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10-January-2020 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Zone 301 Clues & Answers

  1. Having bust, stopped
  2. Paid off, by the end of the year, which is quick
  3. Talk unnecessarily and the doctor is so held up
  4. A crushing remark you attribute to
  5. The foreigner in the vegetarian restaurant
  6. What a rash twit Thomas is!
  7. A little cry from a little bird
  8. Gather its the back room and the outside bed
  9. If you are, theres little future for you as a guard
  10. Presses the incest, crumpled one to pack in
  11. Will, if you forsake
  12. Perfect for when Im going through a fit of the blues
  13. Will he trundle the hoop?
  14. Longed, after a period at home, to return
  15. The clot is prone to cover for the girls
  16. Is inclined, when its close to the master
  17. œHey, listen! you say
  18. Look for a key to open up with
  19. Criticised for having struck
  20. Go slow when entering the awful settlement
  21. A ball girl?
  22. Obtains by means of, when one manages to speak to
  23. Doesnt veto grants
  24. Go too far again and bash
  25. Is intended to be read, one argues
  26. Go back through, to take a look at
  27. From bygone days, a staple in the kitchen cupboard
  28. Likewise, managed to lose one money at the races?
  29. More damn trouble about a batch of notes!
  30. Mark is a good golfer
  31. A crazy suggestion, but it gets one moving
  32. A deficiency, Im sorry to say
  33. Taste, in the buffet
  34. Its for your ears only, soldier
  35. Acting oddly, ones hidden the label
  36. Is useless " at the brainstorming session?
  37. Leave just a wisp
  38. Cook the same stew, putting best end in it
  39. With the shutter, its less airy
  40. Nick is more self-possessed
  41. Ridiculous score for a cricketer
  42. Bottle as opposed to a tin, for a change
  43. Villainy that goes on at night?
  44. Exulted over the seamen
  45. For setting the bird free outside, be teased
  46. Hot and bothered, hates carrying the case