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Daily Cryptic Crossword Answers - 24-April-2019
Daily Cryptic Crossword Answers - 23-April-2019
Daily Cryptic Crossword Answers - 22-April-2019
  1. Big lizards alarming us again
  2. Joint carved below?
  3. Calm those getting upset about nothing
  4. Recoil from disadvantage
  5. A doctor got up for this chap
  6. Turn down garbage
  7. Engineers growing weary and going to bed
  8. Proprietor or new director?
  9. Letters from Burls daughter?
  10. Class for Bonds boss
  11. Shake a container for arrows
  12. A composer some opera-lover digs?
  13. Daniel may be fixed ...
  14. Confused, but I do get the lot this way!
  15. Trees uprooted and planted again
  16. A lawyer set free any otter
  17. Mimic to make airport departure
  18. New Zealander seen in khaki windcheater
  19. Estimate speed
  20. Revolver taken in hand by driver
  21. Accepts a translation of Keats
  22. One look may be childs-play
  23. Forbidden love in abandoned boat
  24. Appear scintillating in new singlet
  25. Restrains a killer in a motel
  26. ... Frank may be the son going astray
  27. Scoundrel going after black shoe
  28. Fish for a girl on Monday
  29. Material social workers taken away from police officer
  30. Alligator pear almost producing havoc before a party
  31. Courage needed on icy roads?
  32. Price paid for lettuce and last of beetroot
  33. Greek union making noises when coming out
  34. Housing area in eastern land
  35. A sweet throw in darts
  36. Glenda is upset by relations
  37. Mountain range seen when holding record
  38. Last roundup: cats and horses
  39. Athlete fired by club
  40. New hat I obtain in foreign country
  41. A spell of bowling is finished
  42. Look for gold American brochure
  43. A river in Slavonia
  44. Writer possibly in love with saint
  45. Raises backs
  46. Middle east country is backing king
  47. Tonic going up and down
  48. Little boy taking one in with fibs
  49. Great stir produced by travelling Estonians
  50. Fish in wreck
  51. Quick to declare
  52. Support for little dog
  53. Some Northern Ireland actors get depressed
  54. Whos a pretty boy? A Mafia boss is!
  55. Quietly Ron is taken off to jail
  56. Right conclusion? Thats ripping!
  57. Its pitiful when father gets the twitch
  58. Teenager given the French perfume after a party
  59. Parasites preserved in primeval iceberg?
  60. Seeks food for a long time
  61. Carry on upsetting priests
  62. Fish detected by its odour?
  63. Evangelist making an impression
  64. Fancy a John Lennon song?
  65. Agree to keep in touch
  66. Break arranged in travel
  67. Some refused a mouldy cheese
  68. Possible means of identification?
  69. Birds sound like doves with empty tummies
  70. Five imps are turning into blood-suckers
  71. A young lady in glasses
  72. South American or possibly Nigerian ant
  73. Birds, half of them American
  74. Error made by fielder
  75. Change people in advertisement
  76. The name of a man from Ayr
  77. Song making appearance
  78. Europeans residing in bigger mansions
  79. American soldier going back in vehicle that produces smoke
  80. Searches thoroughly for hairdressing tools
  81. Hate being tested and failing?
  82. Trim a tree
  83. Continual instances, perhaps
  84. A Roman emperor owned parts of Iran
  85. Rod, pole or - fish
  86. A poem about babys first home
  87. Ordering Pepsi-Cola - like a bishop?
  88. Hot-tempered person in an aeroplane
  89. Bond takes it back east
  90. Journey that may make arm tired
  91. Parts of the Far East
  92. Tipsy - like Robins men
  93. Joy seeing some French illumination
  94. Poems and essay, say, on Black Sea port
  95. Open paste
  96. Urge principal to become an intellectual
  97. A carriage for a tutor
  98. Hes after fuel cuts
  99. Pudding right for one who is not serious
  100. Country taking part in formal talks

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