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Daily Cryptic Crossword Answers - 18-August-2019
Daily Cryptic Crossword Answers - 17-August-2019
Daily Cryptic Crossword Answers - 16-August-2019
  1. Racecourse to keep so many content
  2. So-and-so born on boat
  3. Rome, for example, is excellent
  4. Large cask on top of a fish
  5. The sort to press keys?
  6. Composer taking short breaks before the end of August
  7. Diarist takes a look, we hear
  8. Celebrity with a heavenly body?
  9. Cast fly, initially, to get fish
  10. Funny priests carry on
  11. I spot one inside supplying dope
  12. Pinch the Spanish metal
  13. Animals following King George for fruit
  14. Alliance including one new county
  15. Mid-term may be reduced
  16. Provide French article over there
  17. Part of flower set man off
  18. Promptly noted hot stew
  19. Uninteresting weed seen where ships are laid up
  20. Stockings only ordered by Poles
  21. Ready for sleep, having eaten heartily
  22. Preserved Egyptian mother?
  23. Take legal action about Europeans or Africans
  24. Prophet seen in Judaea, mostly
  25. Glass and paper?
  26. Artificial silk or any sort
  27. Where circus audience is engrossed
  28. Grass in class
  29. Only flat fish
  30. Composer providing some simple harmony
  31. Green Gables girl in Johannesburg
  32. Daring Charlies predecessor to capture a duke
  33. Election success for party once more?
  34. Sailor a foot nearer the stern
  35. Sweet twice as good in France?
  36. Unfortunately King Arthurs first state
  37. Lords look mature
  38. Little Tommys Australian grub
  39. Audible signals by side of bed disturbed sleep
  40. Tool that flies through the air
  41. For sale " new footwear
  42. Attacked animal was unwell
  43. Point to nuts appearing mottled
  44. His growl confused a dancer
  45. Nice ladys head held by boor
  46. Nick may be official in parliament
  47. Crowd you may hear in store
  48. A flower in Asia some find useful
  49. Poorly, Id come for doctor
  50. Little rising area enclosed for animals
  51. Old man gets others round for a meal
  52. Dont proceed with flower in supermarket
  53. Resident in Bangor seeing moorland growth
  54. Composition expected on time
  55. Old tragedian initially greeting play
  56. Snake one caught with jelly
  57. Girl at the border causing havoc
  58. American star whos dear to the French
  59. Father is brought back by engineers
  60. Boss makes start after change
  61. Irish county finished off tune we hear
  62. Stories least translated
  63. Originally serving time in Reading jail
  64. Abroad, place for spending
  65. New gallery producing bad reaction
  66. Gallant British party
  67. Entreaty making some people angry
  68. Bird country
  69. Proficient in tables
  70. Labour reverse has lesson for royal house
  71. Saint carrying tungsten alloy
  72. Cuts made here where players work?
  73. Yorkshire town accepting large fruit " no good if past this?
  74. Move apart, see?
  75. Letters secure cricket ground
  76. Invents ideal drink
  77. Duke is heading for criminal record
  78. Dog always following poor Terri
  79. A gentle shake showing refinement
  80. Thus boxes are provided for a philosopher
  81. Leave out a container for rubbish
  82. Yorkshire city comes first, by the sound of it
  83. Country in which you must lead people
  84. Creamy dressing somewhere in Ireland
  85. Desire to take part in chit-chat
  86. Old soldier in womens clothes? With nothing on!
  87. Good space for stable employee
  88. Shipping channels that may be dire?
  89. Country thats confused Meg Ryan
  90. Hide in Arthurs kingdom
  91. Father has to bury an artist
  92. Rest from dispute, leading retreat
  93. Spot old feline protected by another
  94. Sort of bun otherwise dunked in tea
  95. A man to persistently annoy
  96. Meant to be at home, getting looked after
  97. Dig in the dirt for food
  98. Burly worker fairly gutted
  99. Little creature in rags upset one making purchases
  100. Companion who may be sleeping?

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