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31-July-2020 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Zone 301 Clues & Answers

  1. Happen again and again, when you set the dog on
  2. Be rebuked for giving a pet to the young girl
  3. Argument coming back Id got terribly upset by
  4. Theyre foolish to do it, anyhow, when ones around
  5. For about an hour, were formulating the question
  6. So you take leave at the end of September
  7. Goes for the chaps
  8. They reveal themselves to be thoroughly reprehensible lots!
  9. Mad that father and I cant travel together
  10. Prim and a little proper with the rather discourteous
  11. Drink you having during flight when its cold?
  12. Offer to pull out
  13. Want the scruffy pair to go in for a make-up
  14. Its even more lacklustre: thats whats wrong
  15. Finish the asparagus off, darling
  16. With water, theres call to be economical
  17. Entering into an agreement thats potentially good
  18. Continue, on getting power, to resist change
  19. Evidence that the strip club is on fire?
  20. In a ship, it keeps the interior from getting dirty
  21. Hard on the heels of the flower people
  22. With drink taken, unfortunately drive back
  23. Except for a round at the local
  24. Going off then to pack a kind of vase
  25. What the male star breaks?
  26. Say something angrily when you scratch yourself on
  27. Give battle now, besieging
  28. Having the salesman walk up to is smart
  29. Shopkeeper whos behaving as though he were a doctor?
  30. Keeps a close eye on, though theres no longer any resistance
  31. Gossip, does listen to, yes
  32. Well, then I got confused and embarrassed
  33. Stays away from, because theres a chasm in
  34. Draw into conversation, as you promise
  35. Mark the urban area where theres shortage
  36. That game is peculiar, good gracious!
  37. A minor attack
  38. Can a bar provide them for very little money?
  39. Questions the daily
  40. Sound indication that theres pork for dinner?
  41. Frightening a fly
  42. In the womens group, one is quite charming
  43. What you dived into the grocers for?
  44. Talked turkey!
  45. A commotion that gets you up
  46. The face is both stern and very good