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Daily Cryptic Crossword Answers - 24-June-2019
Daily Cryptic Crossword Answers - 23-June-2019
Daily Cryptic Crossword Answers - 22-June-2019
  1. Be ardent then change employment
  2. Dressing required impudence
  3. Section of supermarket? Ill say!
  4. Underwear for dogs
  5. Start to sip convenient drink
  6. Former spouse was a model, its revealed
  7. Thin boxes, empty initially
  8. A pig died on the ship
  9. Donne composed a lot
  10. Dont stop persons going astray
  11. Early birds sound pleased, wanting last flower
  12. Stop artist ascending with others
  13. Colin has changed his name
  14. Relief organisation embarrassed and annoyed
  15. Eastern potentate back in Crimea
  16. Chiseller, married, with a child
  17. One left right out?
  18. Greek god left in a game
  19. Hard ground thats by the fire
  20. What happens at noon? Reparation
  21. Fresh prey spotted up in the mountains
  22. Carmen, say, with some Mini Cooper accessories
  23. Theme park attraction in the Hebrides
  24. Mate in Sydney holding large hammer
  25. Country singer seen by king
  26. Fastidious French resort
  27. The end is nigh!
  28. River discovered in private estate
  29. Turn back in vehicle thats not what it seems
  30. Norfolk term for old weapon?
  31. Just fluorine and a mixture of gases
  32. Hood put on girls head when dressing?
  33. Prepared to make money
  34. Is lager drunk " or port?
  35. Leader in Guardian newspaper backing animals
  36. Ravine enclosing English king
  37. Callas misses first part of opera?
  38. Find out about exceptional radiation
  39. Arrive with cycle at college
  40. Group taking long time dressing
  41. Mariannes new nationality
  42. Most important couple may get spliced
  43. Pointers like a fox " for no good reason
  44. Caesar in trouble with birds
  45. They may carry sleeping bags, we hear
  46. Egg container in someones trolley
  47. Again order right sort of ale and gin
  48. Agitated, having operated aloft
  49. Take weapons from leader of militia after fresh raids
  50. Fosters back
  51. Sign seen in Rome nowadays
  52. Gunmen, note, get rid of loot
  53. Captain in submarine movies
  54. Cast about for laws
  55. Sit and read awkwardly with legs apart
  56. Woman distributing hoard
  57. Garment daughter ripped off
  58. Family tree reveals this sudden visit
  59. A cereal, we hear, thats crooked
  60. Theatre work that could have you in stitches
  61. Long poems involving spice?
  62. Get away having swallowed half of loaf or slice of meat
  63. Group of soldiers taking philosopher forward
  64. Fibre used in optics is altered
  65. Examination, as soon as its finished
  66. Small animal in boat
  67. Revolver well hear
  68. Social occasion - central bit in backyard?
  69. Judges playing conkers?
  70. Ancient city not completely destroyed?
  71. Mortality figures may be a complete write-off
  72. Loose chips are heavenly
  73. Characters from China needlessly silly
  74. Beginner in Athens
  75. A colleague of Castro is hurt
  76. Porter right on the ball
  77. Times leader censures pitfalls
  78. Sailor with coat thats found on road
  79. Deal with vehicles on the road
  80. It ends a shot as a substitute
  81. Taking part in warfare, natives reveal battle ground
  82. Titled Turk in Madagascar
  83. Minor discourtesy
  84. Marks heard somewhere in Surrey
  85. Catch son leaving home
  86. In a group coming from France
  87. Romeos first embraced by parents in Italian city
  88. Legal action involving hard pursuit
  89. Pure niece finally in family group
  90. New scout masters first convention
  91. Fruit container, nearly new, in boat
  92. Sovereign with no charm deposed
  93. Check the accounts of German car trader first
  94. What has supervisor to do with poetry in Old English?
  95. Prize for part of the hospital
  96. Watch old boy attend to customers
  97. Midwest journalists love coffee
  98. Haggard equestrian?
  99. Indoor delight?
  100. Firearm found in sack

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