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  1. Told stories about heartless lady being dastardly
  2. Winged creature, vaguely clear, about to hover
  3. Poor-quality wood used in test
  4. Pass round a dirty place, a Government building
  5. What oblivious theatregoer may do in part of London
  6. Regular contributors to swift session
  7. Recalled main article linked to movement of an artistic kind
  8. English regret getting upset about chief American card game
  9. Not stunned, dispatching a single
  10. IT-based design with not a word about one reactor element
  11. Check stone emblem's edges
  12. Tabloid is upset initially on identifying daring starlet's curves
  13. Detective in midst of storm pursuing soldier
  14. French river running north through French station
  15. Developed pleasure in penning two lines and good further line
  16. Member of tribe settling in Toulouse - see one leave aboard this at sea
  17. God, for one Rector, will involve source of tension
  18. Mathematical tool the target of hack?
  19. Competing in pursuit of sides in league is taxing
  20. Nut found in Cape Canaveral
  21. Mammal - something necessary when housing revolutionary collection of animals
  22. Quality, one not observed in restaurant worker
  23. Big story I cover, involving Australian
  24. No time for doctor saying little
  25. Stopped including section 13 - it's rejected
  26. US director supporting live puzzle
  27. Carnal, with a bed prepared - romantic lighting?
  28. Mathematical claim confusing for elite maths master? Not I
  29. Failure in team is sacked
  30. Popular races engaging traveller, one not boosted by others
  31. Feeling hot meal is missing starter