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16-March-2023 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Zone 301 Clues & Answers

  1. Crime of a clergyman who's lost his head?
  2. Some fat in collar done too tightly
  3. Drunken topers four to a bed?
  4. The majority are in Half Moon Street
  5. Historic recipient of cavalier treatment
  6. Jeff's canine associate
  7. Avoid getting hot in the summer heat
  8. Bring about or start up, just in case
  9. The way a novel's ending makes you cry
  10. Fatheaded advertisements? They're all the rage!
  11. Agreement in every essential
  12. A valued piece of sticky paper
  13. What drivers may do when angry about nothing
  14. Tricked by some shady character
  15. One writing on special notepaper?
  16. Lenses, etc., lost in the post, I see
  17. Means of sending by air
  18. Roll down to the seaside
  19. The very well known working of a sum
  20. Pop up repeatedly
  21. In a police state, can they be somewhat chilling?
  22. Worker persuaded to be managed
  23. Juvenile Charles Boyer part
  24. Time to get ahead with new heart
  25. Manage to capture a key part
  26. Condemns certain vessels
  27. Bit of a bouncing boy in his birthday suit
  28. Ultra dynamic jazz?
  29. Begin to show jumpiness?
  30. Left food out, and water
  31. Fish that could give you a bad turn
  32. Join with difficulty?
  33. Is unable to love some poetry
  34. It's no good being practically penniless
  35. Strong riverside canvas shelter
  36. One in time to join up?
  37. Joined Mr Gore for a mineral
  38. He may lightly be addressed as -Sunshine”
  39. Rotter's wrong answer
  40. In the kitchen, this helps if you can't spell too well after a drink
  41. Soldier's possibly rash tour of the States
  42. Servant crazy to get out of line
  43. For this, there's no payment!
  44. Wherein the woman would shelter?