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Evening Standard - Cryptic Crossword Answers - 24-May-2022
Evening Standard - Cryptic Crossword Answers - 23-May-2022
Evening Standard - Cryptic Crossword Answers - 20-May-2022
  1. Discomfit seaman Wood
  2. Not even stylishly!
  3. It's polite to include nothing in rudely brief style
  4. To the likes of Billy Bunter, it was an imposition!
  5. Obligations best dealt with by the deputy-head
  6. Writings that flow like rivers?
  7. Uncle's place (selling music?)
  8. Favourite trumpet piece
  9. He has both love and money in poor accommodation
  10. Pious emperor and dramatist
  11. The cold leg, perhaps, I had
  12. Easter problem?
  13. She stutters like Mimi
  14. Like some schooldays of the past
  15. Crafty enough to make Ian an MP?
  16. Was fishy?
  17. Violinist's big sister?
  18. Is said to be permissive with Latvians
  19. It's manoeuvred best in a French port
  20. Such prosperous days, my pal made possible
  21. You can have a 'jump' one, of course
  22. Kind of curtain chewed up by a panda?
  23. Northern dialect most Scots use
  24. How some like it, weather-wise
  25. Look exhausted as you fall out of the ring!
  26. The game of sorting odd mail
  27. They can help make a muddy estuary a bit colourful!
  28. Untidy little pigs!
  29. Ability to develop a certain amount of prowess
  30. A graphic picture
  31. Ask earnestly for piano wire
  32. French soccer star, not really small
  33. It stimulates high speed, I see
  34. Did terrible toil, on the quiet, get him his wings?
  35. Land of the man in grey, perhaps
  36. Name an unusually live artist
  37. It's best if returning home
  38. One doing a more appropriate job?
  39. It's clear the party leader had been lying
  40. Severely criticise the chap round the corner
  41. Harlesden man?
  42. Her tea comes out of a steaming vessel
  43. Where the islanders are a bit timorous?
  44. Take many an objective
  45. Talk a lot in good Anglo-Saxon!
  46. A bit of a bloomer
  47. Apply to become a painter?
  48. Plenty of young men possess nothing
  49. It changes colour
  50. Escape, having taken a knock?
  51. On the western circuit, a crashed rider was in trouble
  52. Eager to have a shot at goal, initially
  53. Move the jug of porridge
  54. Toss an essayist a flower
  55. Coat split by a bachelor in a fight
  56. To do so gets you little approbation
  57. Attack on a clique
  58. Shoot out of the side!
  59. Certainly not the best of spirits!
  60. Component of a cage, naturally
  61. A scrap of shelter from the wind at half time
  62. You can see them playing a part in mountain ascents!
  63. One attempting to get a place abroad
  64. Fierce type showing extraordinary grit out East
  65. Stray sausage possibly found at Battersea?
  66. Flat shared by a woman and a motherless man
  67. Went up in a series of graduations to 500
  68. Share things out, as everybody may have to
  69. Stan may join him in India
  70. Spoil a horse, docking the tail
  71. Entertainer or tripe processor
  72. United in team play, regularly
  73. It's mainly concerned with the circulation of a letter or two!
  74. Flier making delivery?
  75. Is his command all over?
  76. At the casino, a call for no cab?
  77. Not all squirms can be attributed to these!
  78. The land I left to get to Serbia, somehow
  79. Form of halter sometimes seen on a horse
  80. Some clothing for sale?
  81. It meant a pound note (formerly, at the end of the war)
  82. Cause some of one's wages to be put in hazard
  83. Cat or bat flying wildly past
  84. Has it a plucky player?
  85. The perimeter's edge
  86. Too tired-looking and in debt
  87. Incurring a bill for the making of, fast
  88. Understand there's to be no declaration
  89. Grants the maid's free time is included in it
  90. Aggressive when it's back in the burrow
  91. You'll need it for the roast - and turn the veg on, dear
  92. He brings news of chaos at the Green Rally
  93. He got into a terrible state in China, for instance
  94. Plot to strike and create pandemonium
  95. Proposal I accepted in "33”
  96. Does it think it makes cycling at night safer?
  97. Looking sad, is telling misery to go away
  98. First a thumbs down then a thumbs up, from the corner
  99. Masses of cold stewed plums
  100. Ever so strange article from abroad

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