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11-June-2021 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Zone 301 Clues & Answers

  1. Gets jumpy when one searches for weapons?
  2. Get yourself a new outfit, having a little money
  3. Find yourself something to do while in prison?
  4. Are strangely adamant about the weapon
  5. Pores over the list to find an exhibit in the art museum
  6. To join up the various lines takes time
  7. A soldier and a pretty girl you see at the salad bar
  8. Charm so you find yourself unable to fire?
  9. Such a victory as the road cleaner won over dirt?
  10. Bumped into as one went out
  11. How you chuck it away when the injured arm has mended?
  12. Will fetch, you understand
  13. Three teas at the dansant?
  14. Disconcert, but only for an instant
  15. Keeps under cover when it's hot outside
  16. Game you always found you were good at
  17. Will call for, you gather
  18. Happy at not having to toss a coin about it
  19. Having blackened, cleaned
  20. Broach the subject again as I wander in
  21. Do well to answer verbally. "What is XX plus XX?"
  22. It is, you realise, a question of skill
  23. So on the day before it's rainy
  24. Get stuck into a hefty slice
  25. In fact he expected you before
  26. Had gone by boat and the son was sick
  27. Label as "an adherent"
  28. First make out it's not deliberate
  29. Doubtless, is particular
  30. Negative answer to "Will you be off at twelve?"
  31. Left one with nothing for tea, which was going too far?
  32. Don't hand over, not having lost one's grip
  33. Cheekily having commandeered the spot next to the fan?
  34. All ten quivering with rage
  35. Tend to slope
  36. A place of one's own that's hot, in the South of France
  37. To be candid, is unqualified
  38. Not a great rhyming couplet!
  39. A foreigner and about to marry one's mum
  40. It took her a long time to accommodate the Pole
  41. Endorse a letter
  42. Groups of people, some of them grannies?
  43. A turn performed by a man, as you'd expect
  44. It emits a sinister glow
  45. How the watery sunlight will come through the window?
  46. Gather there is a marked recovery