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Evening Standard - Cryptic Crossword Answers - 15-February-2019
Evening Standard - Cryptic Crossword Answers - 14-February-2019
Evening Standard - Cryptic Crossword Answers - 13-February-2019
  1. Gets support from, when one intimidates
  2. Said thats very much the position
  3. “Dont forget”, says the note, “to rebel against”
  4. Being sensible when told what caused it
  5. Enterprise required to take the first step?
  6. Unable to decide if its damaged
  7. Stood up for the girl
  8. Squeeze it into ones composition
  9. Grant that webs are woven to get trapped in
  10. Send Martins off on time
  11. Thunder “Run!”
  12. Article about a fight and the phoney losing of it
  13. Said goodbye to the dog
  14. Gloomy myself, or so troubled at heart
  15. Within reason, prepared to accept it from a foreign girl
  16. The bare facts?
  17. Are evidently loose, which does worry you
  18. With a silver lining, so over-the-top its scandalous
  19. Drop the dolly and cry for the child minder?
  20. “Heavens!” you say sweetly
  21. Someone acting as a stopgap
  22. Should be “Anything to declare?”
  23. Careers for which one is unsuited
  24. Why we had such a dull day?
  25. Ready to pop back in to get the instrument
  26. Is reminiscent of, it strikes one
  27. A popular action to take, unquestionably
  28. A blue “Do keep my memory alive”
  29. Common practice to get ourselves overtime
  30. Being good, scolds the villains
  31. Set off, eager to arrange cheap accommodation
  32. As opposed to a commercial jingle
  33. Like the money made by the prospector who struck oil?
  34. To the ethereal, its of no account
  35. Ring up twice to belittle
  36. Supposed to be only a very little
  37. Ironic about the tea brewed being so weak
  38. Regard as an outspoken character
  39. As a cricketer, requiring a stronger sunscreen
  40. A less sensitive issue
  41. A little drink at “The Globe” coming back from work
  42. Going down on ones genealogical chart
  43. Businessman whod have you believe he works for the railway
  44. Doesnt do it, being pro-animals
  45. Test the breath of a flier
  46. Great times when with royalty
  47. Its quite different from a degree of malevolence
  48. Chap from Spitalfields
  49. Claimant to being doggedly faithful
  50. Familiar name for a favourite sweetheart
  51. To make money, he needs to get fit
  52. Be shifty when you cant pay the rent?
  53. Time for a regular diet, possibly?
  54. Not genuine money for a spare part
  55. Youthful body lacking a definite leader
  56. Make a disclosure concerning meat
  57. One of those shiny long stockings
  58. Sat around in New York being abusive
  59. New hostel for the humble
  60. Sailors moving somewhat to starboard?
  61. A drinker, thus starting or finishing tight
  62. Such a lot means little!
  63. Alarmists, at heart, may naturally be windy
  64. Jumps all over the shop
  65. The little that sank in
  66. A cats lives, it seems, are like a dogs tail
  67. Not mentioned by granny, perhaps
  68. A vessel to top up with drink
  69. With disdain, look both ways always
  70. Lad twice in prison for arson
  71. King who started out among the common people
  72. The light of modern development?
  73. Raffish angle?
  74. Trouble a couple to the bitter end
  75. We show the French around town
  76. A heady style
  77. Fat means nothing to wild bees
  78. Thinks seriously about children
  79. Like a house with central heating
  80. Again, a bit of an act when there are coppers around
  81. For me, its nearly all on a plate
  82. Spoke harshly of a killer in red
  83. Perform a song at the piano
  84. Well up in the RAF
  85. Sticky perches?
  86. Famous followers
  87. Pump action
  88. Conjured up with good heart
  89. Major or minor, its astronomical!
  90. Alcoholic cake?
  91. Is prosecuted for having published
  92. A striking piece of photography
  93. Friend having no right to be a devil!
  94. That receptive fellow
  95. Was wide open to being imitated at golf
  96. A frightening number?
  97. Did he work a lot in wrought iron?
  98. Heavy reading, though perhaps not to you
  99. Is it warm, note, for only half an hour?
  100. Vocal number or note sounded

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