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  1. Du Maurier novel not popular around Caribbean nation
  2. Article taken by boat? I should think so
  3. Claim tailless river creature returned at a quick pace
  4. A source of pain in past years
  5. French name, impressive thing to note
  6. Angelic figures? Grate I observed in church with them
  7. Your holiday was where?
  8. Auntie deadheaded quiet sweet-smelling plant
  9. Cites South-East, reflecting about kiss? This guy might
  10. Foodstuff beginning to stick in regressive part of intestine
  11. Cradles without front structural supports
  12. Exaggerated role by Phi in developing foremost of crosswords
  13. Asian leader mostly fit to receive investment from European country and yen
  14. Record boy being upset about attention, right?
  15. Soften everything one included in paste
  16. Be rich enough to commission computer equipment?
  17. Place for tobogganing - that is sport involving cold, note
  18. US chap - he will appear in unsatisfactory opera
  19. French are supporting one date, a significant date
  20. Tumours in significant ratio linked to college
  21. Observe increasing feature of Arctic after time taken into account
  22. Blessing reformed brute accepting one reduced sphere of action
  23. Support song engrossing millions watching from home
  24. Sweet medication in water perhaps is served up
  25. Quick - agents about to nod off
  26. Mistake that misdirects students
  27. Artillery item capable of absorbing crushing force?
  28. British writer commented endlessly about King
  29. Neat Conservative PM no longer? Back off!
  30. Witnessed retreat, with soldiers returning
  31. Harshly criticize second hit
  32. Airport staff dreadfully rude? Wrong, when keeping cool head
  33. Mostly loyal worker becomes absentee
  34. Some flipping moss, a grass, or seaweed
  35. Playing a simple chord, initially without a complaint
  36. When finally very keen to get back in bed
  37. Checks case for source of smelly underwear
  38. Rescued organ dumped in river, by the sound of it?
  39. One refrain contains 15 16 relating to Greek gods blood
  40. City even mice deserted originally?
  41. Our ordeal involved getting hold of lost deposit in foreign bank
  42. Standard recipe for salmon
  43. Playing together, except for number about one thats Scottish
  44. Tied up, in case ale drunk
  45. Related to heat thats somewhat tropical - or Icelandic?
  46. Fancy a malt? Test old whiskey with new label
  47. Become visibly cheerful, seeing broadcast plug hit
  48. Cut use of heroin, finally going for Hitsvilles No 1
  49. Fruitful product of internecine war is losing weight for a short time
  50. River with poster thats never even got onto a sort of fishing
  51. Oddly brown - as sap, in small pot plant?
  52. Tabloids regularly feature this corrupt Torys goal
  53. Fizzy drink will briefly give you zip
  54. Cake counters surprisingly lacking 15 16
  55. Casually spinning lie, say
  56. Contrary way poets work
  57. Called for more to come from the heart, ultimately?
  58. See 2
  59. Country with China as neighbour to north-east
  60. Fuel talk of avoiding loud row
  61. A position where ball stops following attempt?
  62. By playing three of diamonds one indicated support
  63. Lack support to carry gun around
  64. Prisoners means of communication curtailed by committees conclusion
  65. Distribute Remain flyers on a regular basis
  66. Standard space to print and write ones name
  67. Scheme to cut precious stone in multiple layers
  68. Old coin displayed by gallery in empty salver
  69. Unable to pass time in debauched surroundings
  70. False reports of isolated people in the main wanting independence
  71. Boys best friend to stop working, packing nothing and going on vacation
  72. I regularly disobey guards close to second home
  73. Prevailing wisdom in anthropological circles
  74. Little fish flipping bit children
  75. Secret papers suppressed by hospital study
  76. Ill-informed rating managed to convey negative response
  77. Trained killer helping to make bureaucrat terrified
  78. High toll can end in mourning
  79. Decoration America awarded to President finally includes servicemen
  80. When one might eat lavishly, but only after fasting initially
  81. Reputation turning into a tricky issue
  82. Person developing plot heartlessly rearranged broadcast
  83. Assuming success brought about out-and-out gains
  84. Treating only one side of evidence is bad?
  85. Game in second half of June isnt shot
  86. Nice lady cooked cakes in the morning
  87. Characters imprisoned in dismal tower
  88. Horse race in Eton broken up!
  89. Investment fund not suitable when France lost confidence
  90. Stuff found in canyon
  91. Trouble results when ex-PM meets Queen about Spain
  92. Essential nit-picking
  93. Rock band in Glastonbury, perhaps, creating quiver of excitement
  94. In Calais, I start to arouse terrible envy
  95. Game thats nice to play wearing crown
  96. Escort and milliner removing clothes, getting naked on vacation
  97. A nastier criminal? Well, sort of
  98. Councillor is repeatedly in big trouble
  99. Spotted in audition for drama
  100. American stars swim in large, extremely picturesque, river

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