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Daily Cryptic Crossword Answers - 13-December-2019
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Daily Cryptic Crossword Answers - 11-December-2019
  1. Fish I put in position
  2. They hold a hundred lights
  3. Vessel seen in Victoria or Tasmania
  4. This flower may be a big one
  5. Something stretchy " its lace, perhaps
  6. Turner is delayed outside hospital
  7. Towers may be recreated in book
  8. Fuss with the navy on deck
  9. A decent revolutionary made law
  10. Providing accommodation abroad - at full speed
  11. Condition, say
  12. Dont go along with errant sister
  13. Rook in Englishmans home?
  14. Female bird with a male in enclosure
  15. Bet and Sara may be side by side
  16. A Scot prepared to get along without power
  17. Support colleague in accordance with the law
  18. Artist turning up two hours before noon
  19. Rose adores crackers
  20. Caught animal entering bankrupt capital
  21. A fellow leaves fruit
  22. Withdraw what was said about region
  23. Foreman put right after blunder
  24. Stick notice on present
  25. Tutor also taking part in examinations
  26. Confused when sailing?
  27. Fast food for German citizens
  28. Old song: Crazy About a Girl
  29. Face turned or put down
  30. Make a move in prison
  31. Nick the crackers in chefs domain
  32. Soldier looks at detectives
  33. Is inquisitive about seven great things?
  34. Birds as seen around Britain
  35. Players drink before start of match
  36. Greek in Northern Ireland entertained by Anthea Turner?
  37. Captain Kirks starship business
  38. Many piles
  39. Bird lands on island to find drink
  40. Press some courgettes
  41. Bird I have taken to river for traveller
  42. About 51 cents for venerated object
  43. Father with poles tempting singers
  44. Aunt Sally, say, is permissible target
  45. False call unknown
  46. We may finally get together in a duo
  47. Evil spirit seen for a short time in the study
  48. Tales about roofing material
  49. Cover thrown over hot fellow
  50. Unready king making girl embarrassed
  51. Article Im to make objective
  52. Precise former spouse has to do something
  53. Directors and editor got on
  54. Oil change after journey in African port
  55. Room at the Top in Greek
  56. Teased for being badly dressed
  57. Beer? Bert is ordered to swallow it
  58. Aimed to reform press, TV, etc.
  59. Allowances made for disturbance on stair?
  60. Just say I may be found in a French resort
  61. New gown about right? No, its not right
  62. Observe the bishops territory
  63. Drink thats bad for teenager?
  64. Dashing in great confusion
  65. Scoff when leader is knocked out in preliminary round
  66. Bunny talk?
  67. Mad artist turns playwright
  68. Check car heading for Tottenham
  69. Another word for doctor found in some dictionaries
  70. Browbeat Trojan hero
  71. Working with gear in top form
  72. Pair involved in most woe
  73. Quit and write ones name again?
  74. Royal pop star
  75. Mother has second thoughts after contagious disease
  76. Teacher with north-eastern poet
  77. Be successful for first half of season
  78. A lighter of mine
  79. Cash dispenser containing nothing or tiny amount
  80. Bitter cold in very dry environment
  81. Bird going round an Italian city
  82. Small collar around a vegetable
  83. Name of man taking Dolly out
  84. Large girl finding way to have two husbands?
  85. Car thats made of glass?
  86. Flat obtained by a woman in the Fifties
  87. Gallery constructed in a royal manner
  88. Part of oven is only for meat
  89. Biblical patriarchs investment account
  90. Objectives set in Siam
  91. Communist beginning to get a bird
  92. Rolled turf makes a picture
  93. Altering navy rig at sea
  94. She requires daily movement
  95. Spud for lawman?
  96. It takes two to make colour vanish
  97. Terribly dear men wander aimlessly
  98. Home team?
  99. Country club finally seen by girl
  100. Manuscript about beer for men

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