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  1. A firm friend?
  2. One blooming cool-looking cat, Im told!
  3. Wasted red angrily told people where to go?
  4. Sprinkling of spices (alternatively seasoning works)
  5. Song about character kicking drug
  6. A place to make liquor, not bubbly
  7. Broken damned loo apt to cause grief?
  8. Italian port oarsmen drunk
  9. Wagner opera in German has act with heroic deeds
  10. In court, judge rebuffed fat idiot
  11. A bit cruel recasting Grease?
  12. Flower lies in tangles with weeds
  13. Brainy type of English supervisor ferrying goods
  14. Ferocious attack overwhelms British
  15. Enduringly popular queen awful revenge consumes
  16. God, Im satisfied after a couple of lines
  17. Biting Times column half-censored Dutch photos
  18. Look angry if X-Factor boss misses train
  19. Primate and knight visiting Elba briefly?
  20. Old car bishop scrapped in fury
  21. Old show-off cut off at last, daughter revealed
  22. Some fruit couples picked up
  23. Star property
  24. Possible prospect of lap dances? Fantastic!
  25. Unusual stone cooker
  26. Conned by European soprano? That can be hell!
  27. Welcome lecture
  28. Bolt vegetable, but not drop of merlot
  29. Kid Rock produced by Yes? Bit of shock initially!
  30. Pilots taking you out for bit of laugh in these?
  31. Awkward sleeping without pillows ultimately
  32. Primate upset yours truly during brief temptation
  33. Thanks King before everybody comes up for dance
  34. Eager to receive copy sent - covers removed
  35. English journalist in US city lacking resources
  36. Good to get involved in a promising craft
  37. 1 Across: two in spa row fit to explode
  38. Sod kept changing computer screen
  39. 1 Across: Extra bed dad arranged, given responsibility
  40. Regularly visiting druids? That doesnt work
  41. Duck unusual sexual practices, extreme (extremely!)?
  42. New series isnt one eliciting a reaction
  43. 1 Across: Applause follows northeastern victory before noon, a novelty
  44. Second persons bottom pinched repeatedly - seen as source of fun?
  45. Cut of meats a joke
  46. Result published on business supported by the writer
  47. Language from cab - airs nasty
  48. Sort of cross with flirt about record identifying myself personally?
  49. Musical stroke initially using palm briefly on washboard?
  50. Some miss out small amount of money
  51. 1 Across: code given by leaks expert getting hotel for learner?
  52. Hear about bishops treatment
  53. Greeting son - that chaps
  54. Treason not the first issue
  55. County material for polishing could be right or risky, English admitted
  56. On rise in steel band, competent
  57. Some plan driving in German region
  58. Cheerful aspect of nuns? Yes, Id fancy
  59. Ones defeat unfortunately featuring in film
  60. Modern form of northern gas?
  61. Apprentice not finished, very put off suffering experience added to calendar
  62. Hes on level showing Spooners distribution network scheme?
  63. In morning, work more than adequately
  64. Magic sash from Tokyo
  65. In new arrangement ready to accept silver measurement
  66. Previous boss of Monk?
  67. Northern drinkers start to fade by lunchtime in canteen
  68. Setters redundant digital feature
  69. Argue about fish
  70. Single drink taken into exam -- thats novel
  71. Gentleman put back fragrant oil dish
  72. Enchanting component of education
  73. Intense activity surrounding new kind of pancake
  74. At liberty to keep servant on and off till port appears
  75. Stories about topless nooky suppressed by team, duty dodgers?
  76. Unexpectedly, say, forgets a series of novels
  77. Scientific historian translated apologies to Zola
  78. Perhaps Fords bodyguard is almost stupid about panic
  79. Pad finally getting bye, perhaps on left or on right
  80. Shortly off to stay in an island state
  81. Reserve WC, say, where polar explorers may go?
  82. Pair is going north in Great Britain, more or less to climb with equipment
  83. One held in conflict in Crimea to broadcast reactionary aftermath?
  84. Insulting lingo, mostly imprudent, retracted before opening in speech
  85. Quaint, dinky, extremely outdoorsy?
  86. Fellows drunk a ninth ale
  87. Door to landing admitting bird
  88. Forecast area of pitch before everybody
  89. Compere regularly organised by head of entertainment
  90. Everyone mentioned a boring thing
  91. In the main, this is not a desirable quality
  92. Releases universal web addresses hacked by far-right group
  93. Very big deposit passed round in a negligent way
  94. Auto-test conditions for themes
  95. How Florence could have been seen by night?
  96. Sort of acted upset over daughter being engaged by a shady group
  97. Rough country area that is an uneven place
  98. Head of Union drained employee, initially blocking stevedores transport
  99. Book band having no status but retaining skill
  100. Forerunners power returns with support of soldiers

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