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Evening Standard - Cryptic Crossword Answers - 19-August-2019
Evening Standard - Cryptic Crossword Answers - 16-August-2019
Evening Standard - Cryptic Crossword Answers - 15-August-2019
  1. Miriams uppish manner?
  2. Did Michael take a day to get a long way?
  3. Authentic way to play Lear
  4. Remove a young shoot at some stage
  5. Astonishing speed?
  6. Being sexy, one imagines, he was apt to stray!
  7. The old fool was simply laughed at
  8. Shes sick of getting in extremes of tragedy
  9. Expected to show pity, perhaps, to Calvin
  10. The load to leave on a vehicle?
  11. Follower of antediluvian events
  12. Inclination to be gratuitous?
  13. Free from some harridan
  14. In the gold standard, it plays a measured part
  15. Made, say, by arrangement within hours
  16. Where access is gained to the French cakes
  17. Capital, game hearted player?
  18. Marks little girl
  19. A crazy bunch
  20. Event possibly shown live during January?
  21. Not quite up to the mark, many get beaten
  22. Topographical feature of Caerphilly
  23. The clinging type can be difficult
  24. Animals in the news, we hear
  25. Its a bit risky for chaps to be paratroopers
  26. Money enough to beat everything, given another pound
  27. That flaming redhead
  28. The quality of many a mug
  29. Come up as a review of pay
  30. Alliterative quotation arranged word for word
  31. A fortune in zlotys
  32. Herbs name for another boy
  33. Was it wiped clean for further education?
  34. A game to master?
  35. Correspond with a tow headed friend
  36. Skint at Stratford?
  37. Good boy, albeit maybe too fat
  38. Has a nasty bite but a beautiful skin
  39. Teams taken to be in alliance?
  40. Indecorous exclamation?
  41. So vets can use them for heating
  42. In haste, let her go!
  43. Being a flier can be fun
  44. Go out with aunt
  45. Hadnt paid for the round we had
  46. Has been running round again on the beach
  47. For the trip in, about one day
  48. Going through the list, I really enjoy myself
  49. Kept quiet and booked
  50. Person you first have to reckon with
  51. Thinks up possible reasons for the zero increments?
  52. The leg that is held up in the picture
  53. Recommend that you should tell
  54. It doesnt have a bull ring!
  55. A pebble on the beach?
  56. Editor on a paper that folded, it seemed
  57. Where theres food, an insect will nose about
  58. Shot back, mad
  59. Charge too much
  60. Said in the letter the bird, a tit, had flown in
  61. Reckoned it means œwith a pattern
  62. Running through it, if first given a drink
  63. Get me to meet with, face to face
  64. Looking very clean, if youre not quite so hawk-eyed
  65. The delight you feel when you see your bus coming?
  66. About the meal out, say its an impasse
  67. Get as far as œThe others land
  68. Make no move to anaesthetise
  69. One son, Nigel: hes most peculiar
  70. Believed on both occasions one hadnt acted rashly
  71. Favouring the proposal to have an advertising campaign
  72. Nonsense! Go in to hector the demonstrator
  73. Are crying out for a sun salve
  74. A temp in some hole-in-the-wall job?
  75. Like a first-class, though useless, gong
  76. Make the acquaintance of and be full of, on return
  77. A certainty that the defendant will be found guilty?
  78. Sea fruit?
  79. Coming a day before the opening
  80. I land up covering for her
  81. Rule on, when carrying the raid out
  82. Means of communicating with the next world?
  83. Is taking part in the procession - absolute heaven!
  84. Dont forget to pick it up again
  85. To do with the origins of the money
  86. Hes left his car behind. Theres nothing unusual in that
  87. Was emphatic that the side isnt to be beaten
  88. Shudder at having to compete with the awful child in it
  89. Hardback!
  90. Shes back from Basildon
  91. Is out of town formulating ethics
  92. Subtly put a guard on a friend
  93. Bald headed individual a dog might go for
  94. Glue in suitable measure
  95. The tail of a sheep, I see, is very long
  96. An attractive detective, on the quiet?
  97. Its a bit knotty in Whitchurch
  98. Come and get it!
  99. Food and drink
  100. Mean to go first-class to Minehead

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