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23-February-2021 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Zone 301 Clues & Answers

  1. Playwright unknown in China?
  2. Part of 16 needing some bottle - and cheek!
  3. Russian city cloaked in returning thick smog
  4. Post from one we love
  5. Was happy with new pen?
  6. Male or female Lydians reimagined by poet
  7. Deny struggling with Melancholy and Indolence initially, performing as a handsome youth
  8. Former postman, one now living abroad
  9. Free guitarist? Being given one for nothing gets rude rejection
  10. Setter blocked in by bus before lunchtime, cycling in Romanian city
  11. 13 week period of not quite mutual admiration finally shattered
  12. Win audience with small number that we hear might be Grecian
  13. "Bit of magic from outside right," said Mark Wright
  14. Good person briefly supporting a Lake Poet's most lofty expression
  15. Mad? As mad as Fanny, perhaps
  16. Fans missing "dark beer" drinks
  17. Bits of old verse periodically appearing as part of today's theme
  18. John recited with some force, that's clear
  19. Heads are those of Cupid and Psyche, inscribed "To Apollo"
  20. Near neighbour of Douglas's, about to get some 6A
  21. Making new sort of punk, met Shaggy!
  22. Chain or whip, when not extremely penal
  23. Suddenly gets angry, obscure fish appearing in reverse
  24. Stick, ultimately one used in running slope
  25. Retract Nancy's article, for instance
  26. Surveillance job with second coffee option provides clue to theme
  27. Spurs game I must lampoon, ironically at first
  28. Writers putting Nightingale in Berkeley Square originally
  29. Linklater's content to respond cheekily
  30. Clues note Psyche and suchlike, for starters
  31. Poet briefly working as comedian