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  1. Bother doctor with a temperature
  2. To a Morse aficionado, Endeavour's first episode's ending appears to be weakly affectionate
  3. A corporation returning to support golf range
  4. Simple craft's blocking bridge
  5. Imprecise during old routine
  6. Famous Austrian moving regularly from A to Z
  7. Pilot cuts Eton collars up
  8. Problem after retirement home has very old woman collecting tax
  9. Thoughtful sorts supply Polish shop stocking cane sugar at last
  10. Relating to climate change - melt glacier with what looks like 3 degrees, symbolically
  11. Articulated lorry's shock absorber, say, and exhaust
  12. Most crowded public transport, after Italy, is in France
  13. Stunned - blooming keep course fencing green
  14. Value of hotel on either side of waterfront
  15. The Beatles record for example - it's white and wants finishing touches from George Martin
  16. Bug essentially caught in insect trap
  17. Employed American journalist
  18. Ultimately Victor Mature's struggling to accept mistake in script?
  19. Examiner's German car parked on hill
  20. In toilet, abnormally wet forehead could be a warning sign?
  21. Dancer's colleague's drinking hot ground coffee before tango - shows start working
  22. Knocking back lager proved we must not appear to be too casual
  23. Oven bake after removing lid
  24. Feeder in love with a basket case husband
  25. Doctor gets Ant & Dec on drug
  26. Space for each gold sovereign
  27. Belong in forward line without wingers following Guardiola's conclusion
  28. Rod Stewart's opening band plays here
  29. Dish initially soaked without restraint in port?
  30. Excellent line, offhand