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  1. British tree thats thinning out
  2. They used the last round stone with last of their bricks
  3. Possibly down here and fast moving
  4. They say river to the underworld doesnt twist
  5. Like air Im cold when blown with energy
  6. In one short day starter in office is to show a lot of cheek
  7. Roger soaked in beer makes an impression
  8. Tory battle is in the soup
  9. The second person there before absconding is a teenager
  10. Robot applying gold to upper surface over one portion
  11. Good God! Is it an angry right-winger?
  12. Fylde in the end behind Orient
  13. Record nothing - sure to become garbled speech
  14. A part of reprisal volley?
  15. Instruments by delta island show waters down
  16. Anode lost after dissolving iron compound
  17. The source of a bit of spam and hock perhaps
  18. Warning - with a lot of sparkling wine have some food
  19. Polish joint of beef brought to Spain
  20. Sounds husky, what has croup in the end?
  21. Theologian in the papers for fraud
  22. Maybe between 1820 and 1830 reportedly put on trial
  23. Earth and two trees - this is soothing sight
  24. In Fresno I suffer, holding such outpourings back
  25. One looking around in the distance - maybe from crows nest?
  26. Nice boy in schools new addition for cricket team
  27. Fly from Denmark, not Northern Ireland
  28. Emergency committee required for venomous snake
  29. Minister broadcast in periods in between
  30. Not covered, ignored at the outset, like the regions
  31. Sends off for more instruments when college is dismissed
  32. Tailless rodent is able to settle by old source of vents