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Evening Standard - Cryptic Crossword Answers - 23-October-2020
Evening Standard - Cryptic Crossword Answers - 22-October-2020
Evening Standard - Cryptic Crossword Answers - 21-October-2020
  1. At an awful price, about to get Indian food
  2. Don't include - among the cars to be garaged?
  3. No novice; a girl
  4. Meaning to bring it in from an outside source
  5. Unimportant test the four are taking part in
  6. I drop Charlie off and come to shore
  7. Not altogether friendly when Arthur and I go in
  8. Pip, the dog, is inside tied up
  9. Smelling unpleasant, having got caught in the drain, somehow
  10. Begin by taking round to the fold
  11. A pest on the golf course?
  12. "An old roue" is mere banter
  13. Left again
  14. Seem annoyed when speaking of the wife
  15. Gives information about plants
  16. Reminded oneself of what the word "mother" means
  17. Danger averted by a yell from right beside you?
  18. A tin of split peas served as guest food?
  19. Supports and foots the bills for
  20. Looks at the said agreements
  21. See to it that you convince beyond doubt
  22. Move across and sit by
  23. Knowledgeable about heraldry, is peeved
  24. The street name is a girl's name
  25. For the company employee, decisive management
  26. Having lost the lead for a short time
  27. Great excitement on the home turn
  28. Having the boss mentality, he does all the planning
  29. Come back to see the parson and I sit beside him
  30. Having knocked back the drink, she concocts a lie
  31. Shelling out about a pound for using the tennis court?
  32. Having injured an arm, he had protected it
  33. The figure you have in mind to sculpt
  34. Catch in the light
  35. Calls for the sheets
  36. Putting a silly point in is mad
  37. The magazine proprietor's eldest child?
  38. May be humming the note you hear
  39. Stick back the animals with the other animals
  40. Stopped first to go through the various deeds
  41. A lot of wood from which to make church pews?
  42. With a bunch of pals, she had been playing in the water
  43. What's biting when the fisherman gets a bite?
  44. A refusal to give a home to one boy
  45. Plans to get child star performing
  46. Why on a seesaw, nonetheless?
  47. While being unobtrusive, bustle around
  48. Its illuminating, in a way, during flight
  49. The shaky rotters rude reply
  50. Note the new rent to put in the book
  51. See art as a vehicle
  52. Neapolitan tide?
  53. Thus, keys may be used to clear the sink
  54. Badly short of numbers at the seaside
  55. Box for a spare part
  56. Bend and shorten the tail
  57. Supporters always behind you
  58. An L of a place for radio communication!
  59. Shes no academician
  60. Rock back in a big way!
  61. Sailors possibly in a shipwreck
  62. Wont you find this in the North Atlantic?
  63. Fare for reduction?
  64. Be a companion at Daytona, say
  65. Ed sets out to break horses
  66. Theyre instrumental in president meeting aliens
  67. In which we serve, gamely
  68. Not unusually, one may be out to include a share index
  69. She gets Tinas back up with an article!
  70. Scene of some pierrot shows
  71. Violin in the virtuosos tradition
  72. Upturned tub, tip-top for holding water
  73. A trail possibly used by a cowboy
  74. Rubber giving faultless service for years
  75. Fresh directions
  76. The place for new poems?
  77. Uncommonly, perhaps, it goes to ones head
  78. Girl preserved by Ted
  79. Can it carry only half a bushel?
  80. Having authority, detectives are calm
  81. Cater badly for boxing
  82. Childrens story?
  83. But its not a hit with the audiophile!
  84. Tell it differently, just a bit
  85. A worn master key
  86. Lies in ultimate distress, possibly
  87. Rushes to distribute a share
  88. So wrong in the case of that which is plural!
  89. Cleric who went to Dixie
  90. How things may go in the night
  91. Of Dutch courage?
  92. Name a town with honesty
  93. He has to live with a goddess
  94. Maybe turn out a master or president
  95. One who sailed under jolly Roger?
  96. Such prices feature in the wine trade
  97. The foreigners send a replacement
  98. Covers used in drugstores
  99. Agree the amount
  100. The rotten toady finishes tonight!

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