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7-October-2019 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Zone 301 Clues & Answers

  1. Runs a retail business in Russell Square
  2. A Whitehall success?
  3. To the school head, these are learned writings
  4. Beths garment, in play?
  5. Worker having a great time at the piano
  6. Drink, little one
  7. Instrument forming part of a collection
  8. A rough idea of the direction of exit?
  9. Able to make a quick exit from Clitheroe
  10. Catastrophic cause of a bad mood
  11. Its in the field of mineral resources
  12. A flier gets ahead with her
  13. Sweeter maybe, but cold hearted?
  14. Carry on with the summary
  15. Where Londoners nibble at meat?
  16. It can make them drunk at Ponders End
  17. Window offering a view of the Loire?
  18. Vehicle assembled from chariot parts
  19. Plenty of warm clothes
  20. They shoot some distance away
  21. He has his own way of working in crime
  22. Deeply, darkly puzzling? Not if I can help it!
  23. Chosen as a noted new poet?
  24. To get the notes right, you need one for music
  25. Thick-skinned and unfeeling
  26. Ruled out, a politician is disturbed
  27. Take hold of many a snake
  28. See art as a vehicle
  29. Treat books badly
  30. Is consulted but may make nothing clear!
  31. Very slack, but clever about work, on the quiet
  32. It puts you out, naturally
  33. Exercise your right to keep fit
  34. Put those eggs down!
  35. In the end, many fail
  36. Benefits said to be short
  37. Can its outward resemblance to Perspex puzzle you?
  38. Sea pink
  39. It may carry a lot of symbolic meaning
  40. They adjust costs nationally
  41. Answer properly redirected at last
  42. Rouse to make money
  43. E.g., looking around one in Scotland
  44. For a one-off purpose, flavour pronouncedly with wine