40. Get tense here
  41. Variety the spice of long adventure films?
  42. A county sorted out
  43. Animals stirring, not asleep
  44. Artist providing representation of sea mist
  45. They give injections but are almost unnecessary
  46. Burning land
  47. Uncomfortable - and hard?
  48. Gone out to a city in Italy
  49. A potato, for example, for an awful brute
  50. Grouse meat
  51. A disc jockey with a little money nearby?
  52. Disappointed town led astray
  53. Titled Turk at home once more
  54. Long story about English leader
  55. I clear off for a cake
  56. Everyone that is joining duke is in league
  57. Dicky O'Neill's forename
  58. It's futile going back in time, so it often appears
  59. Constant amount for aviator
  60. Some bedlinen he's put outside
  61. Relevant language on the fourth of June
  62. Trendies could be introduced
  63. River goddess in Egypt
  64. A goat is able to provide a campfire container
  65. Resident in Essex travelling more
  66. Academic opener for an ass
  67. Benefit that makes a small number suffer
  68. One tail wagging with great joy
  69. Head back with a fish
  70. Loaf in living-room
  71. Conspirators - about 50 snooker players
  72. Mail from settler
  73. I'm getting wine to bring in
  74. B-bird dog
  75. Animal that's not terribly content
  76. Plenty of cargoes
  77. Sparkling wine found in tasting
  78. Wholly new great hotel
  79. I am a corn producer producing pasta
  80. Couple one encountered going west
  81. God in the Authorized Version
  82. Madman involved in a cult
  83. A pretty cold sort of prehistoric reptile
  84. Packers seen on the moon?
  85. A sharp rebuke about cakes
  86. Either way it's midday
  87. Assistants in theatre? They may be Welsh
  88. A fight no-one will pay to see?
  89. Girl having exercises to modify
  90. Drink became more expensive? That's a bloomer!
  91. Proceed to put sticky stuff on pole
  92. Court hearing about bakery product
  93. Heather makes a rice pudding
  94. Pleasant tumble in gale
  95. Breakfast time in jail?
  96. Forgive average fellow
  97. Country in which a unit is regrouped
  98. Singer producing sick note before start of recital
  99. A gemstone for a girl
  100. A Roman emperor, in a manner of speaking

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