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16-October-2020 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Zone 301 Clues & Answers

  1. Sea-bathing, mostly
  2. Pretty appealing to a child, it is!
  3. A battle we need to fight
  4. For rises, still holds good
  5. Measure the hair in need of cutting?
  6. Regardless of which contest ones competing in?
  7. Until by myself with a book
  8. Does she wield the big stick over malingerers?
  9. Surrounds the arenas
  10. An early lead!
  11. The way to overcome a foolish fear is to attack it
  12. Cajole in order to circumvent?
  13. The guard with the money got shot
  14. Between blonde and mouse is not a bad description
  15. A large hall for study and lessons
  16. Be against including it or just the converse
  17. Does, stupidly, clown about and you suspend activities
  18. Raze the apartment between nine and eleven
  19. Got loaded and became bossy
  20. The lady and the space man whos so intrepid
  21. The fifth or sixth letter in knowledge
  22. Silly rot! A man about to become a mother!
  23. Go on, lad. Push out the boat
  24. Therefore, for assault could be incarcerated again
  25. The gentleman who took part in the uprising
  26. Military wear is the antithesis of a babys bonnet!
  27. A commotion that gets you up
  28. Gloomy when the half moon came up
  29. On return, Rose Brown got through to the politician
  30. Something you pull with difficulty from the tool bag?
  31. Takes care of, when one ushers the sailor to the door
  32. Container nanny cant have?
  33. Mean to force Nigel to admit the old boy
  34. Long to take one round the hotel
  35. Was better than the other polishes?
  36. Ring through at a quarter past from work
  37. What made the newlyweds so unhappy in the front seats?
  38. When I floated off, didnt
  39. The one served by the butter-fingered waitress in the tea-room?
  40. A small male or a female
  41. Did it enable gold prospectors to see in the dark?
  42. Is, alas, preparing to attack
  43. Reduce the amount in order to create an impression
  44. The papers he puts into groups