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5-December-2018 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Zone 301 Clues & Answers

  1. Trimmed suitably to drape?
  2. It may conceal an evil manoeuvre
  3. Packed up devising a plot about a beast
  4. Ruddy promising!
  5. An operative with news, perhaps
  6. Being sinned against can get Reg down
  7. She anticipates
  8. Yearn to make Henry (an American) a monarch
  9. Figures in heaven as a mere drudge
  10. Club motorist?
  11. Its figured to be a fine feature of furniture
  12. Martin would never quite break the rule
  13. As worn when going round the pub for something to eat?
  14. Kind of coffee Standard journalists love?
  15. Dame, or possibly Dane
  16. Tragic end to a morning on the river
  17. In a terrible rut, information is important
  18. Not amused by that which is full of holes?
  19. Royal role for a motherless man, we find
  20. Something cracked up as a bit of a stunt!
  21. Meant me to help out
  22. In sport, knotty fixtures?
  23. For me to be in bed is something heavenly
  24. Backed up, hes still no good
  25. Where one could murder a whisky?
  26. Made a mockery of Mr Fawkes?
  27. Move like a drunken churl
  28. When out of nectar, theres always the local
  29. Its natural to brew tea at the tavern
  30. In certain cases, an old ruler
  31. Something to do with a hot iron
  32. Girls name for a metal article
  33. Live in apparent concealment!
  34. Colourful little pieces for festive occasions
  35. The sea where sunshine is only average?
  36. He shouldnt have had a haircut
  37. Roman god of heat treatment
  38. Book for a series?
  39. Little chap with a degree of combatant expertise
  40. State there may be ten in an adjustable seat
  41. Just what you want in central Lewisham
  42. Born in Nine Elms