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  1. Performing with the bishop, everyone's alert
  2. Slow growth of fruits over on top of tree
  3. Peer at one monarch once
  4. Short drunk guy's gleaming
  5. New planet lacking core at a lower level formerly
  6. Subject quietly matures after treatment with heroin
  7. Cox tours Lapland excitedly indicating stars
  8. C&A perhaps distributed crates here?
  9. Keep quiet about unfashionable quarter
  10. After excavation, oddly reveal Athena's alter ego
  11. Clive set out to patrol fringes of English Channel
  12. Stage Irish revolts star
  13. Northern city, where to find Nemo vessel
  14. Stargazer's firm and hurtful, dismissing moon
  15. Celeb spotted revolutionary nicking rare film
  16. Top nut occupies spot on height
  17. Priest embraces perfect couple
  18. Enthused, a couple of students sack party
  19. Music firm once blocking old unaccompanied Elvis hit
  20. Brilliant cryptic clue books
  21. Let It Be' record released by music group
  22. Where to see stars arrange film song
  23. Lord's big shot edgy about Home Secretary's telepathy?
  24. In Paris they talk about Oscar being conditionally freed
  25. Foreign articles on singing star rocket
  26. Nice guy, say, stands up to go back
  27. Second woman's cutting training field
  28. Writing about Arab world
  29. Test quartet in Virginia
  30. Princess cut by a bit of rig in which one gets the chop?
  31. With ecstasy seized, arrests up in state again
  32. Repellent Tory goes off parts of a church service
  33. Revolutionary holding court around Gloucester?
  34. Infantryman backed-up toilets in chilly domiciles
  35. Drive to succeed? No, I'm a bit stupid
  36. Raise bottom
  37. Perhaps run off and smother short love god in kisses
  38. Energy-filled writer is bit of a tool
  39. Gad about with nurse and actor in part of London
  40. Moon son at home, work and heading to eatery
  41. One tolerates a Democrat president briefly meeting Republican
  42. Greek character grabbed by child is bullish bloke
  43. French and German articles by priest getting popular support
  44. Claim to be totally out of new cocktail
  45. City where one might find a smithy hugging posh French poet
  46. Ensure boat lashed in seaside resort
  47. Those leading negligently-kept ewes away railed at hand
  48. Medic heads to young sick anti-drink folk
  49. Cases containing some struck on their heads?
  50. Ultimately life is aimless, futile existence
  51. A book collection knight brought up for lord?
  52. A shy expert in a state gets counselling for it
  53. Plan to drink Bass queen filled to the top
  54. Cut off bits of fruit to aid plant in trouble
  55. Partner finally raised a pound for support
  56. A floor covering containing black and white?
  57. Nest, one of four around top of elm
  58. Leaders of Metz enterprise rejected a French tariff
  59. Centre visited by male on opium?
  60. Little woman attracting disgrace mixed items for sale
  61. Lumber covers frame on Tower Bridge
  62. Big cat seen by party organiser on heroin?
  63. Chinese region flier's to stay within
  64. A4 turning finds Roman way
  65. Revolutionary crowd interrupts road race, causing outrage
  66. Irish copper in helmet? Could be Bob
  67. Good woman with man back in Eden? Hardly
  68. Miners perhaps love hot pepper
  69. Harry taken in by smooth cheat
  70. Misbehaving niece all but irresistible
  71. Twitch regularly with this?
  72. Scam at issue in part is famous fiddle
  73. Pot of ale in Rye: two English pounds given out for it?
  74. Route was changed and lasts longer
  75. Trivial direction found in scriptural work
  76. Judge sorry in discussion done with God
  77. One between two boozers writing about savagery
  78. Excellent ending where there's no beginning
  79. Fur almost wrong on Asian prince
  80. Friend across the pond served up excellent port
  81. Toes in a terrible state
  82. Passage that crosses river ending in Idaho
  83. Mistress caught at the right moment outside wine store
  84. Cavalier beheaded: weapon wielded in social centre
  85. Old man is an old friend
  86. Gold cups about to be for strong beer
  87. Perhaps like Sinbad, sailor put inside escaped
  88. Scramble as GCHQ in vault beneath Eton's walls?
  89. Portray woman brought to court
  90. Bowel in knots — that's drinking bender!
  91. Including what accounts for 50% of assets in total makes sense
  92. Soldiers certain to suppress mass resistance and succeed
  93. Vital cure could be financially rewarding
  94. I'd spelt out fully who I am
  95. Tree trunk almost entirely hidden in earth?
  96. I've got the same picture!
  97. Authentic revolutionary zeal's capable of surviving imprisoning
  98. This kind of power you are reportedly in pursuit of?
  99. Vacillate endlessly and move from side to side
  100. What guides prayers of Catholic woman who's lost heart?

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