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  1. It's for minor financial holdings
  2. Greedy fellow's house at Gateshead
  3. Headgear with a twisted spike
  4. Remove a narrow piece
  5. Is sorry to be confined in the reserves
  6. A catastrophe of old
  7. Length of a lime tree!
  8. In parts of Australia, a legendary character
  9. Such temperatures are cold to bear
  10. A rambler came up
  11. In time, is famed for freshness!
  12. Tennis stars involved in broadcasting
  13. At the piano, he may sound a bit monotonous
  14. A Roman cross?
  15. Poles were in debt due to what the weather did
  16. Silencer
  17. Learn to cut bread
  18. The way on from Rouen
  19. Sing in ye old style?
  20. Anglers welcome them, but not from insects
  21. A business worry
  22. Collaborator with McCoist?
  23. Figures depicted artfully cavorting in the dunes?
  24. Could this six-footer be an egghead?
  25. Mac gives Joe a hiding and that's charming!
  26. Animal giving a growl during certain measures
  27. Regularly said to be chivalrous?
  28. It's hard to be both a saint and a slippery customer
  29. Churchman's official list
  30. Talk, gasping noiselessly!
  31. Head that may be turned
  32. Like glass, perhaps, but you can eat it
  33. Stories of a bit of gallantry in the SAS
  34. Where the air is disturbed by a wild gale
  35. As a musician, is he a good cake decorator?
  36. A leading spinner
  37. Spotted a naughty elf coming to a wicked end
  38. A piece of flying equipment, naturally
  39. Spain's historic beard singeing centre
  40. Wine tasting feature
  41. Classic hero of Dutch soccer?
  42. Said to push in opposite directions
  43. Gets worn out distributing wares
  44. Where little Lizzie was taken in by "18 Across"