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22-May-2020 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Zone 301 Clues & Answers

  1. A job you are safe and at home in?
  2. Hes come back with a fresh egg
  3. Do get involved in some game
  4. A little flash
  5. Spots an insect crawling round the hole
  6. Standing outside œThe Goats Head, Peter is worried
  7. Interrupted only when I tend to digress
  8. Commits an error in writing the clue for œodes
  9. Knock back the usual
  10. Only commenting on briefly, but its poignant
  11. No mere mortal, I guess
  12. Finds out that money constitutes a snare
  13. With which to pay the minder?
  14. The answer is to have a liquid mixture
  15. Hes a catch
  16. A dash just before take-off
  17. Like a really bad oil lamp?
  18. Is fast finding what all the study was for
  19. Managed to leave when it became known
  20. So after all is left unfinished, too
  21. Heavy rain accompanied by lightning?
  22. Eke out the bit of porridge
  23. Hasnt it yet learned to steer clear of insect spray?
  24. Pearls are round, by the way
  25. To hinder from grasping power, I deem wrong
  26. Keeps it a secret from the firm and freelances
  27. Very keen to get the other flighty daughter into
  28. Go out when you light up
  29. Was a welsher " a shortcoming, indeed
  30. Carrying the spray (mace) and a knife
  31. A difficult task for High Command
  32. Will lay on drink, you think
  33. Show yourself to have a heart, perhaps, and emulate
  34. Story Sally was given specially to break
  35. Achieve the correct balance with the ornamentation
  36. Question the female we apprehended
  37. œLacks stability, they add
  38. Issue more than the others " the maximum
  39. Spoils the acts
  40. Very sad he ruined the roast again
  41. First the raging gale drowned the noise
  42. Going back, see the trainees mistake
  43. Doesnt retire and creates a logjam
  44. Fighting to get something done
  45. Bought back and restored oneself to favour
  46. Went up and roughly cased all round, you conclude