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Evening Standard - Cryptic Crossword Answers - 1-December-2022
Evening Standard - Cryptic Crossword Answers - 30-November-2022
Evening Standard - Cryptic Crossword Answers - 29-November-2022
  1. A very good and superior woman
  2. Hires marine map-makers?
  3. Gardening suit?
  4. U.S. president, mad as could be
  5. Due to the sunshine, you need a hat out East
  6. Extra piece of work accepted by me
  7. Shoots for prizes
  8. Letter to a police inspector from a pickpocket
  9. A snare to race out of?
  10. He'll sell you a ticket - all in French!
  11. A contradiction in terms, but good!
  12. In essence, a literal misstatement
  13. What the passenger pays to get on?
  14. Beethoven followed this vehicle
  15. You could hit a punch-bag with one
  16. Look as jolly as Roger
  17. Timber trade
  18. A state reached by wandering south from Amiens?
  19. Part of the eye containing a clear piece, one finds
  20. The most runs, though only twenty at best
  21. Discover to be sound?
  22. Buzz off and get Steve!
  23. Letter to a sailor in a Gulf state
  24. A name in hypnotism
  25. Property of the fathead at the end of the street?
  26. Do better than thrash?
  27. Think it proper to check the size and shape
  28. Cleric who, being tense, gets nothing right!
  29. It may do good as a guide
  30. It's liquid, but methinks not writing fluid
  31. Optimistic about a flight on the wrong fuel
  32. Opalescent piece of my old china
  33. Expected to combine with tricky lobs in the doubles
  34. Bad ways to trot, possibly
  35. A letter from Margaret in the outskirts of Ottawa
  36. Get the girl
  37. Unhappy in serious adversity
  38. Tea cake? Not entirely
  39. It's to be discouraged in the reading room
  40. Additionally, it's all the quicker to slow you down!
  41. Tear ahead somewhere
  42. Staircase feature; new model, but not modern
  43. Not much fun for a doctor and a seaman
  44. Mum's hot potatoes
  45. To us, a record event
  46. Music coming across the Middle Eastern river
  47. When things are quiet, write a third of a column for £50
  48. Brought up the artillery on the wrong side
  49. The jump season
  50. Test only three-fifths of the car?
  51. Spike with a bent point
  52. The Spanish live on water!
  53. Are they sixty per cent ewes?
  54. Misbehave in a car
  55. To do this up involves some difficulty
  56. Such liquor is consumed locally
  57. Obsession of a man to get a first-class return
  58. Possibly biting cold for half an hour
  59. Where pop is mixed with beer?
  60. Dad has a regular payment for mum, maybe
  61. Weapons a regimental sergeant major can provide
  62. In which, in a roundabout way, you'll never walk alone
  63. Certainly you can depend on us being back
  64. Level of education
  65. Robinson sounds a bit like Caruso
  66. Shopped, in a sense
  67. Having put catches down, omitted from the team
  68. An antediluvian measure
  69. Foreign rule?
  70. But a climber really needs more than one!
  71. Permitted amount of double talk
  72. Reprobate from Capri, possibly
  73. Written about love in the North
  74. Is it not here that you may find three?
  75. For instance, all wrong about being within the law
  76. Spanish health resort?
  77. It can easily get out of hand
  78. When pictures are getting more pricey, buys quickly
  79. Take a little drink - yes, on the quiet
  80. Complain when a double rum is spilt
  81. Hundreds of square metres
  82. Diminutive East Ender feeling restless or uneasy
  83. The corresponding fixture
  84. Approaches a saner condition
  85. Transportation for men leaving the opera
  86. A chap also has chums
  87. Something new in 1984, say
  88. Drive forward, with no drawback, at half pace
  89. Always fed out hot
  90. Strong and meaty
  91. Old in the head, ultimately?
  92. Get over feeling offended
  93. Hit the wicket
  94. Not the nicest of Orcadians
  95. This lets me out
  96. It's safe to check around with a dog
  97. Ancient king, father of about six?
  98. He has a fruitful business in romantic Osterley
  99. A total love of wrestling
  100. Lovely cathedral

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