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  1. Extremely deficient game is over
  2. Prepare to exercise leg, perhaps, and clean back
  3. A director in nursing home, male, is attacking a person's character
  4. Supported by state before maturity, is toeing the party line
  5. Knitwear against counter absorbs big drops of water
  6. Make noise like a dog to court female
  7. American in favour of insurrection initially claiming disgraceful riot could be with stronger reason
  8. Charming way to secure Number One
  9. Reveal I am Sting making a comeback
  10. A milder form of hell will, we hear, disrupt routine
  11. The best way to release something that's stuck, say a spigot?
  12. Matter-of-fact shareholder's meeting welcomed by idiot in charge
  13. India probes pliant rupee dealer
  14. Overwhelmed by greed, I tormented journalist
  15. Let off steam about European border in earnest
  16. Information about artistic style
  17. Become crazy nationalist instead of good migrant
  18. One running a Scottish island
  19. With training, you or I belong in science
  20. King of Britain left off King of Georgia's middle name
  21. Café puts back five units regularly having narcotic effect
  22. In hospital department, torso cut into quarters
  23. Raised bank loan, at first, the day before venture's termination
  24. Breast lift husband is wanting for Communist sympathiser
  25. Antiseptic creams or soap? Test half of each
  26. Footwear affected in training regime
  27. Encounter naked figure not at all quietly somersaulting
  28. With too much capitalisation, have typo corrected
  29. Lost when river filters into another
  30. In the morning, cook, in case I forget