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Evening Standard - Cryptic Crossword Answers - 22-January-2020
Evening Standard - Cryptic Crossword Answers - 21-January-2020
Evening Standard - Cryptic Crossword Answers - 20-January-2020
  1. Pass to a superior position by mistake?
  2. Received and understood
  3. Is in manuscript form for a teacher
  4. New estate (in China?)
  5. Call out a heroic nurse
  6. A bit of a cold kiss for the helmsman
  7. At present, a terrible toady
  8. Is still shorter than œseventeen
  9. Recommence showing some children points
  10. Weary of being drilled
  11. Ones in the bath, perhaps, as a weekly thing
  12. The record is held by the District of Columbia
  13. When trust is shaken, support is needed
  14. Figure to be in contention
  15. Spoils a coat tail with a nasty stain
  16. Point the bread merchant out to be the finance man
  17. A cross is in line
  18. Going back to bed
  19. Money for a side of beef?
  20. The seats alight!
  21. Jug for coppers? No sir!
  22. Too far gone to be historic?
  23. Talked about making a date with a deb?
  24. Not sensibly, the horse detested all but Ted
  25. Strangely enough, not evenly
  26. A tasteful club
  27. The difference making one hiss at ones former partner?
  28. To the Spanish its just one letter, I swear!
  29. Olgas exotic place
  30. The value, to me, of some ritual
  31. That flaming redhead
  32. Acrobats name
  33. A catchy non-U tune, possibly?
  34. Gunners crazy about royalty
  35. One ancient barbarian in a hundred
  36. Possibly nailed in dishonest disavowal
  37. Fluids doctored as beverages
  38. Trap at the end of the street
  39. First appearance as a featured East-Ender
  40. Considerable trouble composing trios
  41. What you can pay for tacks, were told
  42. Ones shopping trousers?
  43. A black suit
  44. As used in making pies around Christmas, initially?
  45. Evidently cereal repast
  46. To a medical person, it means scope
  47. We hear it has charms
  48. Prevents arrests?
  49. Like that Baconian theory, a bit unreliable
  50. Harlesdens youth centre?
  51. Employer of a shifty ruse
  52. Some rubbish about a safety device
  53. Certainly not the distaff
  54. Foreigners, as around the Nile, possibly
  55. I had to back the Gunners to attack
  56. Theres a œwater kind (in the Euphrates?)
  57. A number happening to be in the fringes of society
  58. I avow its a southern river!
  59. Soundly bred on plain food
  60. By sheltering the sick, make a name
  61. Legendary builder who redeveloped our slum
  62. Starting with fifty, he returned with nine
  63. Something electrifyingly hairy?
  64. Its after 51 thousand that there are restrictions
  65. Its for water but contains oil
  66. Rested, then returned to an incomplete task
  67. May it form friendship
  68. More than plentiful evidence of embroidery skill
  69. Extra soft, with a bit of lustre
  70. Many wage adjustments mean trouble
  71. Avoids reading things full of rubbish?
  72. To tease us up is sweet!
  73. A terrible fire at the end of the street involves repair
  74. Lord socially acceptable in disorganised clan
  75. At journeys end, see many looking off-colour
  76. Speedy winner in a famous car
  77. Where wintry precipitations almost done?
  78. Annies boy?
  79. You can do what you like with it
  80. Of the emphatic type?
  81. Old place name, rum as can be
  82. In which a woman could give herself airs?
  83. Busoni piece usually without conductor
  84. A takeaway sign
  85. It took a turn in forming a link with the Moon
  86. Sound that may come from the pipes
  87. Be quick to change ends
  88. A show to see again, we hear
  89. The realm of Isambard Brunel
  90. State the actual figure
  91. Beat in some small disturbance
  92. Stop arguing and pay the bill
  93. Treason would ruin this politician
  94. Brad, said to take a theatrical part
  95. Nonsense, but it keeps some boys quiet!
  96. Blames for using a club for certain ends
  97. Superior fur is always worth having
  98. After honey, perhaps, be at the back of the queue
  99. Occasions when some semitones echo back
  100. Better looking spectacles

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