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29-June-2020 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Zone 301 Clues & Answers

  1. In a glass case at the chateau?
  2. Need to be told what to do with the dough
  3. Hes got the knack
  4. Profundity shown by a department head initially!
  5. Perpetual advice not to show ones years so much!
  6. Normas new Spanish boy
  7. Smiths property, one figures
  8. Blemishes in Occidental cultural matters
  9. Second team players in something sticky
  10. Compare this with a broken link out East
  11. Being stupid, needs revision
  12. Takes in hand at short notice
  13. One of those blooming black-eyed girls?
  14. Canine king?
  15. Go later, perhaps, round the civic centre
  16. May be burning to talk!
  17. Winners of a case, perhaps
  18. Some of their kinkiness can be annoying
  19. Was Ayrton brought up in Lytham St Annes?
  20. Foreigner given a wave?
  21. The Bees best bits?
  22. Like the estate of an earl?
  23. Were persuaded its a little light
  24. Spoils things when one runs out
  25. A clear note to twin girls
  26. Being decrepit, check out nothing
  27. Wind bringing bad visibility to a central part
  28. Question a piece of news thats unduly slanted
  29. Dim as could be, the king had asss ears
  30. Figure a troop leader has to be paid
  31. Sooner than finish nowhere
  32. Instrument played by a low singer with nothing on
  33. He wont yield, but he does go in a bit
  34. A communication link in hotel use
  35. Draw information from a letter to Mussolini?
  36. Korean mineral?
  37. Essential car dial adjustment
  38. Wise holder of power " possibly a Frankfurter
  39. The last fathead to use a bent nail
  40. You get one free, like in the desert
  41. Race anger?
  42. Robs upset over Ken being ruined!
  43. Little girl led astray by Mr Bumble, say?
  44. A name I had for being convincing