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  1. Revolutionary greeting in foreign language
  2. Sparkle of stream can I be moved across it?
  3. Crossword hard one Eliot admits
  4. Nick evidently secular?
  5. Celebrity right to enter pastures new
  6. Uncle in Stowe keeps little horse: Shetland say
  7. See 25
  8. Whip and others allowed fine returns
  9. Several men following settled course
  10. Tease Yankee over sweetheart
  11. God renders Hamlet powerless
  12. One down in burrow?
  13. Dont declare weapon
  14. Wrong in turn to claim black writers
  15. Maybe laddish guards shot some soldiers once
  16. Leaderless Corbynites in the fold
  17. Reason madman becomes oil producer
  18. Rugged Derek called back
  19. Hosiery designed to clothe kings in old county
  20. Revolutionary opera hero provides diversion
  21. Shakespeare serious about Romeo
  22. Georgia doctor needs advanced instrument
  23. Covered small hardened cases
  24. Southern family visiting Welsh town miser
  25. Boy in goal not up front all the time
  26. Present time bad to shackle news providers
  27. Gets close attention in new society
  28. Tract from English Society for example
  29. Rebellious press worker dismissed as excessive
  30. Fell from grace: lacked herd mentality?
  31. Left in wild seeking rescue
  32. Louts on holiday sobbing?
  33. Damage a skimpy garment cut in gruelling event
  34. Nice, perhaps, tip in prospect?
  35. Give authority to newly created peer, woman ignoring a Nationalist
  36. Refined painter, say, in middle of beano is French?
  37. Short journey in spring
  38. Obvious hope is misplaced about leader of Tories? Its excessive
  39. Outburst? Its usually observed in front of a court
  40. How one might describe flag on course to audience generally
  41. Skill shown in spectacular theatre
  42. Reprove young child wearing a skate loosely close to rink
  43. Strong material hoisted above second exit
  44. A research site followed by a scholar in US state
  45. Pitch up with cards for set of photographers
  46. Substitute with good reputation
  47. Foods entry is mismanaged, theres no more to say
  48. Musical contributor, one in Strictly broadcast without single tango
  49. Triumphal building, notion originally dismissed by right-winger, senior minister
  50. Obstruct growth in deregulated housing
  51. What post is replaced with no end of fuss as feature by canal?
  52. Figure leading exercise mostly in part of plant
  53. Husband has to manage in retreat for a long time
  54. Beer yard brewed - its full of yeast
  55. At regular intervals, cook treat, edible pods
  56. Disparage summary
  57. Diplomat disowning old jealousy
  58. Social division announced for group of players
  59. English doctor on film gets ban
  60. Eastern womans entering light shade in capital
  61. People objectively in cycle showing moral character
  62. Candidate with a small point about ME country
  63. Hospital within reach in poor quarter
  64. Cheap meal prepared to include starter of broth and dessert
  65. Signature works returned by country (not Norway)
  66. Heave second wife onto robust beast
  67. No chance of single female hosting confirmation in Rome
  68. Lovely draw in competition: Italy against Spain
  69. Twister perhaps played ... brandys two-thirds gone
  70. Limits to clinical index reflecting height gain
  71. Burst pipe blocked with old Argentinian meat
  72. Fasten together basic material
  73. Turnover across the car retailers building
  74. Dreadful sitcom has one suffering
  75. Urbanites keep going into river
  76. Easily agree best rental being good at accommodation
  77. Name of man in charge stocking small battery
  78. Clever-clever well-heeled Star Wars actor
  79. Honour Geordie comedian after Tyneside comeback?
  80. Record includes dream about iconic structure
  81. Unit at health centre finally has room
  82. Fresh director supports head of casting
  83. Clumsy joke right away had Den worried
  84. Fix hat before beginning to add fashion accessory
  85. Calf and tibia discovered to be explanation of movements
  86. Wear down Queen with poem
  87. Pieces of cloth left buried among islands by Turks
  88. Some acres Sid acquired for Dick?
  89. Take place in middle of row C with dog
  90. Possibly fly east from land getting work in bar
  91. Dizzy maid regularly leaving treacle for butterfly
  92. Dont believe this cook to be iding fish?
  93. Feature on short Venetian official as a shining example
  94. Animal close to home territory
  95. Is suitable for gambling involving motor-racing?
  96. City to stop receiving investment from Sweden - a happy state
  97. Run from active agent
  98. Nobody getting behind Independent as an entity?
  99. Outline heading for sea with boat
  100. Contrived gland idea not good, containing nothing regarding certain glands

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