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9-August-2019 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Zone 301 Clues & Answers

  1. Winning the consolation prize of a trip to the North Pole?
  2. Are useful to an animal when its swimming
  3. The ones the holes are in
  4. Much worse though, resolved to give up
  5. They acquaint one with the people who count
  6. A quick yell gets ours running in
  7. Do as youre told and become a priest
  8. Had left in a hurry, one said glibly
  9. It provides a cold buffet
  10. Said yes, you see
  11. Walks to the street, then takes a bus?
  12. Reflect on, when you re-incarcerate?
  13. Father got a turn from the contents of the box
  14. Hes making himself at home in the dog pound
  15. In the red, good gracious, in your bank statement!
  16. Is a fool to tease
  17. Somehow I get wholly caught up in farming
  18. Write œturnover reduced
  19. Attributes to the writer, while about it
  20. They hit one without any reason
  21. Fit properly
  22. How do we know an asp killed Cleopatra?
  23. Admitting to having been at fault and relinquishing the seat?
  24. Part with the said wad of money
  25. Also, in no time, with more of the same
  26. Might but dont suffer in silence
  27. A cad - a right beast!
  28. Take it its an animal
  29. Said you obeyed the rules
  30. Show the den I contrived to trap one animal in
  31. Chattering on about how good the story is?
  32. Dont have stabilisers, which does surprise you
  33. With a stupid grin, drunk, is creating turmoil
  34. Let ones hair down and removed all the curls from
  35. How very quickly you ascertain theyre both empty?
  36. Gets hot and rain comes through to the central regions
  37. Arguments are marshalled by the children
  38. From the old church, a light has started to shine
  39. I dont approve of blackballs
  40. A loud œSo the interior is below zero
  41. At the volley of fire, theres a sudden increase in speed
  42. Left in œfine place to eat, though its lacking point
  43. Does he make his mark as an arranger?
  44. Show a delight in capturing