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8-February-2019 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Zone 301 Clues & Answers

  1. The denim confection, as well, will be popular
  2. Having trouble from scratch
  3. I mean to return the day after, losing no time
  4. Amalgamated with again, having said one wouldnt
  5. Understand the ladys coming back and hang about
  6. For “set-rate”, the figures entered
  7. Pulls in and discovers the L-plate has fallen off
  8. Girl â€" a model â€" whod be no good as a fielder
  9. Admits one fools people
  10. Though out of step, sir, dont give up
  11. Pink for a boy!
  12. Doesnt keep the profits
  13. One minute shes fine, next minute shes gloomy
  14. Had the tune played in it obsessed one?
  15. Want to catch a snake thats ill-tempered
  16. Prepared to be shot
  17. Doesnt stay â€" is working
  18. Clearly indicates witchcraft
  19. Objected strongly to concealing the charge
  20. “A recreation thats beyond me”, I put in
  21. “Its the in thing” makes you lose your temper
  22. Administers corporal punishment - doesnt work
  23. Dont worry â€" holiday guaranteed
  24. Stopped when one bawled out
  25. Capsizes, with surprising results
  26. Bet theres a N in the composers name
  27. Hell leave an hour after midnight
  28. Brass bottle
  29. A mere error, the agent holds, in the contract
  30. Imprudent to be counselled by those in need of treatment?
  31. About rip-offs that are going round, theyre very funny
  32. Man painting a symbol on a card
  33. Run to time, you find
  34. Its obvious one is hidden in the case
  35. Comforts one when the note case is lost
  36. A tough-guy robot?
  37. Of course I would need to break in
  38. Scolded, deserved it
  39. The shutter is heavier
  40. Squeals when it bursts
  41. Putting signs by, the names that have had a rebuke?
  42. Go wrong and you discharge the wrong person?
  43. Hurried up, furious the sea was going out
  44. Stop on a winding side street
  45. Run in pursuit
  46. Ate and ran