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  1. Essentially, stop and rate the French hierarchical system
  2. Exclude acoustic covers
  3. Part of stream from main server is initially lost
  4. Provokes son, which is unnecessary
  5. Install new shed with external bolt for farm animals
  6. Staff cross when Oscar is dismissed
  7. Pay for communist on ship
  8. Commotion as new edition of Chambers left 'hospital' out
  9. Maybe undergraduates' exploits overwhelming disheartened debutante
  10. Devastate German for good
  11. Neat gin? Surprisingly, it can stimulate an immune response
  12. Admirer of procrastinator's mantra?
  13. The majority of stupid guards make droning sound, being cruel
  14. Tuppence divided up in bank
  15. Desire for Gore statue to be placed outside toilet by Democrat leader in Louisiana
  16. Jacket I am beginning to embellish to get better rate of pay
  17. Former soldier welcomes current soldier back in Socialist Republic
  18. Cutting heroin with family from Dallas
  19. Lay person mostly with bit of lust here
  20. I ignore VAT being fiddled in rally
  21. Macho to eat head of insect? For the most part
  22. Live on own, and conduct oneself properly
  23. Addicted and extremely skint, manage to get joints with difficulty
  24. Working, stopping 11 earning
  25. Got lucky with female Evangelist on date
  26. Crazed idiot's run out in front of lorry
  27. Customer ordered nudes with expression of hesitation
  28. Discredited Welsh politician hides in outhouse
  29. Perhaps post-Brexit tariffs restricting pub, of course, in Western Asia
  30. Make Union pay church to accept introduction of economic strike in recession