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14-March-2019 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Zone 301 Clues & Answers

  1. Hotline is buzzing, given Penny and Peg used to row
  2. Eighteen in the round - but not doing the nineteenth?
  3. I arranged for ad in i
  4. Boy busy with a composition
  5. Where agreement ended War on Art in Barking
  6. Chemical decomposition of ICI union card
  7. Where they put e.g. the soup in supermarket song?
  8. Liking as always to confine female, with force, in it?
  9. With hint of asteism aboard hapless Titanic: The suspense is killing me!
  10. Overcast? Presumably overcast if not!
  11. In-form individual in French national team dismissed
  12. Hard to follow fine heavy metal festival in Cork?
  13. Guys will become attached to me, Two-time Maggie
  14. For beginners, whole between three and one
  15. Ordain, say, romance should rise in value
  16. End up with radius broken and in support
  17. A name for cutting edge
  18. A way to work a Weary Willie
  19. Addition of new information - on Tinder profile one hopes it will?
  20. Small scale turning up in buffet-car breakfast
  21. Is no longer viewed from behind
  22. Predictably, crossword constructors in America are looking up aluminum
  23. People out of hospital later
  24. 15th Century house found in narrow street, overlooking river
  25. Winding Mediterranean course mostly in very good condition
  26. Half-heartedly went through escalating house checks
  27. Suddenly afraid a new Kings imminent?
  28. Pooped! In motion, scooping nasty bits of tofu up
  29. Back to pour some ale and wine weve lost
  30. Force back Scots dancing around piano
  31. To unfriend Wally in step #4 of five? Thats confused followership !
  32. Be brave ? Tontos first to flee N American Indian spirit