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  1. Naturalist sketch almost having repelled artist
  2. Small German greeting a female informally
  3. Bill might be ready for a singalong
  4. Threw up on street. Blimey!
  5. Agent has individual book every surfing hotspot
  6. Insects originally exterminated snakes
  7. Most awful meat reported by some
  8. Criminal is led out in isolation
  9. Fitting vocal work after hollow choral bilge
  10. Couples pop by tax department in USA
  11. Head left periodically for a swift one?
  12. 10 creatures from lake a boar's ravaged
  13. Animal character from Greece captured by Dame
  14. City strategy damn easy - all to be evacuated
  15. Imbecile split on doctor working
  16. Guarding ostrich, guarding dog
  17. Instrument missing middle note? Choose again
  18. Safe place for eggs on island hill
  19. Devise mark with intersecting lines
  20. Not quite right in previous performance
  21. One with a pouch to cook pilau under ruins
  22. Team of leaderless infants lifting barrier
  23. Pal craned awkwardly to see club worker
  24. Humourless fellow meets expert in school
  25. From Spain maybe tailless goat fled across Italy
  26. Boy finally stops dancing like Dannii's sister?
  27. Circular piece of wood Norwegian put up
  28. Seabirds or seabird coming west
  29. Eastern film director walked around to guillotine
  30. Given up working in smithy
  31. Figure provided in month before November
  32. Cover verse in song for two
  33. Body going round worried student pair entering place
  34. Retribution from Gene after bashing in lead at church
  35. Limitlessly rich ore that filled ancient vessels
  36. Old character is prickly sort
  37. One has aspirations before the contract bid
  38. Outstanding concert in Argentina's centre
  39. Bird embracing hawk-headed god's attribute
  40. God wants Noah initially into his Ark at sea
  41. Stops home being covered in sticky stuff
  42. Teacher in rush changed tune?
  43. Victorious time without end in sacred text
  44. Statement FIFA put out: US lawyer against it
  45. Revolutionary drink sweetheart uncovered
  46. Poet remains active when book released
  47. Preacher throws stone into a bar
  48. Bright bunch working for TV hearing news as it breaks
  49. Dolorous one in Scots area — he had to go under
  50. Man from drive-in restaurant turned up
  51. Celestial phenomenon stars follow and not sailors
  52. Go on, smile — that's rude new word
  53. Hope land has game girl raised in America
  54. Rapper revised English in draft
  55. Muse quiet in tree swaying at country club?
  56. Metal rod for hand-to-hand combat?
  57. Passage your compiler will read aloud
  58. Surprisingly mobile blood clots
  59. Statement about rule applied to eggs
  60. Cover old swimming pool
  61. Pad in which Frenchman entertains partner for the evening
  62. Swimming race interrupted by American with recording equipment
  63. Damage ring at a Spanish resort
  64. Teacher's favourites covering clear iodine with hot piece of lab equipment
  65. Fictional bear's an adherent of Hindu philosophical system
  66. Soldiers returned with new evidence
  67. Unionist line adopted by Arab nation
  68. A short stick found during search of burial site
  69. Animal coming back with tailless bird
  70. Temporary transfer for Next employees close to retirement
  71. Spend money to secure Lessing's first dramatic work
  72. Doctor given advantage in search for oysters?
  73. Police officers let suspect get spirit
  74. Remove hair from pie cooked near the end of the night
  75. Pound returned by fair English fellow
  76. Boy clutching map of North European region
  77. Good artist following through with drug
  78. Octopus originally caught in net close to home left with a sad expression
  79. Germanic siren featuring in folklore leitmotif
  80. Dancing bears seem ill prepared at beginning of scene in musical
  81. Doctor and old lady taking part in tiresome process
  82. Notice allegedly found next to small opening in dense vegetation
  83. Sleepwear's close to neckwear
  84. It's set in stone to cause trouble
  85. Greedy type welcoming time to prepare snack
  86. Extremely destructive drug found in storage facility
  87. Actress Natalie toured with a complex dramedy perhaps
  88. Substitute magistrate's covering Long Island
  89. Blunder in film describing special record
  90. Group books about reversing and so on
  91. Tear bottle from legless actor's clammy hand, initially - rye and malt, both unfinished
  92. After one term of maximum power, old Trump explodes spontaneously
  93. Comfortable spring
  94. To ratify in parliament
  95. Cut off in one end of Trump Tower without retiring
  96. British state - after gossip's spread in the Himalayas
  97. Mark Francois led group into Middle East compound
  98. Smartest independent investigator, inspired by trial
  99. Fashionable fraudster first to go after invoice
  100. Strangely messy cult snubbed Elon Musk and Tesla's mechanical support?

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