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Evening Standard - Cryptic Crossword Answers - 3-June-2020
Evening Standard - Cryptic Crossword Answers - 2-June-2020
Evening Standard - Cryptic Crossword Answers - 1-June-2020
  1. Flying crockery?
  2. Past his prime, he may still be useful in the kitchen
  3. There may well be money in backing it for 50
  4. Errant wives taking a left turn!
  5. A high spirited one, this girl?
  6. A guy can get attached to her
  7. Possibly ruder to an artist!
  8. Sleep badly?
  9. Continental capitalists can congregate here
  10. Is able to get ahead as a cleric
  11. Crippen certainly had money
  12. Forbiddance to act at the National Theatre
  13. Victors opposition to new roles
  14. Not the complete physician?
  15. Where, in Iberia, music can take root?
  16. Badly hit gym? Definitely!
  17. Side of the bed, generally
  18. Lovers of the country
  19. Part of the railroad Id sing about
  20. So accustomed to being drunk?
  21. Many a complaint has a culinary connection
  22. Something a square peg cant do
  23. A deputy not of outstanding merit?
  24. Girls name for a doctor and monarch
  25. A good man and a sound cook
  26. Hints from extremists?
  27. A little girl actually has more than one
  28. Hes good for us
  29. Find you have to work for your money!
  30. Such a piece would be pretty, I imagine
  31. In the best position not to struggle to go to work
  32. Paint it out, thats all!
  33. Animal raised, in theory
  34. Inevitable in creating endless havoc!
  35. By taking a line out from the pier
  36. Determined to do good again for the Editor
  37. In darts, its where to toe the line
  38. Being difficult on purpose?
  39. Form taken by film when you spool up?
  40. The kinds you dont want to be out of
  41. Performed as an actor
  42. A big error when the communications not timed
  43. Is this High German dialect notably sibilant?
  44. The conflicting bit?
  45. Artist attached to his boat?
  46. A place in Surrey; for instance, Ham
  47. Manage to get round the bend in a car
  48. Do an absorbing job as cleaner
  49. Possibly a lad new in England, formerly
  50. Point to me with a cry
  51. Birds in the music room
  52. Go away like a trade vehicle?
  53. Youngster of little importance?
  54. Most of the message can have variations
  55. A tool in the cabinet?
  56. Is necessarily to be in phase
  57. Figures to interrupt a meal for an exam
  58. Support possibly lost out of love
  59. Nominally a horn composition
  60. Enrys dropped it!
  61. Its in difficult roles that one maybe makes little progress
  62. Michael contrives to please endlessly!
  63. A substantial proportion may get hit on the road
  64. Shelter for runners and climbers, perhaps?
  65. Gardening suit?
  66. The missile man
  67. How a vehicle may be taken into central Bayswater
  68. When Sue and Carl get together, theres nothing sacred
  69. Cut short the work on credit
  70. Fruit drinks containing a little pepper
  71. Her Victors back in Siam!
  72. Theres defence in it
  73. Naked models cavorting in the dunes
  74. Character in an opera to see and copy
  75. We start to lean over and turn
  76. Swear at the Spanish in a letter
  77. Medicinal compound men start taking on holiday?
  78. He also goes round in circles
  79. The finale sounds like Sibelius
  80. Singular dance for an old soldier
  81. The maxim of many a German
  82. The vending of ales?
  83. Cunning little chap?
  84. Cheat twits cleverly
  85. Funny items, albeit little ones
  86. Airman in an awfully good bunch
  87. Enjoy archaeological work
  88. Weak enough to fail outright
  89. Something edible no vines can produce
  90. He is at the back of the room
  91. Container of the best seats
  92. Sort of killer in a thriller?
  93. Many say its untidy
  94. Unusually little done
  95. A dizzy ride?
  96. Thus they went out of turn with a poet
  97. Not a serious affront?
  98. Girl in a million, albeit eccentric
  99. Sweet, warm hearted, silly Gus
  100. Humbles me, being surrounded by clerics

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