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  1. Suspect clergyman is inexperienced
  2. Role Mad Max almost played in theatrical production
  3. Seasonal manual working stopped by trade union
  4. Standing ovation ultimately lifts male social worker
  5. Lying hidden by Spooners sport
  6. Once again make vital case for regime worried about dictator returning
  7. Mobile home owners local area network is configured incorrectly
  8. Marine creatures caught by the mouth
  9. Singer is able to modulate after losing voice initially
  10. Learner keen for the most part to acquire good score on course
  11. Defeat argument in favour of accepting reduced fortune
  12. Repeat the standard nonsense
  13. Marine creature is the voice of the deep
  14. Serpent recalled somewhat tongue-in-cheek answer
  15. Well-mannered upper-class girl recruits new assistant for driver
  16. Evil British group losing money
  17. Sort of battery with energy storage unit
  18. College beginning to see dons hang around here
  19. Bullet hit lazy persons drink
  20. Start to perform hymn about divine spirit
  21. Childs original feature?
  22. Marking title ends in article being exchanged
  23. Cure backward child having tantrum after social workers gone
  24. Official uniform worn by leaders of the opposition
  25. Looking after number one is perhaps sole basis for the French Revolution
  26. Stages opening of Salome on revolving set
  27. Im surprised by rumour once wifes left
  28. Guide that is on sale to the public
  29. One lit hob somehow in the process of cooking
  30. Anger caused by national pay having shilling deducted
  31. Good suit clothing Englishmans frame
  32. Insect found in decorators drink