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Daily Cryptic Crossword Answers - 25-November-2020
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Daily Cryptic Crossword Answers - 23-November-2020
  1. Red US state?
  2. Cartoon character father has to watch
  3. Daniel, in play, saying it isn't so
  4. Virginia upset young female subordinate
  5. Country having outbreak of rabies?
  6. European Monetary Union gets the bird
  7. Provided a speech to read out
  8. Very old, and swimming in Tyne
  9. Lose a thousand on a Scottish isle
  10. High praise you gel you formed
  11. Tender names?
  12. Therefore a monstrous giant retires
  13. Footballers seldom seen at home?
  14. Rose - a beautiful woman in red
  15. American editor is not new
  16. Flag for prohibitionist?
  17. Trade is in it for a dreamer
  18. Verse set to music for high fliers?
  19. Fishy menu with bass and rays
  20. A Spanish city that may be looted
  21. Lynn's upset about old stockings
  22. Some very early period of time
  23. Cut wood with force
  24. Piece of artillery that's used by builders?
  25. Communicate some grim particulars
  26. Duke meeting greedy king
  27. Mine worker taking sheepdog by river
  28. A young hare is always allowed outside
  29. Healthy noise
  30. Bird scattering bread devoured by others
  31. Sordid gain could be cruel
  32. Not all come on silent journey to work
  33. Jack obtains things that are aimed at
  34. Do they fasten cuttings?
  35. Taking part in quarrel is hindering enjoyment
  36. Get the better of teacher
  37. Fashions clothing many mannequins
  38. A stimulant either way
  39. Tree that gets shot in army base
  40. Aimless, aimless girl?
  41. Farewell to advert that is universal
  42. Cook tried a long angry speech
  43. Waterfalls affecting the eyes?
  44. Female swans seen after river becomes less shallow
  45. Child going round ancient city is a sightseer
  46. One of the top people in the building trade alters construction
  47. See art involved in puzzle
  48. Christmas song for a girl
  49. Little time to get tea or coffee
  50. Splitting the atom in a ditch
  51. Having finished dinner first, one exaggerated
  52. Name of doctor holding short skirt
  53. Guy's sound external appearance
  54. Country that has to help Northern Ireland in return
  55. Be more clever than a chump at Oxford University?
  56. The threepenny musical?
  57. Fielder I'm about to send off
  58. Machine for turning French article to English?
  59. A place frequently visited - by ghosts?
  60. No gruel is ordered for an idler
  61. Celts are strange, that's most apparent
  62. Deck is ship-shape
  63. Twelve g?
  64. Dream about having weapons
  65. A monarch is deposed in Zimbabwe
  66. Correct sound for ceremony
  67. Personal belief of a duck on the wing?
  68. Always some reversal
  69. An artist going round King Arthur's first capital
  70. Urgent message - false gem alert
  71. Time to relax on the French island? Certainly!
  72. Stop going backwards and forwards
  73. Warmer Cockney animal
  74. Row about grand striped cat
  75. Smart Ken leaves fowl
  76. Ploys to find precious stones behind layers of rock
  77. Well-liked university in part of London
  78. Cooking, Delia suffered
  79. Bring up what may be brought up
  80. Produce good food in Derbyshire
  81. Notes, we hear, for singers
  82. Splendid bottle opener. Splendid!
  83. Warning triangle, possibly
  84. Confused impression of Britpop band
  85. Select a number with no factors
  86. Is this worn on the head to displace the rain?
  87. Puzzles responsible for angry speech?
  88. Is pea changing colour?
  89. Register for bread?
  90. Sailor gets brown, Scottish style
  91. Appreciative of a load of coal?
  92. Set meal prepared for islanders
  93. Ghostly light?
  94. Wilful leaders of dangerous enterprise get set free
  95. Pig's feet for Del Boy and Rodney?
  96. North-east editor that is right is more poverty-stricken
  97. An Arab boat? Very much so!
  98. Los Angeles has three quarters with narrow streets
  99. He fibs about a mode of transport
  100. Price cuts made by discounter?

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