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Evening Standard - Cryptic Crossword Answers - 6-December-2019
Evening Standard - Cryptic Crossword Answers - 5-December-2019
Evening Standard - Cryptic Crossword Answers - 4-December-2019
  1. Mostly, then, Im bewildered and in a stew
  2. OK for practising on
  3. Has three points after the first round
  4. Walk to the West End to get the list
  5. Too much foam: a drawback
  6. Make clear youll get back under your own steam
  7. Dont have to look for the keys when you need them
  8. Observes ones wishes
  9. Stops to get some things from the builders yard
  10. In this case, the ladys got a point
  11. Having been set down close to, called on
  12. In my opinion, its rather mawkish
  13. The music was deceptive
  14. Home from sea, has been playing round again
  15. Im returning the box sent round by the shopkeeper
  16. So at three goes off: a warning
  17. Start out with a cracker of a plan
  18. Also bet on, but its slow
  19. A sharp point covered by fabric
  20. Run back to devour hungrily
  21. œNonsense! returned the advisor, œHes a pest
  22. He wonders if there is, perhaps, gold inside
  23. Result of being so untidy its a sickness?
  24. The one about the fellow who always footed the drinks bill?
  25. Cards with warnings
  26. Returns and is at home before you arrive
  27. Weapon I let the tots play about with
  28. Knuckle down to, but find you can get no further with
  29. Such food as one gets at formal dinners?
  30. A colonisation that gives satisfaction
  31. By concealing a standing charge thats hefty
  32. Very interested, as a parent, in the recreation
  33. Some cove with a horse
  34. Goes to prove its never too late to learn
  35. Turn away when you make them laugh?
  36. Mistitled before œThe Dabbler
  37. Through fraud, getting a stone cut and in a beautiful setting
  38. Its a book, lady
  39. Upset when, after a clear run, theres trouble with
  40. The hearts sink, going in to get the flowers!
  41. Like the convicts old clothes?
  42. Wander, get the name wrong and colour up
  43. The cockney embraced her in the wood
  44. Supports and is clearly proud of oneself
  45. Could you translate him in a stupor?
  46. Snow water?
  47. Ring again to cancel
  48. Wear ostentatiously for fun
  49. Dietary constituent to digest fast?
  50. Sensible article in various ways
  51. Compete in a race with style
  52. By linking price with weight
  53. Sounds a whitish vessel
  54. Assert it takes a long time to become mean
  55. Its ruddy heavenly!
  56. It is played not alone but in school
  57. Minerals of which we have zero reserves?
  58. Such a lot could be cheap
  59. In a rut, theres nothing but defeat
  60. Rank one can link with a ringleader
  61. Do better than live for a perfect ending
  62. A cowboy can ride it
  63. Those Norfolk girls?
  64. A case of not being out of position
  65. Theyre equably associated with roundabouts
  66. Of a land whose southwest is sierra
  67. Where a piano gets a wrought iron frame
  68. A penchant for crookedness?
  69. Standard Anglo-Saxon soldiers
  70. A surprised expression
  71. One waltzing across the ice?
  72. Gas incautiously with Athene
  73. Of Irish butter?
  74. Drive back to swim around the pierhead
  75. Quarrel about some nuclear matter?
  76. Plunge into something to savour
  77. Cuddle, darling?
  78. Loved taking Ruby to a party
  79. Shell give you a light
  80. What a bit of a reprobate might do?
  81. Ben Hurs little brother, one may imagine?
  82. Distress due to being so loveless, or a quarrel
  83. Girl in a million?
  84. Where the fertility is abnormal?
  85. In a way, silly
  86. Have fun with a woman within rational extremes
  87. Its door is an easy target
  88. Roll up a hill
  89. My Tess uses this arrangement
  90. Sandy, maybe, is apt to be irritating
  91. Fishy film?
  92. Posh seat on a jumbo
  93. Friendly signs when there are troubled skies at Spithead
  94. Prudences boy?
  95. The riddle is possibly woman!
  96. In a heavenly way, hes thunderous
  97. Drink harder to swallow when cold?
  98. It goes with all geese indiscriminately
  99. What to do when a snappish dog takes a piece off your nose?
  100. Adds up the outcome when people multiply

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