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Evening Standard - Cryptic Crossword Answers - 18-January-2021
Evening Standard - Cryptic Crossword Answers - 15-January-2021
Evening Standard - Cryptic Crossword Answers - 14-January-2021
  1. Simply has to exist in numbers, in deep space
  2. Where to duck out of the bar and get a haircut?
  3. Getting drunk is difficult on such a budget
  4. Not many are in safe work
  5. A classic language some ladies preserve
  6. Generous amount of heavy sarcasm?
  7. Business people strong on safety first
  8. Is it after a goal, in rugby, that one is scored?
  9. Not quite a 50 majority
  10. Food a foreigner takes with a bit of sauce
  11. Pennies from heaven
  12. Plant yielding gum out East
  13. Crossed a hill crest in the outskirts of Brentwood
  14. When a girl is just about free for the weekend?
  15. A little matter for one to get on with
  16. Great man capable of corrupt taint
  17. To stain badly in one place
  18. Assemble at the railhead, mate
  19. Fluid of a certain kind
  20. The female some men are after, has polish
  21. Turbine components redesigned by Evans
  22. Game with many skills
  23. An orange spot on the map
  24. Mild reproof of a two-timer?
  25. Race in the amphitheatre
  26. Is felt mistakenly to suppress
  27. Note this little lot!
  28. Friends collecting a sum for the church
  29. Less than a clear field?
  30. Draw more than one animal
  31. Left the thing switched on
  32. Rambled around Dover
  33. Defeat and dismiss
  34. A department finishing the festivity with stomach trouble
  35. Doctor possibly fit to be a tenor
  36. Eight drinks?
  37. A plant no lady has a name for
  38. Couldn't you put one straight on the boat?
  39. Indian gorilla deprived of water
  40. A blow on the side
  41. Challenged many a socialist
  42. Fireside game?
  43. Cut, removing a slight amount!
  44. It provides accommodation in the detention centre
  45. Angry, I meant somehow to get through
  46. Didn't take seriously a delay apt to cause havoc
  47. Realised it had a novel sound
  48. It takes time to get to know one well
  49. If you really want to know about it, ask cook!
  50. Having been parachuted down, visited
  51. Soon, at nine about, mother will enter
  52. So retirement in Capri turned out to be dull
  53. Stops talking in the intervals
  54. Figure it's a bald patch in the animal's coat
  55. A refusal to reply is not the solution
  56. "Justifies a fight," one storms
  57. Do the same and put a kiss on the top
  58. Jokes with the chaps
  59. In the shade of the tree, felt discontented
  60. Needed, was paged
  61. Only one side is quite as it should be
  62. With "Bother!" ran off to shelter inside from the storm
  63. Will have it one's exterior isn't to be renovated
  64. Are no longer as you and I are
  65. A memo about the tender
  66. With Leo, I had built myself a lovely abode
  67. Got better when given a lift
  68. Develop a liking for when you accompany there
  69. The occasional cop's raid eradicates it
  70. Had cropped up when an increment came through
  71. Attack the old-fashioned means of heating
  72. Brand is the tail-ender
  73. Say the soldiers got into trouble
  74. The tree I myself planted outside the club
  75. Is not wrong about its being yet to come
  76. Intends to take one through the Steppes
  77. Circle the area with the bracing air
  78. Save soap
  79. How "decimal" is frequently defined in a dictionary
  80. Mum, the agent has turned up the draught regulator
  81. Fight that won't stop you talking to someone
  82. Had been the cutter-up
  83. Charms, to a degree, the northerners
  84. Are they spreading disease among cyclists?
  85. Fought back at first, trapped by the tangled reeds
  86. Did come round at that point but was indecisive
  87. Figure "Elaine" could be her name
  88. Read "Running from one side to the other is a pantry"
  89. He's come home only this minute
  90. Continues, as it happens
  91. The spirit with which a snap may be taken
  92. Loser of a classic race
  93. Read a bit of typing, but not much
  94. In jazz, briefly, I form a trio
  95. The three shot out of the way
  96. Direction taken by an elderly character in EastEnders?
  97. Chaldean churchman?
  98. Little boy's room
  99. That of a square, always?
  100. Starchy ingredient of Xmas pudding

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