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Evening Standard - Cryptic Crossword Answers - 4-August-2020
Evening Standard - Cryptic Crossword Answers - 3-August-2020
Evening Standard - Cryptic Crossword Answers - 31-July-2020
  1. Its rough when a raw beginner gets in a mess
  2. Because a gloss finish can be nice
  3. Maybe one has gasped about such a lady!
  4. What a couple can do when, again, theres an R in the month
  5. Highly disagreeable to be humble?
  6. Stop running some installation
  7. Million to one, to bet is an error!
  8. Keep the eggs warm, perhaps
  9. Complaint said to be a bit hackneyed
  10. Horse maybe born to give a cowboy a start?
  11. Essays by one in a state of rest
  12. Cried distractedly on finishing last, we believe
  13. Just what the doctor ordered
  14. Warm-hearted love for a sweep, perhaps
  15. Being drunk, sounded sloshed!
  16. Is she an enthusiast for New York?
  17. Bad mark for a boy getting out of line
  18. Not ignorant of a place in Herts
  19. They may well be keepers
  20. A reminder about the figures
  21. Stories ought to be out of my thoughts
  22. Such figures are not Roman
  23. Fairy showing malice outright!
  24. Theres a street market for it in London
  25. Bind or untie, possibly
  26. Vendors holding twice the cash as prophets
  27. One much admired though said to be idle
  28. One side of Glasgow
  29. As worn by the runner on the right?
  30. Another name for polo?
  31. Poles always scoff, it seems!
  32. Enquire about a non-starter said to be in the soup
  33. Drawn to matrimony?
  34. Sort of laugh when you flop as a diver?
  35. She was a colossal disaster
  36. Hardly a thing to keep baby quiet?
  37. Under the influence of Morpheus?
  38. As you hunt, the wild chase is about never-ending!
  39. Like the insinuation that theres a nepotistic leader in the team
  40. If wrong again, shes probably French
  41. Dear me, theres this branch in the river!
  42. Choose a new spelling for œchamps
  43. A code some get wrong outright!
  44. Worry a fellow
  45. Cut short, left work
  46. Diana as a mythical nymph
  47. Feel disturbed when you see a chap robbed
  48. Am all bent on backing the beast!
  49. Female making a firm point
  50. A pianist of importance?
  51. Bung very quietly into store, perhaps
  52. Cars can turn in them
  53. Fully expected to back us again
  54. Excursionist coming a cropper?
  55. The news is bad for a; porter
  56. What the police had on his hair?
  57. Shes a bit of a siren, note
  58. Where the pleasure is only moderate?
  59. Something afoot when boats are wrecked
  60. Its cold, I see, at mid-September
  61. One of those pieces of eight?
  62. Wearers of tight trousers
  63. Their tread is endless
  64. Sweetie money?
  65. Views, maybe from space, of planets with no aircraft?
  66. The nut in charge
  67. Hes after big things at sea
  68. Deplorably shifty about publicity
  69. More than one could be produced in Madras
  70. Animal on toast?
  71. In Wales and elsewhere, various ways to get a drink
  72. A sound business letter
  73. The Francophiles love?
  74. Changeless good spirit
  75. Notice its exclusive!
  76. How Moira goes native
  77. If youve vision, theres opportunity
  78. Greedy where flesh is involved?
  79. Agreement to try out a new blend of tea
  80. One in a hole, at golf?
  81. Standing proudly before the court
  82. Attack with a stone, possibly?
  83. Fierce among fishes, that is!
  84. Warning in advance?
  85. Card expert
  86. Be rebuked for giving a pet to the young girl
  87. Going off then to pack a kind of vase
  88. A commotion that gets you up
  89. Hard on the heels of the flower people
  90. In the womens group, one is quite charming
  91. Continue, on getting power, to resist change
  92. Questions the daily
  93. Finish the asparagus off, darling
  94. That game is peculiar, good gracious!
  95. Offer to pull out
  96. Stays away from, because theres a chasm in
  97. Mad that father and I cant travel together
  98. Gossip, does listen to, yes
  99. Goes for the chaps
  100. Shopkeeper whos behaving as though he were a doctor?

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