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Evening Standard - Cryptic Crossword Answers - 18-February-2019
Evening Standard - Cryptic Crossword Answers - 15-February-2019
Evening Standard - Cryptic Crossword Answers - 14-February-2019
  1. A noble forename
  2. Move like a drunken churl
  3. Head of finance
  4. Ones wartime girlfriend?
  5. Moons associate space-probe at the centre of the earth!
  6. Tripes processed by an elflike creature
  7. Man of imagination
  8. Much reduced fare
  9. Shoot the pedant to the bottom of the class!
  10. Food for a dog going by railway
  11. A rewarding burden
  12. Kind of glass used for measuring drinks?
  13. See Mr Gores resemblance to president Coolidge
  14. Disunite with some perseverance
  15. Remains to be seen as something educational
  16. Rubbish obtained by going out unaccompanied?
  17. All-rounders in track athletics?
  18. Shell make a home for one
  19. As used in writing pointed articles?
  20. New loader on trial
  21. To get a mate shot is mean
  22. Flat area involved in games?
  23. Games of the greatest status
  24. Studio workers in dire straits?
  25. Any upset can be discouraging
  26. Fish a stream at Birkenhead
  27. An under-nine play group
  28. Smallest article enclosed just in case
  29. Be deceived by a persons charms?
  30. Made ones views known to a top communist
  31. In breaking a leg, maybe, make a name
  32. Clearly it may be the 19 Down type
  33. Jumped when taking PT on the meadow
  34. Return from Ragusa with something sweet
  35. Go furtively forming links
  36. Quick look round for a mouthpiece
  37. Black salt?
  38. Does it grow infernally?
  39. A burglar beating it would be a blow
  40. What the barber will get if you nick his razor?
  41. Initially a senior citizen
  42. Covered with slabs
  43. Its tough, making a hash outright!
  44. Sarah from Salford
  45. Going down on ones genealogical chart
  46. Businessman whod have you believe he works for the railway
  47. Doesnt do it, being pro-animals
  48. Gets support from, when one intimidates
  49. Said thats very much the position
  50. “Dont forget”, says the note, “to rebel against”
  51. Being sensible when told what caused it
  52. Enterprise required to take the first step?
  53. Stood up for the girl
  54. Unable to decide if its damaged
  55. Squeeze it into ones composition
  56. Grant that webs are woven to get trapped in
  57. Send Martins off on time
  58. Thunder “Run!”
  59. Article about a fight and the phoney losing of it
  60. Said goodbye to the dog
  61. Gloomy myself, or so troubled at heart
  62. Within reason, prepared to accept it from a foreign girl
  63. The bare facts?
  64. Are evidently loose, which does worry you
  65. With a silver lining, so over-the-top its scandalous
  66. Drop the dolly and cry for the child minder?
  67. “Heavens!” you say sweetly
  68. Someone acting as a stopgap
  69. Should be “Anything to declare?”
  70. Careers for which one is unsuited
  71. Why we had such a dull day?
  72. Ready to pop back in to get the instrument
  73. Is reminiscent of, it strikes one
  74. A popular action to take, unquestionably
  75. A blue “Do keep my memory alive”
  76. Being good, scolds the villains
  77. Common practice to get ourselves overtime
  78. Set off, eager to arrange cheap accommodation
  79. As opposed to a commercial jingle
  80. Like the money made by the prospector who struck oil?
  81. To the ethereal, its of no account
  82. Ring up twice to belittle
  83. Supposed to be only a very little
  84. Ironic about the tea brewed being so weak
  85. Regard as an outspoken character
  86. As a cricketer, requiring a stronger sunscreen
  87. A less sensitive issue
  88. A little drink at “The Globe” coming back from work
  89. Pump action
  90. Conjured up with good heart
  91. Great times when with royalty
  92. Test the breath of a flier
  93. Its quite different from a degree of malevolence
  94. Chap from Spitalfields
  95. Claimant to being doggedly faithful
  96. Familiar name for a favourite sweetheart
  97. To make money, he needs to get fit
  98. Be shifty when you cant pay the rent?
  99. Time for a regular diet, possibly?
  100. Not genuine money for a spare part

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