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9-September-2019 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Zone 301 Clues & Answers

  1. Was he wasted?
  2. It can spoil satin
  3. Sooner than finish nowhere!
  4. Inexplicable message?
  5. Sure to be available in a concertina arrangement
  6. Girls best friend at the baseball ground?
  7. Spike with a bent point
  8. A marine weapon?
  9. Picture a railway in a beautiful setting
  10. Not ripe, perhaps, but you need it in your diet
  11. Big Ben
  12. Not much money for a girl and me
  13. Is it strange in tone?
  14. A stout carrier
  15. Finish the race with an increase in colour
  16. He painted a Dominican head at various ages
  17. Drop in and cry out theres easy money for it
  18. To start picturing something to talk about
  19. A long time, but less than a generation
  20. Cut severely!
  21. Sort out a point with an impatient utterance
  22. They turn down the lights
  23. Paled at the possibility of having to beg
  24. Route change avoiding the central part
  25. Put out when funs spoilt by a fathead
  26. French boy friend in central Bognor
  27. This, I see, is the deep, dark problem that confronts you
  28. Playing it, is there little room for love?
  29. Its better to be thinner
  30. Strong feeling of tiredness
  31. Free to take a girl out for the day
  32. Chancy thing to do in a tube train
  33. The sphere of superior benefits
  34. A girlish figure
  35. One can learn from a trout when its swimming
  36. A big one might be credited with a good balance
  37. Go furtively to steal
  38. A hard water area
  39. Korean mineral?
  40. It makes the bullets go round
  41. A flat, if untidy, can be deadly
  42. He shows dad a clever wheeze
  43. In the army, a padre can contribute to it
  44. Like a city area with less than four banks