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2-December-2019 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Zone 301 Clues & Answers

  1. One may feel better for reading it
  2. Capability colour
  3. Number of Dials in London
  4. Paid to work for a high-sounding communist
  5. Line of argument
  6. Belief in direct action
  7. Maybe not a weight?
  8. A service issue
  9. Just a bit of a bore to me
  10. Music to which nobody can tango
  11. A bird will never put him off
  12. Town exercising power in the National Theatre?
  13. Its true theres a Madrid club
  14. Raise constructively, if not for long
  15. Jerrys drinking companion
  16. The C.O. advanced in port
  17. In rank, Detective Inspector, thus smarter
  18. Outwardly cool self-possession
  19. John perhaps, a student in school
  20. Refusal to raise much revenue
  21. Though diminutive, is no end loud!
  22. Tune that comes back in variation
  23. In Germany, received 50% of 50%
  24. The performer tears it in pieces
  25. Hits a three-wheeler in the outskirts of Skegness
  26. Murphy, maybe, could be a brute
  27. Lad repeatedly in prison for poisoning
  28. Conduct a change of heart to bring comfort
  29. Instructor in gun laying?
  30. Like Sir Walter, Robert was remarkably great
  31. Is it a mistake to wear one?
  32. Veer erratically as always
  33. In the time it takes a learner to get into the game
  34. Charge for a liquid diet, including the bottle opener
  35. Shrewd way to take a taste out of turn
  36. Something to cover the rust, perhaps?
  37. Neither is this the country way!
  38. Latvians teetotal among the French
  39. Rubbish a vegan couldnt stomach
  40. They may take in meals
  41. Where Uncle Tom kept a taxi?
  42. Marie took a remedy round the medical centre
  43. Who is said to go to church for a drink?
  44. Beauty with a heart of stone