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  1. The animals, were told, take advantage of it
  2. Deals with the topic only indirectly, yet convinces one
  3. Theres sun and its nice out again " honest
  4. Cry œGo away! when the key is inserted
  5. Mark down each damaged ballpoint
  6. Is it for cutting deadwood?
  7. The plant is in perfect condition
  8. Very quickly train to skate on ice
  9. Trapped again by the water, not knowing what to do
  10. Look the flies out that contain the pattern
  11. Pretends one just scrapes along
  12. Cries " and with reason, you say
  13. With only strangers about, is the day interminable?
  14. Took some exercise that made one taller?
  15. Herbivores raised on grass
  16. Will be awfully salty and horrible
  17. Awful nonsense " catch up!
  18. It would be advisable to have water
  19. Walk from the stage
  20. Laying it on and being dignified
  21. Reckoning its not part of the original building
  22. Be inclined to rely on foolishly and lovingly
  23. Could be improved taste-wise, but its right for the weather
  24. Wind that makes you lose your footing
  25. œWhat makes one room two rooms? is the riddle
  26. When the egg has hatched, gets frightened
  27. Name the vessel " an Oriental vessel
  28. Say youll keep it
  29. Give the prearranged nod and we hold up
  30. Understand, you say, in the main
  31. Dressing in for skating?
  32. œCheerful is fair
  33. Show the lady is playing the piano in
  34. State of mind brought about by drink?
  35. Manage to pronounce the composers name
  36. Being rude to, at the christening?
  37. Said the old location does arouse strong feelings
  38. What the draper christened his boy?
  39. The top pub in the place has been renovated
  40. Manages, when one provides the guidance
  41. Carried away again, emotionally touched by
  42. Anxiety felt about 15
  43. Figure a hat-pin might hold it in an emergency
  44. The hardness is a source of worry