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Evening Standard - Cryptic Crossword Answers - 21-June-2019
Evening Standard - Cryptic Crossword Answers - 20-June-2019
Evening Standard - Cryptic Crossword Answers - 19-June-2019
  1. Got her back to read anew and gave another audition
  2. The port is a local one
  3. Depicts as sinister radiations
  4. Well-versed in games, one maintains
  5. Air hole a tile was moved to create
  6. Are revamping the issue, one deduces
  7. Astound the keen violinist?
  8. Gather you must release the fish
  9. Drifts right in, becomes a permanency
  10. Issue more than the others - the maximum
  11. Suddenly its not in dribs and drabs
  12. Keeping quiet while ones clinching the deal
  13. Not the little woman!
  14. The softest of all does, perhaps
  15. When back, the shipper disposed of the gems
  16. Pressed on and I got angry about
  17. So excited one couldnt keep still?
  18. A hollow œHard times for everybody
  19. Say the hail will be followed by rain
  20. Regards as champions, without exception
  21. Be surprised by the opening
  22. All certain its healthy
  23. Catching the sun is silly - downright crazy
  24. Find you dont need to make the distribution
  25. Soft, one went on to say, being cushioned
  26. Not pestering - the hermit, to change his way of life?
  27. Guarantees, when the battle rages
  28. Advertisement for œThe Laggard
  29. Its clear ones got the hints
  30. Is a better paint remover than?
  31. A requirement, due to indebtedness
  32. Its blind, dear
  33. Up to the B in œbeverage
  34. Past its prime, as the old trumpet is?
  35. Will delve about in, you conclude
  36. Are put into a home - the one easiest to travel to
  37. The dessert sounds good
  38. Overshoot the green badly, though not with the driver
  39. Point out only that its man-made
  40. The best runner
  41. Opens up and one gets in with difficulty
  42. It could be spring water, child
  43. Rather old friends
  44. In answer to the challenge, the twit raised the weapon
  45. The French collection
  46. Only a stone, dash it!
  47. Make a later modification
  48. On paper, legally, a broken wrist
  49. It can mean a shot at goal
  50. A novel ladys name
  51. To be consistent, pull up in the rear
  52. The snare of strong drink
  53. A colourful stopper
  54. Great architect not heard of at first
  55. Club providing many a service
  56. Not oil, perhaps, but a liquid
  57. Pale in a feminine way
  58. Deserve attention before closing down
  59. He assumes a lordly look upon losing heart
  60. Made more mobile with a bit of grease on the rusted end
  61. Dispatched in tens
  62. The century of speed
  63. It catches fish in the Rhone
  64. Budgies favourite artist
  65. Expansive as a lake
  66. Strode around agitatedly when kept
  67. Five to one its commercial!
  68. Where to drink beer and maybe heal with water
  69. Theyre slow to get hot in narrow spaces
  70. Despicable person possibly pitied, poor thing
  71. Blemish on the borough?
  72. Capital centre for mining
  73. A drop to drink at the air terminal
  74. A race, I see, at a high level
  75. Figure an officer has a certain musical charm
  76. Spin an unoriginal yarn
  77. Be an agitator in prison
  78. Practically gives a friend a taste for curios, etc.
  79. To a six-footer, a loud complaint
  80. A low dance at the bar
  81. A minor branch
  82. When a chaps out for a duck, it means a lot
  83. The faulty part of last month, in short
  84. Break free at sea
  85. Forward in a super team
  86. Youngsters, many in laboratories
  87. Wind music?
  88. Deals with as special occasions
  89. Nought but love
  90. There could be more than two
  91. Artist by whom milady could have been heartened
  92. Owns property in south Asia
  93. How deadly a flat can be
  94. That two-faced deity
  95. Having lost it, this adversary could be merely trivial
  96. Maybe rich, hes able to be very poor
  97. Map of Lapland
  98. It may occur at any time
  99. Facts turned to some great advantage
  100. Note the time

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