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19-February-2021 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Zone 301 Clues & Answers

  1. Playing the organ as a job?
  2. Detective who leaves sticky footprints behind him?
  3. So, if he were given only half a chance. . .
  4. A dog trained to fight
  5. I think I've got it working!
  6. Result of making a debut?
  7. Transmute into silver?
  8. Well, well! So it's only imagination!
  9. Ramon after the sex change?
  10. Bad guess - not US emblems
  11. Leave floating on the river for show
  12. Criminal who would be quite happy to get bird
  13. A lot of water in a fissure on the hill
  14. Is it a rib-tickler?
  15. In lieu, I have fish
  16. Swam round the fish, angry
  17. Animals in pounds
  18. Cheers! A double feature!
  19. Are capable of duplicating the dance
  20. When returning with money to get the material
  21. The artist in "The Rope"
  22. Money of which finders are keepers
  23. Fur auction the British go in for
  24. Open up, man!
  25. Try one's level best to swindle as many as possible
  26. The second delivery?
  27. Let everybody out, do we?
  28. A wood on the borders of a local river
  29. A small coop by a tree
  30. Beat the most easily beaten
  31. Early days of the young Robin
  32. Dogs from British possessions
  33. A setter making a row
  34. Mark, the fellow with the muffler
  35. The lawyer's employer has the right to appear in court
  36. People run when he shoots
  37. For a semi-detached, shows potential
  38. The foreign editor, in plush surroundings
  39. Misled a number of Germans
  40. Cheat a score of Romans
  41. Not to mention the claw, in general sheathed
  42. A ticking off for the sailor
  43. Gun dogs - two of them
  44. We had got the gun in central London
  45. In getting a plant substance, commit another offence
  46. Rush the papers through that were held back