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10-June-2021 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Zone 301 Clues & Answers

  1. If you want a trophy, start climbing higher
  2. Drama in an incomplete state
  3. Old-fashioned stuff, but it may be sweet
  4. She's no tramp
  5. Go back to bed
  6. Eat with Enid
  7. Can they prevent access to animals?
  8. Run out and look around the end of the street
  9. Stray from proper rectitude
  10. Put up before a court
  11. Contribute to crime in West Ealing
  12. Don't buy, that is, from shifty Leslie
  13. He's good enough to brew tea for his dog!
  14. It's useful for refreshment and relaxation during a race
  15. Peaceably, it's offered so softly
  16. It's hard work getting a good right back
  17. I figure to get in front - it's easy!
  18. Destroyer of a famous museum at Leatherhead
  19. Being modern, sufficiently competent for an appointment
  20. She's a month at the eye centre
  21. Can you knock it on?
  22. Like the water at the pierhead?
  23. Where, dancing, a girl gets nothing right
  24. Batty character? No artist, anyway
  25. Go off when there's a chance of an end during the war
  26. So a drink takes a long time in a TV show
  27. State schoolteacher
  28. Maybe I'm one and don't know it
  29. Ring somebody at Kennington
  30. Hang around a hot-headed relative
  31. Prepare for the turn of the tide
  32. Lake volunteers for the navy
  33. Little informal boss
  34. Chest expanders!
  35. The music section of '21 Across
  36. Meaning 'pound', it gets pounded
  37. He has his virtues
  38. Angry that there's only one speed
  39. A score of two nil?
  40. The French way, it seems, needn't be French!
  41. She's less than amenable
  42. As printed by quiet copiers?
  43. In this way or that, shut out!
  44. Only Abe can produce such hokum