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  1. Government-funded body gives Dame Mary reduced work
  2. Anoint a Byzantine lady
  3. Revolutionary part of Ptolemaic astronomy
  4. Ruddy German after making U-turn tailgates German car, I hear
  5. Architectural feature in Kosovo location
  6. Dotty made love in Doha ending early phase of chastity
  7. One lacking belief is given dabs of accessories to armed robbery
  8. Bread making instruments
  9. America supports strike on Prince Edward Island
  10. One of Elgar's variations incorporated into finale and added to
  11. Wife's so nimble during dance movement
  12. Top bishop has Father Ted defrocked
  13. Old stager is a cavalryman? Sounds like it
  14. Centrally heated room mostly being used for procreation
  15. Killer stalks Frenchman in Spanish location
  16. Serviceman captures a foul-mouthed nationalist
  17. Split leftover capital
  18. Government, say, obstructs the return of Arab ruler
  19. Lively old air, inspiring finale of Beethoven's ninth?
  20. Singular lame gags after raising a stink
  21. Type of music club
  22. Giving a name to bird and fish
  23. Holy man bores posh couples on the next floor
  24. A saucer, perhaps from Ganymede?
  25. Stroke stomach before beginning on legs
  26. Dicky perished after overwhelming century breaks
  27. The bloke's right-wing past
  28. Yankee separates two poets with identical cuts in brawl
  29. Slender king's figure
  30. Five hundred pounds, but apparently not a thousand?
  31. Study Birtwistle's latest duet in an arrangement
  32. Political party affected punishment regime
  33. Military commander bagging English officer for squad in Scotland
  34. Not forthcoming about page in issue
  35. Mass survey, perhaps, upheld after swindle
  36. Confusion about large fortune
  37. Latest to arrive, ditching singular old language
  38. Exploited special education supplied by university
  39. Traditional congregation not beginning with fish
  40. Hospital period leaving doctor initially in charge of arms
  41. English expedition picked up American following Cousteau's example?
  42. Concerns about the things sported by 23
  43. Another net trapping seabird
  44. I accepted having to follow sea channels
  45. Book with sticker not good to waste
  46. Hybrid mushroom - no good tucking into that
  47. Experts showing no duplication in approach?
  48. It'll keep you covered in location of ultimate defeat?
  49. Question 10 about food unopened and kept in store
  50. Flower recommendation around middle of July
  51. Keep preserving the standard
  52. Screw being ill?
  53. Material for candles entirely wrapped in fibres
  54. Support topless Scottish dress in Scottish city
  55. Citadels soon tumbling down
  56. Transaction securing flat, disposing of article in sections
  57. I brought in £2, readily offering cash
  58. Statement of principles: firm is in the red (actually, the opposite)
  59. Poor Root, a prisoner of history, stewing for hours on 10
  60. No longer 25, in 27 you got married off
  61. A feature of Saturn, it emits a flame
  62. Isn't this Soviet spin pervading? Tag it properly
  63. Hackneyed phrase heard in Hackney, falsely promising truth
  64. Watchful old retainer escorting bishop
  65. Would Woods's woods be with these?
  66. Dons' home outside University College mess
  67. Frigid virago's admission?
  68. Assistant Chief Constable (Retired) saving Euros built up
  69. Discover big game trip from a great distance
  70. Two points for partners at auction
  71. Leader of supporters supporting supporters in part of orchestra
  72. Rubbish, burnt out team from 27 making a fast start
  73. "Flipping hit it ref!" English Queen gulped
  74. Pub invested in satellite TV, not doing enough food
  75. A very English mass song/prayer
  76. Observers initially imply, wrongly, Charlie is like a legendary athlete
  77. Awkward gait when going over American forest
  78. Gee! I pop in after work for something from the oven
  79. Front of Ford Sierra hit US radio presenter
  80. Small, tailless Aussie songbird starts to gently hover towards sash windows
  81. Honour King working a role in AMND
  82. Raab's department beginning to pester Rees-Mogg, perhaps
  83. Run round second base (she'll never strike)
  84. Civic officer left Ann in charge of Newport revamp
  85. British businessman in a pickle, short of time
  86. Charm ebbed unexpectedly in sleeping quarters
  87. Range of political blocs announced
  88. Priest cuts shin up with large knife
  89. Nearly prepared to deliver
  90. Fight roughly, the first to be thrown out
  91. Angry young man rings most of island
  92. Perform wearing hat, being touchy?
  93. Hams it up as English test is in Spanish
  94. Most expensive ways to hold sword up
  95. Spice is new dope inhaled by Deep Purple?
  96. Thug wanting bit of attention admitting twisting Trump's slogan, wretched child
  97. Current measures to protect the earth I designed for combatting areas with crowds
  98. Smack in Staffordshire town changing hands
  99. Angry demand of shellfish gatherer heard
  100. I'm surprised captain with prosthetic leg has no foot

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