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2-December-2019 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Zone 301 Clues & Answers

  1. Rubbish a vegan couldnt stomach
  2. They may take in meals
  3. Where Uncle Tom kept a taxi?
  4. Marie took a remedy round the medical centre
  5. Beauty with a heart of stone
  6. Who is said to go to church for a drink?
  7. One may feel better for reading it
  8. Capability colour
  9. Number of Dials in London
  10. Paid to work for a high-sounding communist
  11. Line of argument
  12. Belief in direct action
  13. Maybe not a weight?
  14. Just a bit of a bore to me
  15. A service issue
  16. Music to which nobody can tango
  17. A bird will never put him off
  18. Town exercising power in the National Theatre?
  19. Its true theres a Madrid club
  20. Raise constructively, if not for long
  21. Jerrys drinking companion
  22. The C.O. advanced in port
  23. In rank, Detective Inspector, thus smarter
  24. Outwardly cool self-possession
  25. John perhaps, a student in school
  26. Refusal to raise much revenue
  27. Though diminutive, is no end loud!
  28. Tune that comes back in variation
  29. The performer tears it in pieces
  30. In Germany, received 50% of 50%
  31. Hits a three-wheeler in the outskirts of Skegness
  32. Murphy, maybe, could be a brute
  33. Lad repeatedly in prison for poisoning
  34. Conduct a change of heart to bring comfort
  35. Instructor in gun laying?
  36. Like Sir Walter, Robert was remarkably great
  37. Veer erratically as always
  38. Is it a mistake to wear one?
  39. In the time it takes a learner to get into the game
  40. Charge for a liquid diet, including the bottle opener
  41. Shrewd way to take a taste out of turn
  42. Something to cover the rust, perhaps?
  43. Neither is this the country way!
  44. Latvians teetotal among the French