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Daily Cryptic Crossword Answers - 9-October-2021
Daily Cryptic Crossword Answers - 8-October-2021
Daily Cryptic Crossword Answers - 7-October-2021
  1. Claret's odd colour
  2. Snakes pass out
  3. Tree cultivated by Anna
  4. Airborne soldier gets a knock, coming back
  5. Wine held out in capital city
  6. Humorous exchange - exchange for pear tree!
  7. A county - it provides accommodation
  8. Monster helping to make progress
  9. Drinks produced if a priest is tispy
  10. Flowers taken to a northern town or part of London
  11. Showy American street
  12. Skip in the Dolomites
  13. Sea's inlets eroding main points
  14. Tea-time talk?
  15. Ships not completing first gear change
  16. River set back, going round bad actor
  17. A frivolous school head comes to rest
  18. Things for one to do
  19. But this flower is not always pink
  20. Oddly, Maine's not an American state!
  21. Only a bit biased
  22. Rugby Union convention in the country?
  23. Hit back, meeting hindrance from striker
  24. A Scottish poet is ardent
  25. Horse swallowing a very soft stone
  26. Repair damaged sword
  27. Look at ship delivering cosmetic
  28. Account for former spouse who's not attractive?
  29. Writers making artists mad
  30. Act of revolution
  31. Turning Labour, many get votes
  32. Western snakes and insects
  33. Leather produced by child's family
  34. The endless brooks provide excitement
  35. Burden is nought when carried by boy
  36. Precious metal for a blonde
  37. Reheat stew for a loved one
  38. Goes round for some bread
  39. Riot organised by group of three
  40. Old rulers of Iran unaffected by revolution?
  41. Don't be so demanding - it's unnecessary
  42. Take out a tie
  43. Others take it easy
  44. Car worker, a successful TV show contestant?
  45. Independent type - one entertained by left and right
  46. Break for a game of cards
  47. Something to commemorate a cause of tooth decay
  48. A little machine that's waterproof
  49. College dance, after which one has nothing left
  50. Measure young animal with it
  51. Hoods for cold birds
  52. Animal from the east seen in parts of Wales
  53. Sheep from Ireland seen in a moment
  54. Falls for light garments
  55. Poor Alex, he'd expelled air
  56. Before end of day dining room is littered
  57. Pinched an item of clothing
  58. Having achy pins, I get treatment from a doctor
  59. Panic had strange drawback
  60. Some pallid yellow colour?
  61. Cressida mixed cocktails
  62. An insect for example, not very bright, going backwards
  63. Playwright or raving egghead
  64. The state of a man not getting upset
  65. Walked leisurely out of bedlam
  66. Puzzle noticed after dance
  67. Manxman, for example, doesn't start defamation
  68. City centre layabout in the country
  69. Characters in Beau Geste emphasising respect
  70. A Greek mountain could be so lumpy!
  71. Start of alphabet, in more ways than one
  72. Give weapons to some regular militia
  73. Large gatherings of birds - about 500
  74. A throne designed for someone else
  75. Bond is Asian, so we hear
  76. Imptressive model's statement?
  77. Something to take the boredom out of saving?
  78. Laundry used to be hard
  79. Player with so boisterous a part
  80. Face seen in brook
  81. Plays for time in certain theatre seats
  82. Black stuff with light brown pattern from Scotland
  83. Denied falsely or truly
  84. A short letter of distinction
  85. Intense dislike of tangled thread
  86. The acid test?
  87. Messy act - rub oil in
  88. Charm one's way in
  89. Fidget terribly, being talented
  90. Boats taking the girls for an outing?
  91. Name of woman getting letters from Royal Mail
  92. Iris comes back with American star
  93. Funny drink
  94. Small dog or cat, perhaps - it has energy
  95. Employed some famous editors
  96. Resolve to get a long wooden bench
  97. Ronald gets installed in the royal seat
  98. Liberal whip goes about six
  99. Me acting strangely? That's attractive, in away
  100. Ray's joyful expression?

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