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  1. Prepares last portions of chips and fish with mushy peas
  2. Help politician to conceal British tale of woe
  3. Maybe pancake with essentially watery filling is uninspired
  4. Teacher's anguish
  5. Book again - including a little champagne flute
  6. Win gold for coach
  7. Consume sport
  8. Cassette re-established legal precedent
  9. Good nutrient halved in Dr Pepper
  10. Regularly ignored fungal yeast's beginning to be unsightly
  11. Young horse scratching a short tail
  12. Friend might - in extremis - greet naked dates found here?
  13. Almost destroy new oven
  14. Snooty one in popular comedy ultimately putting sex appeal into play ...
  15. ... short play, good in points and theatre's booming
  16. Liberal Party Housing Spokesperson finally makes room
  17. Lethal venom bottles split into two
  18. Spray, tip or pour mixture
  19. Tatty, blingy daughters take wife's place
  20. Settled wee kitty moving in and there's no room for any more at this juncture
  21. Be grateful for entertaining cricket game - it's unreal
  22. Can touring artist work out
  23. Reading magazine nurse leaves after cycling here
  24. Leader let independent radio broadcast
  25. Judge on wretched TV show
  26. Scatters seeds containing nitrogen with garden implement - it spreads the load on soft ground
  27. Emphasise trouble
  28. Crease navy sheets
  29. Join stuck-up priest in bed every now and then
  30. River Test perhaps associated with certain types of plant
  31. Where one might go to mix and produce New Order
  32. Effete English rogue gripped by depression
  33. Person who employs American head of state
  34. Explicit film stopping progress by one member going too far
  35. Where Force acts also leads to violence and vandalism
  36. Approach case of leprosy with treatment of dubious validity
  37. Show embarrassment, ultimately going pink
  38. Relatively unknown economist ran German banks
  39. Dull parent replaces contents of diary
  40. Glance through second novel by Kipling
  41. Where fare-dodger's journey ends?
  42. Horny beast and colonist run off together
  43. Reporter's still writing material?
  44. Boring way to describe Reading?
  45. Look to oust broadcaster's central position in syndicate
  46. Word used by unprincipled genius
  47. Publicist dashes round entrance outside court
  48. Part of fence catching small rider in Grand National lottery?
  49. American tortoise jumped into water to get bird
  50. Characterful piece given alternative title, oddly
  51. Damp and sticky like shellfish?
  52. Struggle to breathe when doctor rings
  53. Core component deleted from Android's top-level directory
  54. A chap apparently back in the country
  55. Repeatedly stove's beginning to ruin jelly
  56. Rating bowler's target
  57. TV science programme leading discussion mostly on the level
  58. Colouring agent is something recalled in bamboo?
  59. Minor performers no longer rubbish? Not entirely
  60. Flower, one found in US state meadow
  61. Nuisance besetting European with a dated currency
  62. Restraint removing front feather from cockerel
  63. Ultimate issue: gold brought back in clutches of the Spanish
  64. On a mystic bent, adopting new expression of holiness
  65. Country air damaged court card
  66. Prince recalled a cheering cry in a fix
  67. Cheers, after bringing about a change: ditching unknown gaming figure
  68. Openings in Commonwealth area involving a Commonwealth state
  69. Sequential description of discussions in defence?
  70. Fabric Queen twice displayed in legal action
  71. Put on a show for father instead of turning up for crossword?
  72. Amusing to be around a pastoral deity
  73. A South American once enthralled by Egyptian god in religious epic
  74. Getting on, having provided billet for soldiers? Certainly
  75. Exaggerated consequence of chewing that eclair
  76. A research centre: graduate brought on board by an American resident
  77. Elevated title capturing most suitable figure in morality
  78. Supplied golden colour on a hat
  79. Oratorio, I judge, with sound rising around
  80. A river? Skill needed to secure a landing-point
  81. Grasp lead item in constitutional legislation
  82. Perhaps cursory work for the young
  83. Drop of continental perfume
  84. Picked up grass with garden tool - I'm resigned to it!
  85. Attraction, touring Spain, is relaxation
  86. Character's lost outside after 31 days in band
  87. Cheer, say, with drink getting knocked back
  88. Soak Britain later in seawater, island swallowed
  89. Van of Amazon figure in old African region before delivery
  90. Work to keep little animal outside window
  91. Come into home solitary maiden leaves
  92. One remarkably animated in party, given drink
  93. Two different versions of European material
  94. Stops short on theory, oddly
  95. Fractious Mourinho in, as fans out
  96. We're told any singer's building a tree house
  97. Painter's awful ear injury
  98. Hardliner wants exit terms renegotiated
  99. Ruffian provides company online
  100. Guy involved in job there is at work

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