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Evening Standard - Cryptic Crossword Answers - 23-April-2019
Evening Standard - Cryptic Crossword Answers - 22-April-2019
Evening Standard - Cryptic Crossword Answers - 19-April-2019
  1. Persists in breeding pekes
  2. Put up with being a candidate?
  3. Old soldiers ability to reach a persons heart
  4. When the annualised percentage rate is one pound?
  5. Charges terrible rates
  6. Garment lost? You bet!
  7. Its dirty and heart-breaking
  8. Goes in for bookkeeping?
  9. Impatient utterance from a backward chap
  10. Astronomers trousers?
  11. Elapse in a way that will be satisfactory
  12. Shes apt to open up in the dark
  13. Favourite piano piece with a quiet ending
  14. River tours arranged
  15. He was wicked at kissing
  16. A mistake in the field
  17. Twist pounds out of Orville, possibly
  18. One drawn to be after a bride?
  19. Friendly, ideal arrangement about money
  20. That of a jungle king?
  21. When drunk, its different to get close
  22. Name I have as an indigenous inhabitant
  23. Only apt to annoy a minority?
  24. Aspidistra on the snooker table?
  25. Left a piece of land for cotton
  26. Its eaten farther away than central Streatham
  27. Gardening books?
  28. Shes on record as ovine
  29. A strapping bit of leg?
  30. An expert from start to finish
  31. Possible sources of creaks - or neighs?
  32. Learn something sound
  33. Several fit to be held on to
  34. Peelers employed on the railway?
  35. A politician, currently?
  36. New end of Millwall
  37. A mug for pub use in New York
  38. A flower sprang up
  39. A creature mocked?
  40. What L may be for (no, not learner)
  41. So loveless and superior, but nice at night
  42. Being burning to embrace a Romeo is quite OK
  43. Be inclined to be a rotter
  44. What the purser is about to do?
  45. Clothing can make you hot, a little
  46. Seated wrongly? Calm down!
  47. Being imitated makes her weep
  48. All round, they can be in chopped logs
  49. Possibly being open
  50. Those shiftily changed in a car?
  51. Seeming wonderful to a learner?
  52. Where the coast isnt clear?
  53. Storm centre possibly on Dartmoor
  54. Shes said to be a prophetess
  55. Cilla makes a bloomer
  56. Not one of the dirtier jobs
  57. She shows Los Angeles has a rural heart
  58. Many tree parts are of wood
  59. Attempts in the manner of marksmen
  60. Confess you cannot be exclusive?
  61. Welsh thane, possibly
  62. These may be spread on the bed
  63. Extra decoration for the saloon?
  64. Hes a fool to be informal
  65. Marks wild rage during a race
  66. It can transport us to Wembley Central
  67. In taking horses out, theyre of service
  68. Moscows milk supplier
  69. Given a place? Yes, boy!
  70. Vehicle used in back-tracking?
  71. Some petrol derivative thats been around longer
  72. Miss out on ones sole chance
  73. Worthy of taking a rise out of?
  74. A master is necessarily advanced
  75. Put up about 1 for a plant
  76. Pull by the auricle?
  77. Twenty-four hours under a cloud?
  78. Not so many can make free out West
  79. Where to confer knighthood upon the excellent
  80. A measure of home treatment
  81. Agree you have no key!
  82. Decides to break up some Portuguese fiesta
  83. On the motorway, to reverse a car half a mile is a marvel!
  84. Part of a building job to finish in a high wind
  85. No friend, maybe, of an egghead
  86. Ringing in relation to
  87. œPut the records back, you say and say angrily
  88. Show up to have a look, were told
  89. Beginning as only a slight injury
  90. In the stable, are arranging to hide the gun
  91. Gave to, having had a powwow about
  92. Out-and-out, as you say
  93. Shed one had a nap in
  94. Gosh! Giant ant has gone off with the dog!
  95. Dont have, when you leave the building
  96. Know it will fetch, if you sell it
  97. The confession is effective
  98. A hole made by the boxer
  99. An abrupt œThats pricey
  100. Hands the coin to the twits

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