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14-September-2021 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Zone 301 Clues & Answers

  1. Doing away with a sailor!
  2. They throw saints out, the rotters!
  3. The old school head is in agreement
  4. One thinks of a non-metric measure for a bra
  5. The comical character of funny barmen
  6. Where, at school, one may be out to start trouble
  7. A moving example of art
  8. The Goldilocks trio
  9. Confederate called Johnny
  10. General secretary
  11. Unsightly vessel in a pig pen?
  12. Mostly raw meat
  13. For the best reception, it needs real A1 adjustment
  14. Reveals Stella's distress at not being able to finish
  15. The sadness when response is totally lacking
  16. Decline to set us free again
  17. Should end malice, perhaps, when you make a speech
  18. On the 4th of July, even a good player can be out of sorts
  19. Painter of a pole in the police?
  20. Schoolchild is essential for vision
  21. In radio telephony, I have a security device!
  22. Discussed arranging a date for a debutante
  23. Familiar name for an unfamiliar Scotsman
  24. How to make ears burn
  25. Is such fuel a bit undervalued?
  26. Where I left a chap out
  27. It gets snowed on, obviously
  28. Rapidly knock off, thus showing laziness
  29. It can also fly on coal!
  30. Think aloud?
  31. Old fools in motley array
  32. Sterling properly shared out, but not in a very bright way
  33. Like one's objection to weeds
  34. Came out with an outrageous ode about Australia!
  35. Males were simply crazy about her love
  36. Grants the reduction of price desired
  37. After page one, a good book makes a grand show
  38. A game of wits
  39. An Italian could start something stimulating
  40. Get over angry?
  41. Father Time has one, but can carry many!