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11-February-2019 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Zone 301 Clues & Answers

  1. A growing boy with taste
  2. In favour of returning at mid-April
  3. Incomplete moniker
  4. As a serf, he had a fortune
  5. Where to buy a bit of booze for an artist
  6. Vessel or military vehicle on a road
  7. Man turning up at an ancient city in Belgium
  8. It only looks like clear water
  9. Rods joint, perhaps?
  10. Car crossing the track?
  11. Due to get a figurehead in wrought iron
  12. Spill the beans
  13. The fictional captain takes it to be a habit
  14. Part extemporised, cleverly, just for now
  15. Hangs out around the space centre getting stories
  16. Live somewhere in Herts, but with caution
  17. Kind of pipe from the centre of the ear
  18. Its a fine point on a drawing, perhaps
  19. Its inserted jointly
  20. Parts with some horses for about £50
  21. He gave ear to military history
  22. Lay low and fool around with a redhead!
  23. Telly character, you may remember
  24. If you want a Strad, the games up
  25. Its horn is crumpled, out of line
  26. Is generous with breaks
  27. Measures for the control of pests
  28. Not even possibly right
  29. Sunny little chap with a warm heart
  30. What the Inland Revenue volunteers to figure for you
  31. Sad in an old-fashioned way
  32. Nominally getting louder on turning red
  33. Also known as a palindrome
  34. Being French, I embrace one girl at a time
  35. Mousy woman?
  36. Grounds, for instance, accepted by doctors
  37. Storeplace where the sweeper-out gets love and a kiss
  38. Notified when the bell rang, we hear
  39. One holding up a chopper?
  40. Its needed in a mobile career
  41. Daniel scattered feed around for the duck
  42. Crash into the school head on a tricycle
  43. Like a formal photo of a policeman?
  44. The head of staff talks too much of difficulties