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12-January-2020 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Zone 301 Clues & Answers

  1. Type thats dubbed revolutionary in later issues
  2. What could be drunk twice? Thats irrefutable
  3. Look for academic work about to be banned
  4. Spot aim thats developed in painting technique
  5. Filmed place for athletics event
  6. Fantastic cook kept in headquarters - place to show titles?
  7. Rogue a bit insane not attending court?
  8. Varied riots occupying left-wingers in Havana in case of importance
  9. Seismic incident analysed for a sketch
  10. This writers impatient expression characterised by mischief?
  11. Clout is misplaced in viewing authority?
  12. Bird with part missing - crest?
  13. Greek character concerned with group turning up in stand
  14. Golfer making comeback receives blow in fight
  15. Standing after stage of competition in summary
  16. Expert tip for learning language in Asia, not Germany
  17. Detective on TV somewhat above radio
  18. Struggle supported by Western opinion
  19. Series on musical group first to last getting to act unrestrainedly
  20. Stretch out in park on course
  21. Specialised prison almost put by empty house
  22. European capital with endless drink and pasta
  23. US singer for all to see born as one with angelic features
  24. Object concealing trap first off in horror film
  25. Former cricketer? Another plays to cover first of Tests
  26. Pedant is regularly spotted getting food
  27. Fair distance not half negotiated for medical treatment
  28. Pull part of a shoe, were told
  29. Jude, maybe, faces executive action
  30. Genuine card found by individual on holiday
  31. Test option for replacing adhesive bit of paper
  32. Give up crime resolving this aggro with thieves leader