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Evening Standard - Cryptic Crossword Answers - 9-April-2021
Evening Standard - Cryptic Crossword Answers - 8-April-2021
Evening Standard - Cryptic Crossword Answers - 7-April-2021
  1. Smuggle across to meet
  2. Owing to there being a terrible din outside
  3. Drop it off at the building
  4. Drink is shown to be the real trouble in court
  5. Someone pestering a dog
  6. Not far from a minor road
  7. Decorated for his exploits in danger, perhaps
  8. Fighter who's creating a splash
  9. It makes sense to Henry, nevertheless
  10. Undecided, to be frank
  11. Making progress, in the main
  12. June is soon here - and insects
  13. Send from the office
  14. Very cold and resentful
  15. Makes the mistake of pursing the lips to drink
  16. Not having been told there's no electricity laid on?
  17. Does it take off when the lumberman appears?
  18. Warmed one's toes at, curled up, the day after
  19. Once having hidden the gun, deny it
  20. The financial penalty is fair
  21. Leonard is not worried about being cheeky
  22. Anyhow, proves to the last to be profligate
  23. Seems angered - but not by the close shave
  24. Engrossed while camping
  25. An adherent and he understands what's going on
  26. Lost art, say, that's been restored
  27. Remain on the bar stool, pickled, and do nothing?
  28. Waiting for that to be resolved before the day is out
  29. The burden is "Don't!"
  30. With sauce, enjoy it
  31. The spear went clear through the canvas cover
  32. The first is a communication of some sort
  33. She took the silver coin back
  34. Gracious me, that's the question!
  35. Looks like they're just as good as you are
  36. Layabout I fish with
  37. Hang around, get an interview and time will tell
  38. Having a man around would spoil it
  39. Runs, leaving footmarks on the snow
  40. Observe you accept the money
  41. Lest, perhaps, the overhead light proves frightening
  42. Makes out tenders have been put out on the quiet
  43. Just say no, it must be returned by the soldiers
  44. Aims to get across carrying one
  45. An animal and one flustered bird
  46. Complained about having been barred
  47. An element of law enforcement
  48. At the driving place, all alcohol free
  49. Studies noted duets, possibly
  50. Figure a hush to be something you can hear!
  51. Said to be a sale of cloth
  52. A Scot may have one hanging around
  53. Mickey's companion, an alien
  54. Ask earnestly to be good
  55. Full of excitement like, in the past, Gateshead
  56. Read a bit of scandal
  57. Colourful thing to wear around town
  58. Ardent, even after a weekend
  59. The flying game?
  60. A clever chap takes whiskey with it
  61. City with a Tory disaster
  62. Timothy has the right to be tidy
  63. Tailless aircraft still on the drawing board?
  64. The part one hears amiss?
  65. Animals possibly a long time in espionage
  66. Fabulous wife, but she just had to run away with a writer!
  67. Provides meals as support for actors
  68. Keep at it and your dog will fetch it!
  69. Rose's favourite boy?
  70. There's no silence while you're eating it
  71. Washed down with a bit of ale in a can?
  72. Name a friend out of turn
  73. One with twenty-two legs?
  74. May be silent, but it looks good
  75. Say the wrong thing
  76. Are on the street, if you look
  77. Makes one's mark as a newcomer
  78. Someone to fight for the key to the office
  79. Flier possibly hung up
  80. Has it a slow wriggle?
  81. Stuff that means a lot in church?
  82. Some strange things to come down with
  83. He's young to go around being bossy!
  84. As worn by some Eskimo? No!
  85. Yes, right, guv!
  86. Speaks harshly of making a pass at a redhead
  87. To get ahead, the dirty fellow will betray!
  88. It measures nothing less than a shooting star!
  89. Seaside structure ripe for redevelopment
  90. The ship would cast off
  91. State with a well oiled economy
  92. Lager drunk out of a can, with telling effect
  93. Caucasian continent?
  94. Something to eat, little one
  95. For a time, silent about a measure
  96. While soft, it's dangerous
  97. Calms the wild sea at certain points
  98. Having paid it, can you get back to bed on time?
  99. Bugs on TV etc.
  100. Land where it's wrong to gamble

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