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  1. Overseas budgets foremost, in a way
  2. Sleepy and Doc returned without Bashful, heartlessly
  3. Speed limits for vehicle? 50 round urban area
  4. Boy has rising pulse
  5. Gossips about entertaining northern composer and playwright
  6. Australian PMs spoken? Wow!
  7. Scruff going about in threadbare pants
  8. Courageous fighter stops vehicle on time
  9. Meandering river confined inside another
  10. Paper trail initially lost
  11. Pelt Henry with fish
  12. Time for trivial news, one ass implied?
  13. Daphne paid regularly in advance
  14. Right for first daughter, to run food store
  15. Last of all, removed unsightly urine stain
  16. Miss going around stars place in America
  17. Speedos for one newfangled cab, we hear
  18. Out late, imbibing dram after last of wine? Unlikely, being this
  19. Relish announcement of secretarys demise?
  20. Victor disrupts dance party
  21. Buddy takes first bit of ladies wear off
  22. Company supports mounting Caribbean opera
  23. Toilets placed around stage will offer advantages
  24. Hipster in for treatment " its a kidney problem
  25. Pee-pee or leak
  26. Old bass has fish smell, going past sell-by date
  27. Fellow is after tea? No, wine
  28. Row over new bedclothes perhaps
  29. Struggling to hear, getting outside of this finally?
  30. Strongly criticise article about memorial
  31. Part of rock formation cut off more than the rest?
  32. Shrubs I caught in time
  33. That mans cunning, displaying compassion
  34. Priests seizing no-good husband from part of UK
  35. Book with account bound in extremely treated leaves
  36. Steam bath: star with one importing another one
  37. Herald comes up again, blocking most of passage
  38. Significant briefing
  39. Man taking on appropriate cut-down style of furniture
  40. Contract performer casino misuses in broadcast
  41. Obsessive article is, say, backing pain relief
  42. Continue to conserve energy? The smallest amount
  43. Crowds lifts, leaving one behind
  44. Sailor upset solver in US marshland
  45. Ends in accepting seedy suggestions
  46. British abandoning one in order to get alternative
  47. Fellow capturing hearts in Belgian city
  48. End of game sees girl suppressing euphemism - someone from school?
  49. A good-time girl embodying hot women wrongly
  50. Unpleasant smell linked to disorderly town
  51. Great geese endlessly flying - and not laying this!
  52. Yanks dawn drink will include article from Champagne region
  53. 22 allowed back in Russian agency, something initially improper
  54. Bridge support: good to elevate metal plate
  55. Barrel in front? Thats a stroke of luck
  56. Greeting Government workers around Loch in region of Scotland
  57. Flat day, apart from a show of anger
  58. American, live, engaged in square dancing or part of ballet
  59. Hitch with something used for hanging small picture
  60. Ridiculous bonehead returns quietly
  61. Meshed legwear mostly taken by fool, we hear
  62. Time womans managed to divide gives go-ahead to soldiers
  63. Tough, hot and windy plain?
  64. Put new structure on back burner
  65. Take charge of race, overlooking superb setting of Sandown Parks courses
  66. Where Nijinsky was driven round the bend
  67. Apt, the garbage consuming Henry Salt!
  68. King portrayed in memorial phoney? That must be wrong - Charlemagne ruled it first
  69. I dont expect change from my tuppenny-hapenny
  70. This, turning into thoroughfare? Oh, no!
  71. Deficient in iron, ready to drop another element
  72. Musical appreciation of grime artiste?
  73. Do computers up
  74. Who in the end divides bread and last of the fish?
  75. Seducers blowing hot air in the Rising Sun
  76. Letter read out by customer in taverna?
  77. Tilt knob
  78. Bound so excitedly, a bulge appearing in middle of tights
  79. Met objective expending only a third of energy, so well take a group of players round
  80. For couple over in Yorkshire, anything goes
  81. Tam or Pats early salutation?
  82. Attribute of great-aunt I look up to
  83. Walls of address lost proportion
  84. Court official, playing games, arrests men
  85. Popular old industrial chemists taken in by family doctor
  86. To impress fan calls the London Stadium this now?
  87. Composer worked up left extremely angry?
  88. An award for theatrical excellence given to Mark? Nicks could be free
  89. Nip and tuck, then flatten and make fold
  90. Son who tucked into buns shows support for chippy
  91. One attacks Stalin as a revolutionary
  92. More are picked up over by the front of terminus
  93. Surplus is carried over
  94. Ones pulled out when arrest gets tricky?
  95. Go and act the fool!
  96. Dance director meets with a star
  97. Swimmer takes jog around university
  98. Now, be gentle if working around the centre of satellite dish
  99. Having lost enamel, ultimately, crown becomes tender
  100. Wernher von Braun possibly put peg in chair

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