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  1. Contrary attitude about relations putting work first
  2. Liked friend of Dorothy receiving fine
  3. Fish Spooner says is unable to reproduce
  4. Soldiers besieging area take heart from corps supported by defence force
  5. Material university dons regard with wonder
  6. What generates report from second question on exam?
  7. Former pupil wearing clothes I'm obliged to get
  8. Doctor gets young man wanting heroin to undergo therapy for addiction
  9. What presumably inspired UKIP with right to destroy Britain's sense of well-being?
  10. Present component of further education
  11. Plug gap at sea
  12. Staggered entries will finally join up again
  13. Cut off air supply when Lambert's trapped by alien
  14. Moderate quits after being exposed
  15. Spank husband mixing with riff-raff
  16. Financial report concerning new routine brought up
  17. Part of Homer's issue about main representation of figures
  18. Dress Armani has shortened for member of royal family
  19. Rather tasteless savage upsetting lead character
  20. Politician introduced to corrupt earl by former model
  21. Gag judge standing in for start of trial
  22. Authority figure in charge I refuse to accept
  23. Repulsive state's government policies welcomed by America
  24. What would enhance the sound of new opera he composed?
  25. Jazz singer's first attempts to produce a hit
  26. Paper used to cover model turning up to go to court
  27. Pause attempt to shoot after four failures?
  28. Try to catch calendar girls wearing cycling gear
  29. Military display to bestow decoration on soldier?
  30. Regularly orders new lines to make use of eBay?