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  1. Movie hero's favourite pub?
  2. Much, to the Left, is retrograde
  3. Official of county Roscommon, initially
  4. Are in red, possibly, when costlier
  5. In hairdressing, the best union
  6. As magistrates, they had their pet points
  7. Old Harry was enthroned on one
  8. Every country inn has a Scottish one
  9. On which to write home?
  10. One who steals, but not silently
  11. Bad stain in cloth
  12. No ex-hag could possibly have such a figure!
  13. Outstandingly ladylike, a bit statuesque?
  14. Shown the way out of troubled waters
  15. Not refreshments, one observes
  16. Finish getting toes dry somehow
  17. Be ill disposed to commit an offence
  18. Sad remark by a girl at a hearing
  19. In Panama, say, the east gets hot weather
  20. Replacements may be sparse
  21. Do fully, just the same
  22. The outcome in Ulster?
  23. Coming out of their shell, they give the French a saucy look!
  24. He's about to get cross
  25. It's an honour to enter the Royal Society in such garments
  26. Speak of how some toreador got tossed!
  27. Figure in timeless soap operas as an American drink
  28. Traveller abroad very keen on Japanese theatre
  29. Due to loss, was short of tea
  30. Disney character half the time in a new bib
  31. Make an application, or joke about it, possibly
  32. German essayist?
  33. One bringing new arrivals by air?
  34. Move fast, causing confusion in the kitchen
  35. Where the ancient Greeks got ten in a mess?
  36. Neither number's right!
  37. Dashing young fellows from Sheffield?
  38. Show an inclination to be generous
  39. Jug of porridge
  40. As a joke, it's less than engaging
  41. The glory that was Greek
  42. The way to town, for us, is difficult
  43. It's in fashion, a lot, for linking computers
  44. A funny noise?