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  1. Former City boss?
  2. Most costly stones cut by revolutionary blade
  3. Take out 16 guns after shelling Cork?
  4. Place where one goes to be heard
  5. Run artists work affiliated with university
  6. Passing round drinks at home for example
  7. Live electrical cable?
  8. Clipped manner of speaking ultimately felt stupid
  9. Taking place before start of day disrupts aardvarks normal activity?
  10. Underground worker at empty platform in Barking
  11. Candid shot about to receive clearance
  12. Thorough scrutiny of dictators publicity material
  13. Marshal, on horseback, going west like a wild animal
  14. Something exploited by extractive industries?
  15. Interview expert about article in Die Welt probing multinational organisation
  16. Embittered lives one school nurtures
  17. Author leaving upset farewell drink
  18. Innocent bishop to become a priest
  19. Nico repeated shows having symbolic quality
  20. Host slicing Iberian chorizo
  21. Bulbs working, subject to receiving current
  22. Recognise complaint raising appropriation of tune by on-line charity
  23. Discover auditors penalised
  24. Young persons allowance preserved by rise
  25. Whats the matter as lamp melts?
  26. Not allowed except when half-dropping pants
  27. Soldier on holiday regularly experienced irrational fear
  28. Recess leads to pupils enjoying awesome spring break
  29. Im half of 10 plus half of 16: what am I?
  30. Horse covered in spangles almost from nose to tail
  31. Tells story about company lying about shifts
  32. Disorder of the orators?
  33. 26 ruined by this team of players
  34. Clive James, say, is this, in part
  35. Secrets out, and it will help to shed some light
  36. Prevent new building
  37. Indulgently looks after uniform for Miles and those who are destitute
  38. Saviour of millions, one described by writer, getting nothing in return
  39. Electronic devices fill nurses with fear
  40. Posturing wasnt Lenins game
  41. Time to request something to do
  42. Enthusiastically praise vibrator, perhaps, when naked by lake
  43. Mysterious erotic frolicking on the outskirts of Eccles
  44. Sailors start to enjoy raw fish dish?
  45. Around Leek, regularly lacking money for accommodation - its inexorable
  46. Team seeking Brown to plot to assume power by end of day
  47. Wine is OK in Bordeaux?
  48. Throw up next to hall
  49. Erection affecting the flow of liquid in the genital area, reportedly
  50. Structural change results from this modification of a concrete urinal
  51. Get 5 for member of family
  52. Cash-crazy European can be employed straight-away
  53. Frightening year out for Mark
  54. Odd characters in story are making beans
  55. Tell me how easy it is, Holmes, for food to go through this canal?
  56. Dear Bruce, perhaps it is just a gesture?
  57. Ready to include starters of egg and cress in meal plan
  58. Squeals excitedly as ogres holding head of invader
  59. Want idle son to leave
  60. Wait until this line has gone if giving a speech
  61. Down but a daughter missing, left plane in a panic
  62. Tip head right down in water
  63. According to report, prestigious schools gone down
  64. Couple upset one after the other
  65. Health worker first wraps up what Patsy takes
  66. Lady in sports car is a flapper
  67. Chemical contents of beer listed
  68. Brian left group trying to stay dry crossing river
  69. Canvas sacks emptied and refilled with trouble
  70. Returning fast from Paris, one to go through
  71. What it says on the tin
  72. One has to be generous, parting with a grand
  73. Gun directed at parts of northwest France
  74. Most of fleet, Id expect, thats going out with the wind?
  75. I dont care for the beautiful junk in this pile
  76. Maybe take tuppence off assortment of hapence
  77. Trip with commission
  78. Old school American couple retired amidst change
  79. E.g. fish with stuffing cooks gently
  80. Kentish beauties order fifth slice and put on weight
  81. Little chap with scales has fat clothing size made thinner
  82. Trying new way of cooking omelettes
  83. Snarled up ring road & English Channel stopping free movement of workers
  84. Smart electronic device in which power doesnt remain constant
  85. Major satellite contract delivered
  86. See 9 Across
  87. Non-resident no longer wasted rent
  88. French pilot swapping sides would be British, by George!
  89. Inclined to pinch hit, he somehow edges sixes
  90. Huge exporters blue shoes run out once in fashion
  91. Stared at leaders of our government letting everyone down
  92. Union leader who met a theatrical end?
  93. Heard about dishonest types of instruments
  94. Melody by Verdi regularly played on the radio
  95. Make yourself presentable, and be quick!
  96. Shows way to divide irrational denominators
  97. Permit head of geography to deliver a tirade
  98. Back in Luxembourg, get sent money for a rainy day
  99. A good look at the Tour de France, say?
  100. US state is first in table with 8 points

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