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  1. Penny longed to meet British ex-Prime Minister, almost succeeded, which resulted in disturbances
  2. Character eating into companys capital
  3. Provide online joke?
  4. Seethes at debauched lovers of Grace?
  5. One who regrets quietly quitting is to compete again
  6. Brief caught working with Russia and its allies before start of election
  7. Is musing cryptically around noon an indication of negativity?
  8. Stalks latecomer regularly, often smoking weed?
  9. Nudes ride in a cavalier fashion across Sweden, revealing bottoms
  10. Acknowledged to be unhappy without musical instrument
  11. Pile of rectors neck hair covering opening in sink
  12. Force prisoners to study
  13. Film serial killer next to new desk
  14. Dont declare staff
  15. Reduction of the reaction times of a city lass in transit
  16. Play the part of salesman with grudge
  17. Shabby way of working by playhouse; November run cancelled
  18. Manage to capture Serbian leader in thicket
  19. Guys lump occasionally doesnt settle in the evening
  20. Sample of Float like a butterfly, sting like a be ?
  21. Local communities bug heroin suspect with violent criminals
  22. Old-fashioned haircut for a male
  23. Spandex: extremely crass clothing
  24. Disheartened, cries about issue
  25. Asian river, with rising level of nitrogen, is focus of infection
  26. Function to end with no date for a restart
  27. Card play is excellent, supported by systems odds
  28. Perhaps arm officers, to begin with, in prison
  29. Obtained sacred text, rewritten to remove sacrilegious introduction
  30. Reflect on agitato being instruction for a musician