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  1. Energy put into nurses profession
  2. Composer, after failing us, getting back the lead position
  3. Love breaking through a wall in Paris? Thats love in Paris for you!
  4. Russian poet writing articles about Knight and Queen, tovarish? Not half
  5. Individually women will come in to support bikinis etc
  6. Use Volume One when in trouble
  7. Cars etc possibly providing movie chortles
  8. Where youll see 14 Arab rulers wrapped with very soft strings
  9. Get back after disposing of one treacherous daughter
  10. Setters to show expectation about cup match, being this?
  11. Pressurise baron to go without armour?
  12. Three universities heartlessly reveal ruined item of Australian heritage
  13. Having a better aim, say, finish getting into small opening
  14. Embellish outside of blue pack
  15. Irritable report about sailor heading for boat
  16. Germans certainly after port and wine
  17. One burrowing underground cut down kings fortification
  18. American womans trendy role at a wedding?
  19. Woolly creature docked in US city - one from South America?
  20. String player to stop dropping sopranos flowers
  21. Consume a bit of life in US city with aplomb
  22. See element of crowd at Edgbaston
  23. Agreed on bananas when consuming a fruity drink
  24. Justify opening of vaudeville show
  25. Each tunes elaborated? Its Piaf, perhaps
  26. English puzzle is hell!
  27. Cancelled rule, getting in difficulties about that
  28. Moved sinuously, going topless or nude
  29. Friend given Frenchmans award
  30. Piano piece, perhaps Faurés latest duet? Possibly
  31. Brontës angrily tangling with French cabinetmakers!
  32. Hunts target next spring?
  33. Angular figure in dapper Homburg
  34. 3 helper found inside the borders of China
  35. Test gold, aluminium
  36. Thatchers modernising successor firing son in due course
  37. Mums food parcel - 50 kilograms - in a cosy bundle
  38. Having got undressed, campers rest in standard units
  39. Three Rs regularly bypassed that girl
  40. 7 I ate outside simple Italian restaurant
  41. American vocal duo left uniform off - one has leathery skin
  42. A James The Fourth Man?
  43. Pass time in parliament
  44. Swinson: neglecting wife and child is a moral failing
  45. Former PM famously collared?
  46. Lover boy keen to mask revolting smell
  47. Getting hold of Juncker finally, I beg to extend - breaking my commitment
  48. At peace, basking in purest fulfilment
  49. Disheartening Dickens work, perhaps A Christmas Carol
  50. Extra Times editions leader
  51. Politician 12 held prisoner in Islington lock-up?
  52. Target for 14 (he goes out with a trollop)
  53. Run over East German - I hesitate to say - cock
  54. Jack ruins ceremony by inviting Republican party leader
  55. Old Etonian boor joins NHS carve-up
  56. 5s chairman: wealthy, top fighter pilot about to dish dirt
  57. An outstanding member when hammered?
  58. Thug? Thats a tricky question
  59. Dont vote for Arron Banks small-minded Tory arrant immigration nonsense, for starters
  60. Blank tape containing nothing
  61. The greatest Liberal seated in first class
  62. Pious type to assess extremely greedy policy
  63. Stroke female Jaguar?
  64. Design Wendy Houses
  65. Algae isnt a disaster in fenland region
  66. Washes 3 European articles with soap, primarily
  67. Runs out of passage in bar
  68. Bother celebrity in retreat
  69. A time to criticise when golf tournaments are played?
  70. Old rebate hard to change
  71. Short story about powdered substance provided by some rock bands
  72. Admission of a tax cut by Conservative
  73. Succeed across the world and become tedious
  74. Upright is how a surfer prefers to be
  75. Lengthen Saturday and Sunday, essentially?
  76. Failing to change sides
  77. Sticky start when that woman replaces Victor
  78. Suspect let alarms off
  79. Extra protection of information from computer discussed
  80. In time, split with your leader
  81. Obsession around suppressing a tantrum in modern eatery
  82. Discusses grants
  83. Misguided members of cult arent unwilling
  84. Wash plastic turd?
  85. Jobs Acts regarding job in shipyard
  86. Retiring women compete to keep international domestic worker
  87. Beginning to cheat in midday exam leads to courtroom plea; ...
  88. ... cheater is beaten - ha!
  89. Skipping starter, worried about pudding
  90. Manage pain that is very piercing
  91. Drive over border in drag
  92. A bit of backbone is found in Washington
  93. On reflection, I might add, a cold-blooded killer
  94. Dodo could never manage this many stairs
  95. Winds from the poles reaching lakes beyond the western border
  96. Suppressing gas? Common sense and hygienic!
  97. Action favourites return
  98. Notice wine making a comeback in summer
  99. After switching sides, bait government
  100. Freshwater char

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