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26-June-2020 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Zone 301 Clues & Answers

  1. Good gracious! Im no longer topsy-turvy!
  2. How one regretted making the acrimonious remark?
  3. Replace the really good top player spoken of
  4. Didnt economise " too exhausted
  5. Gloat unfairly over the three that flopped completely
  6. Aloof, I stand beating time
  7. Shes a backer, too
  8. Vindicates " the meteorologists forecast of improving weather?
  9. Own you are forced to
  10. Admiration, in particular
  11. Your crony is standing a round
  12. It allows you to exhibit just how house-proud you are!
  13. How drivers could see they were behind a dogcart?
  14. That is to cover the girl in, silly!
  15. One of the farms adjuncts that remains always the same?
  16. The fathead is convinced theres a crack
  17. It beams down from way up, to call attention to
  18. For the journey back, the same case
  19. Instead changed the first to œrepugnance
  20. The wine was revolting
  21. A lady had come round about even before that
  22. Getting on with the shutting up of the shop-front
  23. Does ones best to include the tea-packers in the agreements
  24. In a hurry to have a drink, gets a round
  25. Rather small bird having a funny fight in it
  26. Colour when the mans name is spoken
  27. In the buff, hugging a plutocrat
  28. In a while, the weed got entwined with the plant
  29. Landed, carrying œThe Wandering Meteor actors
  30. Cheerful, which is auspicious
  31. Is to set off round about six " flying
  32. Is he mincing liver for the monkey?
  33. Emphasise the Arab cities are different all round
  34. Esteemed and confident, taking a walkabout
  35. Stupidly lie about and stupidly get caught
  36. Does it get your foot accustomed to wearing it?
  37. Satisfaction is derived from the colonisation
  38. Satisfy as being suitable
  39. To hand the water to requires quite a gymnastic feat
  40. Disaster averted by your neighbours phoning you?
  41. Thats what were talking about, children
  42. A derelict pub, exhort to go into
  43. New versions of those coloured moored platforms?
  44. Multum in parvo is less than accurate