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Evening Standard - Cryptic Crossword Answers - 1-July-2021
Evening Standard - Cryptic Crossword Answers - 30-June-2021
Evening Standard - Cryptic Crossword Answers - 29-June-2021
  1. Lots provided in the outskirts of Paisley
  2. Search for a soft garment
  3. Aboard ship, does it help people pouring into the vessel?
  4. One, possibly nosy, causes displeasure
  5. Permission unavailable? You don't say!
  6. For parking, on some days, you give a fee
  7. Is its offensiveness only slight?
  8. My lost puzzle, mainly
  9. The thousand referred to
  10. Title of Osiris
  11. Listen to this!
  12. It can be drawn in red
  13. Sympathetic term for beggars
  14. Arrange five seats for the matches
  15. Quite early to be so advanced
  16. Maybe I'm to be a skipper
  17. Fisherman's dance?
  18. Doesn't drink much
  19. A pose as a fabulist
  20. Cricketing garments?
  21. He uses a favourite ear-piece
  22. Take off for somewhere in the Isle of Man
  23. Be a dashing candidate?
  24. Mad keen about making toys, here's a connective part
  25. A nicely matched couple
  26. That whimsical fellow
  27. Beast offering hot money for an article
  28. Being smart, curse wildly about a poor start
  29. Fittingly adapted play about the outback
  30. Speak well of a chap going round the bend
  31. Big-headed American's vehicle
  32. Figure of a cat?
  33. Baseballer in jug?
  34. Fashions that bring a fathead sad distress
  35. Colourful part of the Sabre Dance
  36. Needs to get hot food
  37. Taught soundly, albeit under a strain
  38. Belief in direct action
  39. Women make me sad
  40. Chest protector?
  41. She upset Carlo at Christmas
  42. Such a charge will really soak you
  43. Betray the said group of spies or activists
  44. Being tough, it isn't chow
  45. Where one is out of action
  46. Music circle?
  47. Provide only a version
  48. Currently connected
  49. On a motorway, a learner driver won't get far!
  50. Perform unoriginally
  51. They're useful for audition and in rehearsal
  52. Would such a cap suit jolly Roger?
  53. The river ends in a bay, here in Wales
  54. Complete an article for £50
  55. Is put out of business by moral principles
  56. Permitted, indeed, to be removed
  57. Get that drifting boat in!
  58. Mean obtainable from the Red Inn
  59. Canny type of batsman?
  60. Sign of quality of team operation in the Church of Scotland
  61. Fastener apt to give way?
  62. The humblest of RAF men
  63. In a wide sense, mundane
  64. Allow some men to get fit
  65. Chap short of time
  66. Drab robes, possibly
  67. Problems with motor transport out East
  68. Little ones are novel
  69. Get a hundred advanced by a trick
  70. Terriers know when captured
  71. Expert shooting, maybe?
  72. Word used in pricing a period piece
  73. Kid a fellow, that's all
  74. Revolutionary design for a tram
  75. Remember a mystery caller
  76. Meaning seen to change when preceded by "S"
  77. Suit to change into
  78. On the face of it, it's all over
  79. Little home of the house mice
  80. Demands a dolt to consume a cocktail
  81. Walked with an oldster meandering around Leatherhead
  82. Trustworthy intelligence?
  83. Flycatcher!
  84. Rate or figure
  85. He doesn't get the nice portion of chicken!
  86. Unhealthy outcome from some mishap, usually?
  87. A nice sea trip with Tom
  88. In port, the authority I had for tartan
  89. A negative point, invariably
  90. Vessel used in brewing
  91. Piles of old cars?
  92. Spare weapon?
  93. Wanted a chap to be on time
  94. Lived up to a bad name
  95. Past being educational?
  96. Such recordings can be capital at Monte!
  97. Being religious, has little time for starting trouble
  98. Happy about the hissing when a drink's carbonated
  99. Result of putting one's foot down?
  100. Just the club for a teetotaller in wildest Peru

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