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30-April-2021 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Zone 301 Clues & Answers

  1. Peeved now about the green being in poor condition
  2. The girl from number 50A
  3. Execute the order to remove bodily?
  4. Is it a draw at the marine exhibition?
  5. Are mixed with tonic for a concoction of one's own
  6. A good hand and honest
  7. Taking the trip south or declining
  8. So is not well spoken
  9. "A false premise," I'd put in, "when it comes to skin"
  10. A rubber spanner!
  11. Mystery no light has ever been shed on?
  12. There's a hole on the A5 coming into the city
  13. Miles away from the place? Anything but!
  14. First things the key man says?
  15. Is an author, you say, and behaves well
  16. Is exultant about the many animals trapped
  17. The job of a door-to-door salesman?
  18. Plans to take you around the city
  19. Turn round and smile slyly back
  20. With which the strong man gets hold of the golf club?
  21. Caught Igor going off with the dog
  22. Late and one's yawning?
  23. Come first in French, which is hard to pick up
  24. Find the time to, when you coax
  25. At the time, fears they're wrong
  26. Speed at which the smack sails?
  27. If Fred were let off at ten, about, to get changed
  28. Dejected at being low on the list of actors
  29. Called on, or didn't leave home
  30. So put out again, from the carriage
  31. The longest sentence ever pronounced at the fastest ever speed?
  32. On that account, see alone
  33. She never bought much abroad
  34. The clerk will notify you
  35. Punish and no mistake!
  36. Is it suitable for high tea?
  37. Conclude it's a tip
  38. Where you're near the ring for the subsequent fight
  39. Think there's nothing inside but there is an animal
  40. Taken in charge by a group of police, is sour
  41. Rang the bell when urged to
  42. On day four set out, or take off
  43. Feel, to a minor degree, silly
  44. He's done the wrong thing in accepting the last tender