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Evening Standard - Cryptic Crossword Answers - 16-October-2019
Evening Standard - Cryptic Crossword Answers - 15-October-2019
Evening Standard - Cryptic Crossword Answers - 14-October-2019
  1. Red artist?
  2. A sound favourite, darling
  3. So regain in order to coordinate
  4. Abbreviation in current use
  5. Worldly and alliterative perhaps, hes a sage
  6. Not accustomed to anything new
  7. Nothing short of a link-up
  8. A dash for the takeaway
  9. Like the tail of a dog crisply finished
  10. Many an advert will pop up again
  11. Nannys brother?
  12. A real shortage of space
  13. Destroyed a kingdom in the end, maybe
  14. Bolt a plate while its hot
  15. Machine never quite halted, possibly
  16. Border line in the Royal Marines
  17. Reach the heights, so far heartless
  18. Proverbial cure for savagery
  19. Dreads wild snakes
  20. Something to eat before breakfast
  21. Females to exploit, were told
  22. The character of Maida Vale
  23. They dont appreciate the seating arrangement outright
  24. Is no end busy in the rush hour!
  25. Supplies of flowers
  26. They play softly in seaside places
  27. Tonality suitable for a Largo
  28. A line from Browning
  29. River of wine
  30. In Scotland, known for marbles
  31. Look unmoved by a setback
  32. Derek misled?
  33. We, sir, can get them crossed
  34. Steer the short way
  35. No phony earl, anyhow
  36. In days gone by, dad was saintly
  37. They have comparatively little power to illuminate
  38. Fishy contribution to free love
  39. Push into a deep dungeon whence theres no return
  40. It may take a hammering
  41. It reciprocates at various points
  42. Ships officer about to blow the whistle?
  43. Malt, sir, can give you wind
  44. Theyre carved or engraved in small parts
  45. I would take some heart from this suggestion
  46. A listening figure
  47. Fighting man with a sore lid
  48. Part of a regular curve
  49. Time possibly ripe to do wrong
  50. Pity its not a genuine note
  51. A narrow beam, perhaps?
  52. He makes things hot for people
  53. For a start, Gene has a little sister
  54. One who contradicts a measure?
  55. Breathy line in chat, perhaps
  56. Matey role for which Nero had no love
  57. Fish traps, possibly
  58. Dismiss the remainder
  59. Through sounding baffled or confounded
  60. Little half coughs significant in the navy
  61. Looks like lechers having no companion
  62. He has a pair of jacks
  63. He has his favourite period piece
  64. People who, having turned in, dash out!
  65. A growing boy in a car
  66. Arthur, when he won Wimbledon
  67. Will she do time?
  68. A businesslike programme
  69. Stick a step together
  70. A team on edge?
  71. Box with a cool head, at speed
  72. Fresh as paint, perhaps
  73. Ginger, pet?
  74. Semi-nude girl, say
  75. Her mother turned up with Charles Lamb
  76. Light competition?
  77. Easy to see with no mountains in the way
  78. Look weary as you fall out, having started off
  79. In a way, nothing for me to make an exhibition about
  80. She had to turn up when holding an at home
  81. An appointment to eat?
  82. Like a sense of form?
  83. Shes soft on an aristocrat
  84. Important part of Denbigh
  85. Just superlative!
  86. Spin out part of the weekend
  87. Hes nominally eager to get to the end of the road
  88. It may have more beautiful customers
  89. A master gets a laboratory in a state
  90. Such ice gets Ivan all upset
  91. In an arable area, its green
  92. Required to make a desk
  93. Deserved to get home at last, tired out!
  94. Damages many parts of the house
  95. The place Oscar managed
  96. Pairs responsible for holdups
  97. Can be eaten in quiet relaxation
  98. Boat returning from a fruitless event
  99. His brother struck him as murderous
  100. Puts oneself down as a joiner

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