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Evening Standard - Cryptic Crossword Answers - 5-October-2021
Evening Standard - Cryptic Crossword Answers - 4-October-2021
Evening Standard - Cryptic Crossword Answers - 1-October-2021
  1. Might their music produce boos out East?
  2. Look on the initial ball as a high one!
  3. Female deadlier than the male
  4. That of the building opposite?
  5. Feel one has to check out conflicting directions
  6. Pulls out of a hotel because of the ruffians
  7. Quick to provide a cleric's need
  8. Sound the organ made
  9. Great movie
  10. Not a single mistake!
  11. For airmen, hopping on this is a low practice
  12. Bad organisation
  13. Filling it may be a piece of cake
  14. Player in a dramatic substitution
  15. Numerals in black and blue
  16. In making a pit, soil is disturbed
  17. Quantity maybe nearly all gone
  18. Agitate for the right to fresh running water
  19. To me, half London can be at the waterside getting fruit!
  20. It's a bit like sacking a German
  21. Nothing but clamour in Valhalla
  22. Vessel used by stunt men
  23. It's wrong to take a rest!
  24. Stories of explosions
  25. The war at sea started to hot up!
  26. Dried plant product, a treatment for warts
  27. It's foolish to be very close to the bat
  28. Well-known in association with a medium
  29. Pinch one's nose
  30. Mother suffered from being badly spoken
  31. You can shift it out of satin
  32. There's only a dimmer possibility that she exists!
  33. The outcome of the exercise
  34. Maybe Tim's a hothead with this surname
  35. One a policeman may have to nab, possibly?
  36. Actually it's longer than a summer afternoon!
  37. Direct the short way at all times
  38. Such bread lets you fill the hollow within
  39. Dog, red as the evening sun?
  40. A fat free diet is too much for her
  41. Where the boats are, of course, nominally female
  42. One man's name for a gun?
  43. The way Les loses heart and cries
  44. State you need a bit of a back massage
  45. Suppose a guest comes to a different conclusion
  46. Blows, like bobbies getting out of breath!
  47. Hiss the slackers who won't make a straightforward move
  48. Flatten down (and put up again?)
  49. Presented on boards!
  50. Carrier of half a bushel
  51. A sweep, for instance, with love and a warm heart
  52. Down from university?
  53. The junior, I see, is sound
  54. Dog treated remedially by Ed
  55. Guarded against the usual dire disorder
  56. Anger created by arson?
  57. Theodore's childhood playmate?
  58. It has its heroes - and some cowards
  59. Arrange to provide fish at the farm centre
  60. Connects about 50 slabs
  61. Get clean away with a failure
  62. Tough old sea captain
  63. Cause of some childhood ups and downs
  64. In truth, the depression is lengthy!
  65. A useless palindrome
  66. Call urgently for piano wire
  67. Half hour stoppage in town
  68. A fence I mended for a partner
  69. Recover by a sort of miracle
  70. A corps is a unit
  71. Noteworthy, they were made to love and kiss
  72. Vendors named Peter?
  73. Group of buses only a short distance round the corner?
  74. Cooked in a way that found favour?
  75. Left the bad guy out for being nasty
  76. Called a person when the doctor was out
  77. Alf, straying out of line, will not succeed
  78. Trot out
  79. Pay what may be provided for a walk-over
  80. Grand girl, typically transparent
  81. He turns in with an injured leg
  82. Come up very nicely
  83. Are over age
  84. Not a bareheaded bird?
  85. Her asset has been liquidated
  86. Decline to take the dog back, but have to
  87. If frost damaged everything to start with
  88. Would the light be a trick?
  89. How's about "Everything in it is superficial"?
  90. Team up with the children and take part in the controversy
  91. Find out lice are exterminated by it
  92. With an imitation cover, or awning
  93. It's very fashionable is what I've just said
  94. Since then, has bustled about to hurry up
  95. Psychiatrist's answer to "Is he sane to keep wandering the world?"
  96. Within the house is the scoundrel
  97. For the dog, I got food from the fishmonger's
  98. Thought many had been exploited
  99. Yours is in the hold
  100. Had been picked up, one gathered

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