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Evening Standard - Cryptic Crossword Answers - 29-November-2023
Evening Standard - Cryptic Crossword Answers - 28-November-2023
Evening Standard - Cryptic Crossword Answers - 27-November-2023
  1. One jumping about, helping with the loading?
  2. In S. America, it dissolves into a gas
  3. Very serious complaint about student frolics
  4. Tailor or suit
  5. Clothing to be seen at Sunderland
  6. Headstrong, yet a bit camera shy?
  7. In Basildon, you can buy it at the supermarket
  8. Modern ways
  9. Is a bit of a risk at Oxford
  10. Kept cool
  11. Quick round by a thirsty dog?
  12. Water line maybe
  13. Think quietly about me touring the States
  14. Dad's drink?
  15. Is it thrust into orange peel?
  16. Journey before the fall?
  17. Read The Last of the Mohicans, possibly
  18. Look around part of Spain for a river
  19. The lads seem, to you, thus non-U!
  20. Weapon of the ordinary British soldier?
  21. A piece of poetry
  22. One in Brando's career?
  23. Old people a bit lacking in cash?
  24. Flit around with upward movement
  25. Accommodation seeming overheated to the Spanish?
  26. Spear with no head, but pointed at the top
  27. Put out, and certainly not at home
  28. Sends farewell to a redhead
  29. Mare crossing a river?
  30. Little chap holding a bottle
  31. Knowing fellows who seem upset in victory?
  32. Polite pupils possibly please him
  33. He's warned when there's a fight starting!
  34. Vocal power
  35. Island with many a gnarled tree?
  36. Cheek? Yes and no
  37. A hint that may end with a tip?
  38. But such a batsman may be on strike!
  39. It's been carelessly said to associate with sin
  40. Food calling for father's thanks
  41. Endless personal ornaments
  42. She buys little or nothing
  43. Look a knockout!
  44. Having no change, uncle goes to the back of the queue
  45. With a smile, you can make a bit of an impression
  46. A singular aid to vision
  47. This information is just a little backward
  48. Thus a heavy blow comes earlier
  49. Not hard water, you'll observe
  50. What the navy needs, the horse artillery used
  51. Free half of beer for the equestrian
  52. Home established by a Pole
  53. Robert E. is after me for a fight!
  54. Mixed teams under a captain
  55. Artistically, he provided mother with curtain material
  56. Spare personal injury
  57. Assign a fortune to little Albert
  58. Presumably he'd give dad money
  59. Might he start the game as winner?
  60. Singing hauliers?
  61. Royal Anglo-Saxon periods
  62. At Lord's say, would he see only one side of the game?
  63. To which, one might be called for a drink
  64. Time and a quarter
  65. It goes round as part of the system
  66. Train in a way that's regular but heartless
  67. Disregards the love in the heart of a distraught singer
  68. Acceptable figures around mid-May
  69. In half a hour she becomes an attendant
  70. Sleep less than ideally?
  71. Time for a drink?
  72. Knot it wrong and you'll get a loose end
  73. Hundreds of innocent suspects?
  74. Can it measure me a half of bitter?
  75. It's spread as a piece of American symbolism
  76. Chap with whom mum goes to the Nag's Head
  77. Allowed a bit of double-talk
  78. Jack, a friend to many
  79. French word for 'test
  80. The place for one's wheels
  81. Donations that could be small diminished by pounds!
  82. Pursuer making the run
  83. A good man, superior anyway
  84. Daft Della, often in the soup
  85. Bogey beater!
  86. It's sure to be shortened as a concert piece
  87. He makes nothing but new cars
  88. Drink more, doggedly?
  89. Sad, though loaded with unearned income?
  90. Edgar's revised classification
  91. See fit to send a message
  92. Full ones are best
  93. Chap keeping an eye on his companion in the water
  94. Master Charlie's raincoat
  95. Revise some selected items
  96. Spanish part of Ohio?
  97. Down with a broken elbow?
  98. Being in hand, half of us get extra
  99. It's flat on the bed, usually, near Dover
  100. Opposite of stag, in a sense

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